Sony SmartEyeGlass Now Available for Pre-Order

If any of you thought that Google Glass seemed like a shoddy attempt to take eyewear technology too far, Sony has announced Sony SmartEyeglass. Surely, Sony would be hoping that this concept doesn’t go downhill like Google Glass did.

What are Sony SmartEyeglass?

SmartEyeglass seems like another pair of eyeglasses sporting black frames. An 8-bit binocular transparent display sporting 85 percent transmittance enables wearers to receive notifications and emails. All these can be pushed from an Android 4.4 device.

What are the specifications?

Weighing about 2.7 ounces, SmartEyeglass comes equipped with brightness sensor, accelerometer, electronic compass, gyroscope and 3-megapixel camera. WLAN and Bluetooth features on board allow connectivity with Android gadgets. The battery allows a total of 150 minutes of use. It comes with a controller that contains speakers, touch sensors, NFC, mic and battery.

What makes this technology special?

The camera and built-in sensors allow wearers to enjoy the perks of augmented reality wherever they may be. You won’t necessarily have to be at a special event; SmartEyeglass can be part of your daily life as it offers hands free computing features. Opposed to Google Glass, the separate controller can be pocketed for the user’s convenience.

What might be the downsides?

Analysts believe that Sony SmartEyeglass might not be relevant in professional roles that can’t be possible without the use of hands. Another group of analysts believes that the bulky form factor along with perpetual issues such as social acceptance may well hinder its success.

What is the price and release date?

The developer edition is already available for preorder in Germany and UK. It is set to launch next month for $840 in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, UK and US.

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