Farid Ahmed, Director Marketing at Telenor, Resigns to Join Warid

Farid Ahmed, who had joined Telenor from Mobilink as Director Marketing just few months ago has resigned from his position, we have checked with sources.

Sources at Telenor confirmed that Farid has resigned and an internal notification has been issued.

Apparently Mr. Farid, who worked with Mobilink for over 10 years, couldn’t keep up with the work culture at Telenor.

Our sources confirm that Farid Ahmed is joining Warid at a senior position. While we aren’t sure of his designation yet, as nothing is official as of now, we anticipate that he will be taking charge as CMO of Warid Telecom.

Before Telenor, he was head of business analysis and planning at Mobilink. He also served Mobilink as head of Marketing for over two years.

Farid has engineering degree from UET, Lahore and a masters degree from LUMS, Lahore where he earned gold medal for being the best MBA graduate.

We are told that Umair Mohsin, head of sales and distribution will be replacing Mr. Farid as Director Marketing.

Umair’s appointment has been announced, however, he will take charge of the position from April this year. Umair, as Diretor Marketing, will be reporting to Mr. Ifran Wahab Khan, CMO, Telenor.

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Tech and telecom reporter for over 15 years

  • Creating unnecessary sensation, if news is true, how do you know it was work culture he was uncomfortable with or that is the reason for leaving? Perception of same source who may have leaked this info? Try to have some professionalism in your blogs and quote news pls not your judgements or wishes.

    PS: instead of tracing IP think on the message.

    • No wonder the comment came from a known IP Address :-)

      Despite I had my homework done on the story, your feedback has been noted. Thanks.

      • Good Aamir, i like your positive attitude. however you couldn’t resist your habit of trying to trace source, not very professional, you should focus more what’s said not who said it, lastly your assumptions are wrong my friend. cheers.

        • I don’t have to trace. I get details of IP address with each comment posted on the site. Its just like reading the senders’ name along with email subject.

          About my assumptions, if you could think otherwise, could mean that probably Telenor Standards were too good and he couldn’t keep up with the culture. But as they say, Choor ki darhi main tinka :P

          • well standards are high or low can only be determined by someone who has been part of it not by judging based on your personal relationship or perception of your “informers”.

            what you configure is what you see, as far as your last comment is concerned, i would only say “jo jaisa hota hay waysa he sochta hay” :) cheers.

    • Focus on Message you said: so the message is this that whole MFS team traveled to Warid (All of them from top to down) and your south WING of Sales Mr Talib Hafeesjee also joined Warid as Director Commercial South, so n so your key person who setup Telenor’s HR also had a lately and is heading as VP HR , Nayab Baig. I have a list of 6 more people, if you are interested. Its the people/employees who decide which is the better employer, can you say a word on these all moves ?

      i tell you, its what the culture is, Telenor is no more a preffered place for employees who wish to explore their future as bright stars.

      What message you talk about and where you are Madam, talking about the editor here, pls stop it and look what you guys are upto, what have you done to such great company that people are going from here.

      I will suggest you pls try and and make sure that you do your job right as lead perception protector for a big company, which you take un-seriously.

      Welcome Aboard Farid, you made a right choice and good luck always.

      • just to answer part of your response, have you ever heard of term disgruntled employee? which company don’t have employee turn over and what percentage leaves on good note? and those who don’t leave on good note obviously do not promote good things about company.

        secondly i am not sure where you get your facts (probably some regional news channel) but “whole MFS team” is such hilarious claim i can only laugh at it instead of responding, can you kindly name those people who were part of “whole team” and left for warid?

        rest of your message is not worth responding. thanks.

  • Every one has their own perceptions… The only reason i see for Farid leaving is that he had moved to lower rank then he had in Mobilink…

    As for people leaving Telenor… First it was Shoaib Baig who was dissed when he left… Now the feeler for Farid is that he wasnt good enough for Telenor so he considered leaving… Honestly, this is not a healthy perception for a company… People join and leave every day… bad mouthing them when they’ve left shows how shallow the culture (so to say) is…

  • So Farid Ahmed joins Warid and leaves Telenor and we are left to assume that he was not adjusted to the culture and I’m speaking vaguely here maybe also not adjusted to the cafeteria as well. That’s one big deal now considering everything will change around us. Relatively prices of Gas, Electricity will drop significantly. Justice system will improve. Our Education will build up its standards and most importantly the day he signs to the seat at Warid, that day will be marked as a National Holiday. What may seem like the beginning of an apocalypse may actually turn out good. We were all waiting for this one.

    • Farid is a great guy, i know him since he worked in Mobilink, a geniune guy who is very active, creative, motivated a very good team player a true gem in the industry, doing a very good job throughout his career.

      Warid will be really lucky to have someone and Telenor has surly lost a key marketing person, these guys must be upset, thats i am seeing comments coming from their side.

      anyhow one should keep growing in career and its a high time for Farid because Warid is a good company.

  • Well, he was working in Telenor as Director Marketing, he will work in Warid as CMO, what other motivation does anyone want for a person to switch? Farid is a great guy and i’m sure he’ll do great in Warid … along the same lines, Umair Mohsin is also a great guy and should’ve gotten this position years back, still, better late than never.

    Finally, to over-eager employees of various companies commenting here, at times, it’s best just to let a story (even if you think it is biased), live and die its natural death. Through unnecessary pointless debates, one only increases the life span. Cheers.

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