Kaymu.pk Celebrates Two Years in Pakistan

Kaymu.pk has completed its second year of operations in Pakistan. The landmark was celebrated with an all employee event which was held in company offices in Lahore and Karachi, with both stations in live video conference with all employees involved.

Speaking about Kaymu.pk’s two year journey in Pakistan, Country Manager, Mr Adam Dawood stated,

“Kaymu, in the short time it has been in Pakistan, has been breaking down a lot of barriers to trade. Through our platform, small businesses and manufacturers have been able to connect directly to their customers.

Kaymu is providing a complete end to end solution to its sellers, especially those who have no experience of eCommerce.

It has never been easier for any budding entrepreneur to set up a business online. We have an amazing team in place working tirelessly and I am confident we will continue to grow in the coming years.”

Kaymu.pk has grown fast in its second year in Pakistan, with number of daily orders growing more than three times as compared to the same time last year. The number of sellers listed on the platform have grown more than five times in the one year period since its first anniversary in Pakistan.

Another major development for Kaymu.pk in its second year was the launch of a new office in Karachi. The company now has full scale offices in two major cities of Pakistan, boasting hundreds of employees.

Mr. Dawood further added that he sees a huge market for eCommerce in Pakistan and believes that the pace with which this 6th largest country in the world has started to adopt technology, acquiring 9 million 3G users in 6 months, is phenomenal.

Adam Dawood (Country Manager Kaymu.pk) Karachi Office Lahore and Karachi Cake Lahore Office 1 Lahore Office 2

  • my experience with Kaymu.pk is not good, only once demand powerbank 29000mah on Kaymu and received only 2900mah powerbank. now i am willing to replace it or even return, no one is listening me.

    • i think they r fraud .. i hate kamyu.pk after my experiance with them .. once u paid than they dont give a damn to their customers . dont ever use kamyu.pk

  • i ordered 2 products from kamyu.pk and when i recieved them .. both the products were defective and second hand .. after that i returned them to their repective address charging me 830 rupees for single product ..both product returned cost was 830+830=1660 . its been one month i m still waiting for the products .. i call them every day but they r just wasting my time .. they r not returning my money nor they r sending me products .. and they r saying that we r not resposible for return cost .. actually that cost is for replacing the products not returning cost . and total cost of both products r 5700 excluding return cost.

    • Thanks bro, I was about to order wrist watch from kamyu.pk . But you should also suggest some other website from which we can purchase good quality stuff.

  • On kaymu.pk my brother was placed order for watch it about 1 month old story when it reached with Leopards Courier my brother forced first have to see then pay for it. You can’t imagine there was EGGS :) courier man said i will place complaint but nothing happend. All things i have to say there is not a good reputation of online shopping many peoples doing froud and no one take action.

  • Kaymu.pk has poor service and bad products I buy some T-shirts and Received after 2 weeks with poor package plus very bad fabrics so I not like this celebration. Poor People!

  • Kaymu.pk must be kicked off from Pakistan. They are only fraud. We must educate the friends about these type faudias.

  • Online shopping is risky. kindly prefer window shopping as physical presence . har online shopping website ki yahi kahani hai dost

    • Cash on Deliver is not risky. Online shopping trend is getting famous in Pakistan now. This is the future and this is how small cities can enjoy the big brands at their door step

  • Actually Kaymu.pk allow sellers to sell their product online and they charged seller for it. They even don’t care what quality of product seller dispatched. If you complaint, why they take action against seller while seller is giving them service charges. My experience as a seller really bad. While setting up my account they even don’t let me know we will charge for it and when I sold a product worth RS 4600 they charged me RS552 as selling fees. How I can pay them 12% selling fees? Even I gain net profit 400.

  • complaint against Kaymu.pk by Muhammad Zafar Ullah:


    Order Number: 202849392
    Seller Name: watch town
    Return Address: KAYMU RETURN: 12/C KPT Warehouse, Main Kolachi Road, Karachi )
    City: KARACHIvin adress (. But I am still awaiting positive response from your side.

    Tracking ID : 59204218
    Courier Company : Leopard
    Dated : 23-09-2015

    bought a watch through Kaymu.pk 6 month ago. But wrist watch was totally rubbish and different as shown in the Kaymu.pk website. I contacted the complaint cell manager Salman Haider, he suggested that I should send the watch Kaymu kaymu return warehouse karachi for checking. After a week I received a call from Kaymu.pk lahore number she said and admitted that my complaint was absolutely right and Kaymu.pk will contact you soon. After 6 month I am still awaiting and more than 20th calls they are not responding me at all. Some emails made as under bellow : 

    Comment Date: 2016-02-13 14:49:01

    – See more at: http://pk.bookcomplaints.com/online-consumer-complaint/Pakistan/Beema-Pakistan-Company-reviews-complaints/internet-website/online-shopping-complaints/beema-pakistan-company-kaymu-online-shopping-fraud_i17246#gsc.tab=0

  • I think kaymu.pk is involved in scams with sellers. They are equally culprits. Why kaymu.pk not practicing like aliexpress.com, the aliexpress.com holds buyers money until the getting information from buyer satisfaction mail. It means the kaymu.pk and sellers both are looting the innocent people. Unfortunately Government & victims are silent on their cyber criminal offence. I would carefully say that millions Pakistani has been victimised by kaymu.pk but all victims did nothing except crying on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

  • they are just fraud they did not send what they show in pictures i have return order as they send wrong size and they took my money and product too and now don’t bother to listen me just fucking services specially their Customer care department’s Head Abdullah Zaka :/

  • Wasted my 1 month as a SELLER on KAYMU and result was ZERO at all– The agents are in-efficient, non-cooperative, non-professional & lazy as well— Even the Business managers in KAYMU are third class persons/ladies— They know very well how to solve simple/easy issues but don’t reply back for difficult issues via email—– My package was not delivered to my customer, I contacted KAYMU and asked to send it back to my Business place, they took 2 weeks to return it back & during this period they promised me on daily basis that I will receive it back today-today-today but today came after 2 weeks–Further, I asked the reason for not delivering my package to customer, they did not provide any reason! I lost 250 Rs. as one way delivery cost— I am an experienced Ebay & AMAZON agent and I highly recommend to do not use KAYMU as a Selling website!

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