PTA Plans to Remove 5 SIMs on One CNIC Rule

Since each and every SIM is now associated with finger prints of users, who can be tracked one way or the other through NADRA records, the rule of 5 SIMs per CNIC should be removed.


Efforts will be made to request the apex court to void its earlier decision according to which no individual in Pakistan could have more than 5 SIMs (of one or more operators) per CNIC.

This was stated by Dr. Ismail Shah, Chairman PTA, during a press conference this Saturday.

Chairman explained that the rule of 5 SIMs per CNIC was implemented on directions of a Supreme Court directive, which was based on security situation in the country and when SIMs were not properly registered.

While each and every SIM in Pakistan will be able to be traced, due to re-verification of all cellular users, PTA will make required efforts to get past this decision now.

Dr. Ismail further said that having more than 5 SIMs on a single CNIC shouldn’t be a security concern any more. He further said that with changing market trends consumers now require more SIMs than ever before.


For example, considering the phenomenon of “Internet of Things”, consumer may need one SIM for phone, another for dongle, another for laptop, one another for car for tracking service, another for security camera (which can be on 3G to communicate with server) and the list goes on.

Dr. Ismail said that cellular data will play a key role in upcoming times and this is where SIMs should be made freely available, given they are properly registered and tied to customers who can be traced in case of any criminal activity.

Dr. Ismail said that PTA will peruse on reversal of this rule after the end of SIM-Reverification campaign.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK


  • PTA should do something for that sims which are being used for sms marketing and sending sms’s to people without their consent. sometimes they send adult product based promational messages on numbers being used by female persons or kept at home for communication.

    • What a strange ideas you have!

      Are you saying female persons cannot be adults?

      • How will you feel if somebody send your sister or mother a message based on viagra, flavoured condoms or imported plastic dildos. Will they find that exciting??

        • What is “male” content? I did not know content had gender like males and females.

          • Shahid salim you are an idiot and have no sense of shame as well. You always oppose everything just to prove you know everthing on every subject.

            • I don’t oppose you exposing yourself, but you hide behind your deleted comments :):):)

          • Like someone said ‘you dont aggree to anyone, even if you know’. May be same is the case here.

            • Why should I blindly agree to everything said in the comments? Or even to the articles posted?

              The problem is not that they are right or wrong, the problem is people say things without understanding. There is ===ZERO=== problem with females receiving SMS for products designed for males. When was the last time you heard a woman complain about ads for Rolex watches? (Alternatively, when was the last time you heard a man complain about an ad for lawn prints?)

              • sorry. may I correct it to ‘adult male’ content. How does this sound to you now?

  • nice step pta mein 4 sims use karta ho doungles mein 5 load wali ha 2 personal thanks pta

  • way way too early for pak market that “Internet of Things” argument. Simply not applicable at least for another decade if not more.

    • May be ull never use internet of things sir but we are constantly are updating our equipment and experimenting new products to enhance productivity. so it will be a good step to start off and also will give new sales to telecom sector which i return will give better and cheep rates to consumers . i say this will be a good initiative.

      for many ppl like me . we believe 3g and 4 g should have come a long time back infact 5 years . todays technology is experimenting 5g and we still are lacking behind.Do you know a country like Afghanistan had 4g network for 3 to 4 years now.
      I believe backward thinking like this is the only hurdle in the prosperity of our great Pakistan and we can achieve anything if we start thinking and implementing new technologies.

      • cognitive dissonance here and it isn’t that “Backward thinking” if you travel a little further parts of the country. :)

  • Spectrum auctions should not be held. The market already has 4 operators providing 3G and at really cheap rates. Competition in pakistan compared to other countries is very healthy and data rates also very low. As of now if additional spectrum is auctioned and more operators are brought to the market,it will trigger another price war,because obviously price would be the only way new operators would be able to lure customers. This would a have a bigger pact on the financial health of operators and their ability to invest in networks and expand would come down. As a result only a few areas would end up having 3G and 4G access and operators will not focus on expanding their 3G and 4G networks to less profitable areas. As a result a particular section of population will never be able to access the high speed network.

    Currently in Pakistan,Zong is the only operator to price their data packs reasonably. Ufone’s pricing is crazy high and Mobilink and Telenor are underpricing their data packs in a bid to capture data customers but the honeymoon phase has to end and when competition intensity would become lower,all operators would start pricing their data packs reasonably and expand their services to far flung/less profitable areas.

    If 3G/4G auctions are held now and more operators enter Pakistan,the price war will continue even longer and the ability of operators to invest in networks will reduce. Auctions should not be held at least for the next 5 years.

    • Well everybody have different opinions and way to prospect things. As far as Auction of New spectrum is concerned I do agree with you that this is going to be happened too early as telcos dont get enough time to expand their network due to verification process of sims. Telenor who was expanding its 3g network with way too fast didnt include a single city after the verification process start back in Jan-15. So according to me right time of auction remaining spectrum is almost a 1 more year later.
      And if you are talking about telcos will stop their 3g and 4g coverage expansion after new auction due to some odd reason, I dont agree with you as It was a clear clause in spectrum auction that License winners will have to cover all areas within time frame described by PTA.
      And the most important thing is this auction is a remaining part of previous auction, what would happened if these two license sold at previous auction?
      Other thing is 3G technology is getting old in other world, Pakistan is 3 to 4 years behind the other competitive world like Bangladesh and Afghanistan. I do remember that there was a chairman PTA Shehzada Aalam in Musharraf Era who was very visionary person. He was same guy

    • Why 10? Why not 11?

      Why should we let you decide what the limit is? YOU HAVE NO CLUE

      • Because of litetacy rate in our country. Many people might misuse any fecility provided in good faith by authorities or would become victum by culprits finding flaws in it should remain logical and 10 sim ( if implemented) are enough for a single person…

          • ap kisi se bhi agree nae karty to yahan karne kia atay hain. apni intelligence ko justify krne?

          • i have been in telecom sector and understand the basics of it…i just suggested and average solution to meet the needs for majority and minimize security risks etc..else u would have ur own point of view and others have their own…

  • Why mobile service providers in india have DTH technology why not in Pakistan aur agar pakistan DTH keliye qualify karle to kia ye bhi mobile networks hi service den ge?

  • Really good decision by PTA, however it will help a lot more if they can implement it before the SIM Verification process is completed, or at least allow to un-block the SIMs after the process is completed, will save many SIMs.

    I don’t think the number of SIMs should be unlimited, I doubt anyone would need more then 10 SIMs per Network, so 50 SIMs should be enough for home users. However, business accounts should not have any limit.

    Also, they should start issues Data-only SIMs as well, and these can be unlimited (with ability to send SMS only, no voice). The fact of the matter is that most users keep two SIMs right now, one for work, second one is personal. Add a dongle, and tracker, and you have 4 SIMs. So there is a lot of room for growth here.

    Carriers can also introduce Family packs, where a Single owner is issued multiple SIMs for the whole fmaily, and then he can control his kids usage. Allow shared minutes and shared mobile packages.

  • @admin @Aami7 Can you run a poll on your blog

    Shoud 5 SIMs on One CNIC Rule be removed ?

    My vote, certainly yes!

    • Or you may create a poll with something like

      How many sims should be issued on one CNIC ?
      C-50 (10 each network)
      d-No limit.

  • The default allowed SIMs per CNIC should be 3. A retailer can misuse this “unlimited”
    option and whoever needs more than 3 SIMs on his/her CNIC should visit
    Franchise to submit a form after which this limit would be removed

  • Excellent initiative at a time when 3G/4G customers have crossed 10 million and digital takeover is almost complete.Well done PTA.

  • when they remove the limit because i recently ask this to my friend he said that you can’t get more then five sims against a single cnic

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