Warid Offers Another Opportunity to Get Unverified SIMs Reactivated

Following the SIM re-verification campaign led by PTA and the Government of Pakistan, Warid Telecom will be offering its subscribers the opportunity to re-activate their unverified SIMs that have been blocked.

For the ease and benefit of their customers, Warid users can retrieve their unverified number by visiting their nearest Warid Business Center, franchise or biometric retailer.

12th April marked the deadline for the nationwide SIM re-verification, as announced by PTA. Warid Telecom has been vigilant in informing and educating its customers to take the appropriate action with the biometric verification of their SIMs.

  • Ahmed Habib

    Lo g, 6 months more time given. :-)

    • Zain

      No, the sims have been barred and can be re-activated. Initially sims were working and the people were to get them re-verified.

  • Zohaib Hassan

    many sims working fine and not blocked after the end of Deadline

  • whatAJoke

    I know many people who never bothered to get the SIMs verified, and it is still working for them. These operators fooling PTA. And PTA has no mechanism to check this except for random checks which it will not be bothered to.

    • dee great


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