wi-tribe: Getting Solid in Broadband Services

ISP businesses in Pakistan have always remained bumpy. First we saw the demise of dial-up companies and then all sorts of broadband ISPs vanished, leaving very limited choices for the consumers to get their internet needs fulfilled.

Wired broadband has always struggled because the copper media in our infrastructure is ages old and barely supports high-speed data rates. And since FTTH has remained an alien phenomena for consumers in Pakistan (except few major metropolitans), wireless broadband services have largely remained the last resort for Pakistani internet users.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go well for wireless service providers either. We saw Mobilink Infinity and Wateen wrapping up their business, despite the fact that Wateen deployed the world’s largest WiMAX network in Pakistan.

At the same time, consumers’ internet needs only multiplied with time, all thanks to rise of social media, multimedia solutions and other ground-breaking mobile and web services. Whether it is accessing professional/personal emails or browsing Facebook/Twitter to keep in touch with friends and family, one cannot bear to have a slow or uneven internet connection even for a few moments.

In such volatile conditions, wi-tribe has emerged as a strong and solid broadband service provider that has sustained all kinds of economic and technical hardships to provide seamless internet services to consumers at affordable prices.

With over 200,000 active customers, wi-tribe today runs as a largely independent business and that is clear to see in all the awards and praise they receive.

With assorted packages, they tend to have a budget conscious focus for their packages but unlike some of their competitors, one can also take broadband as a standalone service.

It’s worth pointing out that wi-tribe often slash their prices in half and sometimes have other special offers running. Thus, customers will often pay a lot less than the standard pricing.

On top of affordable pricing, wi-tribe has always offered innovative solutions to consumers. Take the example of wi-tribe’s Parental control that gives guardians a way of keeping their kids safe while they surf online. Bandwidth compression solutions is another great tool which gives customers a video viewing experience that is matched by no other ISP in the country.

Having said this all, we will have to see how wi-tribe is going to adapt during the rise of 3G services and how it will remain competitive and successful during the years to come.