Pakistanis Fall for Fake Viral Video, Destroy NFC Chips on Smartphones

Never trust the internet. That’s an adage as old as rusty as any and with the rise of clickbait, viral videos and fabricated stories to drive traffic, has never held truer.

Recently, a video on DailyMotion had been making the rounds. In it, two men ‘reveal’ the real reason why there are so many leaked videos from smartphones these days. You see, all batteries on Samsung devices have a chip on them. A spy chip, if you will. And that constantly uploads all your personal information including videos to the internet to be viewed by anybody. Devious, eh? That’s why a lot of people have taken to opening up the batteries of their Samsung devices and throwing away these evil chips (which also apparently are the cause of your phone getting hot). Phew. Privacy disaster averted!…right?

The videos is a hoax. Don’t follow the instructions in it!

Not really. What a number of people actually did was destroy the NFC chips in their Smartphones which – you guessed it – come attached to the battery (for most modern smartphones). If you aren’t familiar with NFC, here is a short primer.

NFC, which stands for Near Field Communication, is an evolution of RFID. It’s used to transfer data between two devices held in close proximity (a few centimeters). NFC tags have already seen a wide variety of applications like triggering specific profiles when you enter your home or office to eliminating the need for customers to enter a WiFi password in shops.

More importantly, NFC is being hailed as the future of payments. The next trend is to eliminate plastic cards altogether and use your Smartphone for payments. NFC is the key technology in making that happen. We could go on but let’s save that for another day and just agree that NFC chips most certainly aren’t spy chips.

Which brings us back to these buffoons who have already racked up 75,000 views on their video.

We cannot stress the importance of fact checking everything you read or listen or watch on the internet. This time it was two trolls who made your NFC chip useless. Next time, it could be something much more dangerous. There are people out there who get off on making others miserable, and the gullible among us are a target and a great source of amusement for them.

So if you ever read something that sounds strange, just ask around before you do something you can’t take back. Or hell, just message us on our Facebook page.

  • I got through this viral yesterday and was thinking it should be raised in propakstani and here you are covering this.

  • I think you the guys should have made a video in the language of a layman to counter this viral video, such English articles are out of reach for a common man.

    • A common man owning a smartphone, and not knowing how to read English, doesn’t deserve the smartphone (s)he owns.
      I am just thinking how freaking DUMB one has to be, to fall for it; that too without finding out its legitimacy. Oh wait, that’s considered a trait these days, where these ignorants spread BS like this on (say,) Facebook, without verifying it first

      • I live in a village from Punjab where only 5% of the folks could go to college but more than 50% of the mobile owners own a smartphone. I think one needs the money to buy a smartphone, not education. A lot of people from Pakistan go to Gulf countries for livelihood, their relatives here find smartphones with an internet connection to be a very convenient mean to keep in contact with them.

        • Of course its about ‘need’, and now how much one ‘deserves’ it. After all, smartphones are the new fashion symbol as well. Also, lets not forget the fact that most of the hacking attempts are also successful because of such people who don’t know much about technology.

          But should i hold it against them? Nah. It’d be useless. But if anything goes wrong, i would blame it on that person falling for such a thing, alone.

          • chutyapay ki baatien nai karo … Everyone deserves to own anything they want.

            Education, language or culture shouldn’t be a barrier to owning consumer products.

            Mr. Saqib is right, an article is needed in Urdu.

    • That is an excellent idea. We already are short of good educative material in local languages. An urdu (or any regional language) V-log on technology should be made available in order to educate common folks.

  • One of the Samsung’s rival in Pakistan might have coined the idea of such a video, like Qmobile and others, given that people can easily be fooled here.

  • This article is also wrong. NFC chip is never attached to the Battery, NFC Antenna Chip on the other hand is attached to thje back cover of most Samsung phones. Go get you knowledge corrected

  • Video itself indicates that this Nation needs education first, the quality education rather than Metro busses and Trains.

  • Q… Sir!
    I knw video was fake.. but.. agr yeh NFC chip hai to kya agr ma apny Note 3 ki battry replace karta hn.. to new battry ma NFC chip nai hoge.. es ka matlab saaf saaf huwa k New battry lagany se mery cell ma NFC kam nahi kary ga?
    please any LaiQ banda answer me..

    • There are two types of batteries available one with NFC chips and other is without NFC chip, i think your note 3 has NFC chip embedded in back plastic cover. No need to worry about you dont need NFC anyway.

      • You don’t need NFC anyway? I use NFC all the time to transfer/recieve data between my and my friend’s phone. Its not very wise to assume that people automatically have no use for it.

    • You need to buy a proper replacement battery that has got NFC chip installed on it. Chinese replica batteries won’t have that.

    • Bhai choro in sab ko pagal kia mashwaray day rahay. NFC chip utar k china ki sasti battery lagao or chip ka thappa lagao new battery pay or use kro.
      chip easily replace ker sakte ho

  • pathans are indeed big hoax. the article shoudnt be published now it is more concerned to pathan bhae as well now whos goin to stop akhrot dimag

    • I saw a video in Urdu NOT in Pashto; and i explained in the post about NFC etc. Think before you speak. If Pathan are big hoax; are you living on the MARS?

  • He said that on every samsung device the chip is installed. Did anyone tried this on phone without NFC?

  • It is mean tactics to defame samsung why they do if apps are doing,…. Almost whenever you install any app it gets right to access you all data even camera and microphone,,then that free app makes money by selling that data how the videos are going in market.. Not through chip…!!

  • thinking about to leaving propakistani…and better to watch khabarNak or Hasb-e-hall..

  • Well, number of views don’t necessarily determines the no. of people who fell prey to it like many have mentioned in their comments that they have watched this video . Maybe 10% of the viewers would have really done this.

    As for an example you can consider that song “Eye to eye”

  • Why was the chip on the battery. Of you buy a replacement which is not from Samsung, do you still loose the NFC functionality?

  • Lest we forget! WE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE AN “XPOZED” VIDEO on our Local TV channels. #4thMostIntelligentNation :D


    The samsung battery of some models contains NFC antenna as confirmed by samsung on their website which is valid and authentic so please rely on this and do not damage your NFC on batteries :-)

    “The battery contains a built-in NFC antenna. Handle the battery carefully to avoid damaging the NFC antenna”

    • It’s not the chip, just the antenna. Basically it’s a copper coil that works using the principle of electromagnectic induction, just like a transformer, so it needs to be in close contact with a secondary nfc coil to initiate an action.

  • کبوتر کیس پہ ہنسنے والے خود مذاق بن گئے ۔ افسوس ہے ان کی عقل پہ ۔

  • I don’t believe that there is a college degree on the operation of a smart phone. There is, however, an owner’s manual.

  • Ma ya video ko dekha lakin malom nahi kio dil or Dimagh is bat ko maany say inkari hay k ik chip jo bettry ma connect ho uska mobile sa koi contact na ho wo ap k mobile ka data chori kr lay ….. ?????? han Paathan bhai ko bay wakof banany k klia achi hay or bettry k watt zaroor lag jay gi

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