How Are People Using CharJi on Metro? [Infographic]

If you’ve had the chance to travel on the Metro Bus in the twin cities, you’d know that PTCL offers free internet connectivity through its CharJi service for commuters.

Now PTCL has released usage numbers for 3 months from June to September 2015 for both Metro Buses and Metro Stations. Here are the main takeaways:

Metro Stations:

  • Total metro stations: 24
  • Total usage: 6.4TB
  • Average usage per station: 277GB
  • Total internet usage per station per day: 23.7 hours
  • Average usage per day: 71GB
  • Top station by highest data usage: Faizabad

Metro Buses:

  • Total number of buses: 68
  • Total usage: 3.7TB
  • Average usage per bus: 56GB
  • Average usage per day per bus: 600MB
  • Most active bus by data usage: #17


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  • Itna sara usage in jahilon ko nazar ni ata kia?
    Intahai farig packages banaty hain. Agar mai packages design karta to Rs 2000 mai 200GB daita. Rs 1000 100GB 500 mai 50 GB and 3000 mai 300GB and so on. That should be limits on Charji aur signals ko waise he buhat farig hain har jaga. Bulls*** packages by ass**** Ptcl employees

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      • Well boy our cinema industry is not flourishing apparently, but looks like your Centaurs Mall is totally beholden on Pindi Boys paying Rs. 100 on every visit. :)

      • i disagree on the cinema part as no country in the world bans downloading movies. i mean there’s always a way to download anything u want.

  • I don’t know whether the Wifi router is installed in the Metro Bus or not the only time I traveled in Metro and tried to use free wifi in the bus it only connected when the bus stopped at station for 15 seconds and soon as the bus leaves the station my wifi also get disconnected and thus out of range.

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