Here Are the Pakistani Startups Attending ‘Startup Istanbul’

Billed as the leading startup event in Eurasia, Startup Istanbul will be held in one of the most picturesque cities of Turkey on 3-5 October 2015. The event is going to give entrepreneurs from all around the world a chance to meet executives, investors and founders in the region. Also expected to attend are leading tech giants, businesses, venture capitalists and CEOs of successful startups from Asian and European countries.

Some 100 startups are expected to attend the event and these include these Pakistani startups as well.

foona Review

foona is the newest entrant in Pakistan’s rapidly expanding online food startup scene. However, unlike other services, it simply offers to be the hub for getting all information and ratings. Think of it as Yelp for restaurants and eateries. Currently the service boasts support for 1511 restaurants/eateries in 15 cities, with more expected to join forces with foona in the coming days.


Tired of installing a separate app each for antivirus, malware protection, PC cleanup and boost? With TechGenie, you can kill 3 birds with one stone and achieve complete peace of mind to keep your computer running smoothly and well-protected. The all-in-one software solution is not just restricted to PCs though, with Macs and smartphone OS also supported.

Security Wall

This Peshawar-based startup offers comprehensive services in fortifying your digital defenses.  They do a thorough Vulnerability Assessment for your IT systems and identify all potential loopholes in your digital security in Servers, Softwares, Web Apps, Websites, etc. Penetration Testing and Malware protection are also done by this startup for complete protection of your information and virtual assets.


Want to schedule a car checkup for your vehicle and that too by trustworthy professionals? With Autogenie, you can avail Engine tuning, Oil Change, Detailed Checkup, Assistance with Token Tax and Challan Payment and many other automobile related services from the comfort of the internet. Maintaining your car doesn’t get easier than Pakistan’s 1st online automotive maintenance portal. Quick response times and easy services are what make this Pakistani startup a touch above the rest. No need to drive to a repair shop anymore.

Pakistani Startups are Making a Mark

These are just a handful of startups that are showcasing the talent, drive and ambition that Pakistani entrepreneurs have when it comes to making technology work for stellar service provision. The government here needs to make a concerted effort in promotion of the entrepreneurial culture by giving tax breaks, incentives and lowering the barrier to entry for extremely talented people who just want to change Pakistan for the better.

With The Nest I/O, Punjab Information Technology Board and more are a step in the right direction. But if we are to usher in a branding campaign like ‘Digital Pakistan’, the government and the public-private sector needs to step up in a huge way to make it happen in a year or so. We have the talent and the technical and commercial acumen to pull it off. And no doubt about it that with the right kind of support, we too can compete at a global scale.

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  • Hey you forgot Flynance! They are Pakistan-based also, the company that owns is called Takhleeq. Actually Flynance is one of the featured startups on the list.

  • You need to get your information resources right – there were about 10 Pakistani startups in Startup Istanbul and 3 of them were in Top 15 to pitch on stage in front of Dave McClure and Steve Blank (Google them if you don’t know who they are). The three startups were:

    Hajj Guider
    Security Wall

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