Zong’s More than Half of Cell Sites are on 3G, More than 2,000 on 4G Network

Zong today announced that its 4,600 cell sites out of total 8,650 towers across Pakistan are now on 3G network, while another 2,059 cell sites are on 4G network, that is with-in first 18 months of the 3G/4G spectrum auction.

These figures were revealed by Mr. Niaz A Malik, Deputy CEO of Zong, at the opening of Zong’s multi-brand experience center in Islamabad.

Mr. Malik said that his company is aiming to convert more than 5,000 towers to 3G network before the end of current year, while the count for 4G enabled cell sites will cross 2,700 mark by the December 2015.

“With such figures, we are clearly the fastest expanding 3G and 4G network of the Pakistan”, said Mr. Niaz Malik.

Mr. Malik said that Zong has plans to invest USD 400 million on network expansion. He said that this amount is in addition to USD 516 million that the company invested for 3G and 4G spectrum last year.

When asked about market demand and ROI of telecom investments in cut-throat markets like Pakistan, he said that technology companies invest for long-term ROIs. He said that considering the early impressions of Pakistan’s data needs, his company is confident about the ROIs and in fact it has plans to inject more investment in Pakistani market during years to come.

“Zong believes in future of Pakistan, the people and masses of Pakistan and in fact we are all set to play a pivotal role during and post Pakistan-China Economic Corridor era”, expressed Mr. Niaz A Malik.

Zong said that recently announced QoS Survey results and Ookla’s net index is a proof that Zong is offering premium quality of high-speed internet across the country. “We are going to only up the bar during days to come”, said the deputy CEO.

“We have succeeded in maintaining the number one slot with 3,094,683 3G and 132,502 4G/LTE users by the end of July 2015. By increasing our investments we are quite hopeful that our quality of services will further be enhanced to provide best telecom services to our valuable customers”, Mr. Malik concluded.

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  • Wrong. Their mentioned 4G cell sites are under testing phase and not available for customers. In Faisalabad i am getting signals of 4G while network search at many areas where previously 4G was not available but those 4G signal cannot be connected to mobile even if I turn 4G only

    • For 4g u need to have a 4g enabled sim.

      Btw i second ur comment u r getting full 4g speed in just khi/lhr/isb thats it other cities are not provided full bandwidth.

      • I know and I am very much getting 4G services in Faisalabad. But I am talking about those areas of the city where 4G coverage wasn’t available earlier as cities like Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad are not easy to cover fully at once due to their size.

    • Mobilink is good is some areas but worse in some areas like poor speed and no 3g signals.Where as zong is stable in almost all areas wherever i go it works well without giving any problem.

      • mobilink is mostly worst, zong is consistent, that’s what I want, I dun want cheap data on which I can torrent all day

      • same for me but it doesn’t work at my home so its useless for me if I am missing my important calls and sms..

      • LOL complaining it since a year now.. they visited my home in December 2014 and they said that a new site is planned since then.. its been 10 months now (Complain was before that as well) .. pathetic customer service.. on the other hand I complained telenor as well for coverage and the issue was resolved within 72 hours.. ZONG dont bother to do anything

        • well you are right, I don’t trust them with customer services, they sucks big time in that department. and they need to improve otherwise people will shift

  • wrong and Niaz is big lair. ZTE is their core vendor and expecting quality from Zong is really a joke. Why china mobile (zong) has chosen Ericsson in china and Hong Kong for LTE and zte for Pakistan. They are treating us as forth world country.

  • Zong is best then to other networks.its providing best best speed and strong signal I am using zong 4g mifi.

  • Dear Sir Pls Launch Zong 3G and 4G LTE service in our Vehari city and Pakkhi More areas ( zila vehari) Hum Boht Bechani sy Zong 3G/4GLTE service ka apny Areas me anay ka wait kar rahin ha and i request to you jald sy jald service poncha dain Thank you

  • Zong is one of the best network in Pakistan. They are going to dominate data merket. Even on 3g you get average 4 to 6 mb speed while on mobilink its just 256k. I have test their service in almost 10 cities.

  • ZonG is the best, I’m getting average speed of 10 MBps on 3G and mostly it gives me 15 MBps, sometimes it goes to 22+ MBps

  • Try to understand why they made DCEO a liar and fraud just to lie in front of media with his so called Canadian American English… poor network and planning and on top of it Niaz as DCEO:) what a fatal combination.

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