HomeShopping.PK Announces White Friday Discounts on Nov 27th

Yet another e-retailer has jumped on the Black Friday bandwagon and offering massive discounts on the 27th of November. Following the trend set by Daraz, HomeShopping is offering White Friday discounts on the same day as their competitors. Kaymu revealed their Black Friday discounts yesterday as well. Not only will this promote online shopping, but the customers will be the major beneficiaries of the massive discounts.

What’s noticeable is that HomeShopping has branded their 27th November discounts as White Friday instead of Black Friday. CEO HomeShopping, Shayan Tahir, had this to share about their shopping event:

“We wanted something original plus we feel Fridays are never black in Pakistan. In the Muslim world, Friday is the day of prayer, the day of gathering, the day off, the family day, the day of joy, so surely…our Friday is WHITE!”

Details about White Friday

HomeShopping has announced that they will offer discounts of up to 70 percent. The discounts won’t be limited to a single day, i.e. 27th November. The shopping website will be offering the discounts for 3 days starting at 12 AM on 27th November and continuing till 11:59 AM on 30th November.

White Friday Duration: 27-30th November

Deals and discounts will go live on everything from mobile phones, computers, laptops, home entertainment, watches to clothing, fashion accessories, home appliances, perfumes, kitchen and equipment and almost everything else available on the website. White Friday deals will bring discounts on some of the most prominent brands available in Pakistan.

The Biggest Shopping Event of the Year

Black Friday has become the busiest shopping day of the year in the US as retailers offer huge discounts and customers wait for that time throughout the year. This increases business and profits as a whole. HomeShopping claims that they won’t be offering leftover items at discounted prices like other retailers. Instead, the company will be getting the actual Black Friday deals from the US to Pakistan which, according to them, are “the real deals”. With HomeShopping’s international delivery network, here’s hoping that the US discounts are more or less translated to the Pakistani market.

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  • They should get their facts straight. The naming has nothing to do with religion so they shouldn’t bring their own religion into it.

    • According to Islam, one who tries to look like non-muslims will be burnt with them in hell so celebrating a friday, be it white or black, is purely a PR stunt and yes religion matters here.

      • In hadees, its said that Friday is the Eid of Muslims. Dear Abdullah learn Islam and don’t burn others using it please, its not your job or authority. In Quran its said that Humans are one society and so develop peace in that society. We are better not because we are muslims, we are muslims because we are suppose to be better for everyone around us and thinking that you are above everyone and wont be burnt in hell, that’s your mistake mr. Abdullah.

    • Friday is never Black for us.
      We don’t have any problem with black as a color. But when we relate that to a day, it’s makes a difference.

      • It’s a symbolic representation of something completely different from what you are expecting. Please read up on WHY it’s called Black Friday.

  • PS: Their prices are WAY too high so hopefully “White Friday” should help close the gap between their prices and “Actual” market prices.

  • They just copied’s banner and the deals they are bringing are smuggled goods from deals on Souq and Amazon. Conveniently the White Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, so the naming is so fake!

    • Uh no, the day after Thanksgiving is exactly what Black Friday is lol. Taking about pulling stuff out of your arse.

    • Uh no, the day after Thanksgiving is exactly what Black Friday is lol. Taking about pulling stuff out of your a s s.

  • look likes fraud to me.
    few days earlier i was searching on google for some smartphones to buy. every search result showed pages but as soon as i reach their page…it says phone is out of stock. i searched 9 phones….8 were out of stock …but search results shows as if those phones were available

    • i dont know why u said it on this article but i want to correct you its “Derdh Eent ki MASJID” not inch..,,

          • That’s how they are swaying away. It’s black friday and this shopping festival is held everywhere around the world with the same name. We should be part of it instead of creating our own “White Friday” festival.

            P.S Name matters so it is not the exact same thing

            • Oh boy. I’ll let you Google yourself how wrong you are about it being called Black Friday all over the world. And while you’re at it, read up a little on the origin of Black Friday as well. Secondly, that kind of thinking, just hats off. This slave mentality is why we can’t get anywhere and will always be following in their footsteps.

              • 1. Black Friday is held in various countries (developed & developing countries). According to your logic, they all must be slaves?

                2. Borrowing good things is not bad. If we are to succeed in the world we have to work together with everyone. Get out of your conspiracy theories and stop being butt-hurt.

                3. You are also claiming that it is the “exact same thing” and “White” is just a name and colour (as evident from your numerous comments here). Thus, your logic of slave mentality applies onto you yourself. If you really care about not being a so-called-slave, you should be advocating for a Eid, Basant, Ramzan sale instead of a renamed sale.

                4. Cigarette, Alcohol, Drugs, Weapons, Porn borrow karte waqt slave mentality yaad nahi aati?

        • Im sorry if you feel that way however we wished to sound different and unique for our event and do not feel it has anything to do with religion.

          • You are a big name in the ecommerce sector. You should be more careful. Btw, you should consider redesigning your website. Something on the ranks of Flipkart or Amazon. Also, focus on reviews. Can really increase customer trust.

  • Its always was.., a White Friday in GCC Market,., so nothing special here by Shayan Tahir.., what special would a good discount…

  • Appreciate, we shouldn’t follow blindly the westerner’s terminology.
    I would suggest that people should boycott Black Friday deals.

    • I would suggest we stop reading course books in english and only read them in arabic. Oh wait, there aren’t any! /s

    • Thank you for the support however we do not feel we should boycott any black friday deals as its the same thing to what we are doing and nothing to do with religion we just changed the name to white to make it sound unique.

  • Muslims aren’t the only ones who are going to be shopping you know. As hard as it may be to believe, there are people from other religions too! Shocking! So how about a little sense of plurality so that everyone feels welcome?

  • Im pretty sure k (shayan bhai) Un wal0 ki tarah aukaaati type sale nahi lagaengay … and white friday is a much better name !!!

  • The argument applies on the religious practices – (if not then stop eating) Black Friday isn’t religious occasion.

    • Ohhh chacha aap kahan se beech main tapak parey? Yeh imer aapki comments dene ki nahi balkay Madani Channel dekhney ki hai.

  • Well, whoosh. And that last point. *bangs head on wall* Nevermind the slave mentality man. You have other, more serious issues you should be worried about.

    • Dude, if you thought you were going to get away with posting thoughtless comments you were seriously mistaken.

      P.S Our society is plagued with problems and we should not be ashamed in accepting them. Only then can we fix them.

      • Lol, get away? I’m seriously at a loss of words after reading that drivel you just posted. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

        P.S Exactly. And with comments like yours, I’m starting to think this… inferiority complex, is ingrained into our DNA. You don’t even realize how subjugated you’ve become to western ideals.I mean you equate success with hosting an event that celebrates capitalism, exactly as it is, right up to the name. The first step on the path to reformation, is to regain our sense of self. Stop trying to be like them. Be proud of who you are.


  • Good but they have limited items as compared to giant DarazPk, Kaymu. Let’s see what they offer on 27th Nov.
    PTA should make such policies so Amazon, AliBaba, Paypal start their businesses in Pakistan. And to regulate existing existing e-commerce companies.

    • We have over 80,000 products and that is twice as more as daraz sir. Pakistani Companies need support from fellow Pakistanis .

  • Pakistani’s like to filter everything with religion on a obsession level :D or maybe homeshopping didn’t have much of a selling point to market it’s smuggled and refurbished phones so they thought to use religion, this method works pretty well in this country.

    • Ahmed hope you understand that we just following a trend set by in UAE and tried to bring that to Pakistan just to be unique from our competitors now lets just not get religion into this as we are not the ones doing that.

  • One of the worst e-retailers in Pakistan pulls out the religion card. They should better their services first before offering flash sales.

    • Mr Hassan , We are willing to help you like we do with all our customer which made you think we are the worst retailers. We are in no way trying to play the region card here the only perpose of doing was nothing different something unique. Friday , Black or White has nothing to do with religion.

  • Its actually a concept copied from uae souq website. Same dates, same discount. Wont be surprised if even the deals are the same.

      • The point here is uae souq was dumb enough to name it white friday. Its not the ‘friday’ element on which sales are given abroad. Its what happened on that day is what they use their sale for. Calling it white friday is stupid because even if you are using the religion card, then you should have this sale every week because every friday is as blessed as any other friday before or after it. What is dissapointing here is that no online retailer is coming up with a genuine unique idea, everyone is trying to copy one another but use different names. If you want to introduce a genuine sale concept here then do it on eid or ramadan etc and do it on our local products which will be arranged promptly.
        i just hope homeshopping realizes that placing goods on sale of a uae website would not be a good idea because a) it would take atleast more than a week to reach here and b) if it reaches here in a faulty condition then there will be issues of returning it back all the way and thats going to make the customer suffer and lose his faith in online shopping.
        therefore i would recommend bringing in a trend where local products are offered at unbeatable prices followed with good local support and quality service. That is what pakistan needs. We need something like amazon here. Not uae products that take forever to reach here.

        • Thanks for the feedback yasir and we have decided to bring the deals once again later during the eid holidays for now enjoy the White Friday deals about to start in less then 24 Hours !

  • Yes because no Muslim ever wears black clothes religiously and that Pakistan is a peaceful place for minorities. What was the question again


    Darazpk and kaymupk are making peoples fools by selling products on high prices by offer discounts

    infact they show a very high price than the origional one then by offering discount they sells it on the origional price in this way they are hunting a number of simple customers The BLACK FRIDAY is also a trick of their compaign you can check the price differnce on these websites and other websites like whatmobiles.

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