Live Updates: Press Conference on Mobilink-Warid Merger

Jeffrey Hedberg, President & CEO Mobilink and Muneer Farooqui, President & CEO Warid are jointly holding a press conference to brief media on Mobilink-Warid Merger.

You can view live updates from press-conference below.

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    • All Warid Employees attended a Town Hall today and were given the opportunity to listen to the Management’s point of view

  • “”As with franchisees, employees are also going to be safe-guarded in a way that they are best utilized as per their skill sets: Muneer Farooqui”
    Massive layoffs obviously. Who are you kidding? And someone pointed it out correctly. Its a takeover, not a merger. Good for consumers though – at least in bigger cities.

    • The pooling of resource/ cost management was the purpose, that definitely means employees also. Lay offs on Mobilink side expected more because Warid is already very low on headcount (1000 Permanent employees only)

  • Well the conclusion is that warid will be rebranded as mobilink or mobilink will be rebranded as warid. So many questions are yet not be cleared or they need to be cleared what if they so.
    In my opinion this merger might not be good for us at all. For instance as per press conference suggests that mobilink will gain 37% market share of telecom user share in pakistan and threshold is 40%. 37% is near to it. Mobilink will become big leader. Mobilink can do what they want and whenever they want. With the quit of one operator market will become more monopolistic and this policy will not be good for users.
    Definitely this merger will also impact on employees as the lay off is to be expected. Management should do something beneficial to the affected employees.
    Warid network was best in many regards call quality, sms quality, 2G and off course LTE too and on the other hand mobilink is facing a lot of network issues. Question is that will warid users have to face that same issues too??

    • Mobilink is already laying off employess My uncle 15 year old permanent employee was layed off he was on there civil side northern region head.

      • What is Mobilink Head Count of Permanent employees? Their reported revenue for 12 months ending 30th September 2015 was 1009 Million USD … Compare that with 354 Million USD of Warid (1000 permanent Employees)
        My guess, based on these numbers, is that, Lay Offs will be more severe on Mobilink side

  • I hope that this means better services for both warid n mobilink customers… also.. can you give a timeframe on approximately how long it’ll take for the whole of warid to be rebranded as mobilink?

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