Tashfeen Malik’s CNIC Card Shown by Media is Real [Proofs]

Western media, mainly the CNN, showed images of the Computerized National ID Card of Tashfeen Malik, one of the suspects involved in San Bernardino, California, shooting last week.

CNN produced an image (also displayed below) and claimed it was the ID card of the lady who was allegedly involved in the shooting that killed 14 at a social services centre for the disabled and wounded 17 last Wednesday.

Since then, a lot of Pakistanis who are familiar with the looks and feels — particularly the fonts — of CNICs, are mocking CNN for displaying a fake CNIC to the whole world.

Well the reality is — even if you don’t like it — the CNIC shown by CNN is real and legitimate and a CNIC is indeed registered with Tashfeen Malik’s name with Nadra with the exact ID card number as shown by the CNN.

Tashfeen Malik

Front side of Tashfeen Malik’s CNIC, as shown by CNN


Back side of Tashfeen Malik’s CNIC, as shown by CNN

For those, who think that fonts on Tashfeen’s CNIC are strange or even the look and feel of CNIC card is odd, this is not the scan of real ID card, but in fact a print out of Tashfeen’s CNIC that law enforcement agencies use for their reference.

In simpler words, if you have a CNIC number, you just input the number in a software called Verisys) that’s attached with NADRA’s database, and give print command to get a print out of the CNIC card that will look like what Tashfeen’s CNIC is shown above.

For those who don’t know, Verisys is Nadra’s tool — available to various law enforcement agencies and departments — to get print outs of CNIC numbers.

We have checked with NADRA officials to be sure that this is a real and legit CNIC, but you can verify it yourself too, and it’s simple.

Send the CNIC number to 8300 and 7000 (charges may apply) to see if the card is indeed registered with Tashfeen Malik’s name or not.

We did this for you and received below response from 8300 and 7000:


Just in case if you are wondering, both 8300 and 7000 are NADRA’s publicly available short codes for getting polling station information against any CNIC and name and father’s name of any CNIC card holder.

Tech and telecom reporter for over 15 years

  • Its fact that CIA has full access to NADRA database, so it is v possible for them to get any data of any Pakistani.

      • lolz… it is very easy… pay someone like you to get the info… that is how cia would get the info, from someone on the inside… no need to hack shack…

          • Sorry to say, but i can provide your info in only 50 PKR, that’s what happening today. also these screenshots are not from NADRA but these are printed from E-Sahulat facility. and many people have access to this service, so its not a big deal.

            • This is exactly what i said in details.. these are Franchisees… a private partner with NADRA to provide Felicitate the public in case of CNIC data Verification.. but if public keep on using it in wrong way.. then I am sure it would end up with Revoking the option from them… the same story we did with Pre-Activated SIM’s and govt. had to go for Bio Metric solution… and also, this verification is very limited.. the full access to different tools are even not available to most of NADRA officials…

    • Many banks and other private companies also have access to Verysis. If you have a friend who works in a bank or a telecom franchise. You can access it. Forget CIA.

  • Damn sure it is fake.
    Look at writing on the card.
    An d one thing more your proof of authentication is wrong.
    Evan i can simply edit this card by putting my neighbor picture and detail.

  • What about the point when there was a REPORT that NADRA data base is HACKED/LEAKED and Nadra chairman stated that their database is not on Internet so it is impossible to hack the National Database of Pakistan.
    I mean Nadra office from Karachi to other end are able to access database of central Nadra Server (obviously through network and in this case internet-VPN etc), even the telecom operators then do you think Nadra Chairman statement that database is unable to HACK is accepted?

    Note: Old case but most important here. Need your comments (Mr Aamir and team).

    • we are using special dedicated lines by PTCL on which internet access is disabled at exchange level… so don’t talk on assumptions.. we know the importance of our database and rumors are every where.. pentagone computers were hacked.. sony was hacked.. no one cried.. even after proofs. nadra data base hacked with no proof.. but every one shouting like he saw that…

      • This is what I want to say, on PTCL network common man we can access youtube in country. What type of security you are saying? Even NASAs space station was hacked because of USB. I myself belong to IT industry (NOT the NADRA) and I better understand its not impossible to hack your database even dedicated lines from PTCL.
        You should accept what is possible at least. Furthermore read what I said carefully. Third common man BANK cashier can access your database using webservices and that PC have internet access as well, now I think you should not SAY IMPOSSIBLE when you even don’t know what are the modes to access NADRA base with different banks+telco+Police+Rangers+others…

        • Dear… If u belong to IT sector then u should understand that we are not relying on ptcl security only but using lots of different tools to secure data center. A dedicated security deptt. Is there to do this . I can’t go in details but it is very hard for any body in nadra to get Every thing. And from out side…very very much….

          • I personally myself have printed my CNIC copy with the help of friend in a back for pay order as I do not have CNIC copy at that time. He simply enter my CNIC number and thats all, my CNIC (Front/Back) both were on his screen and same were printed as well.
            And…I am not talking about some logical thing, I am talking about what I have seen with my bare eyes so better to accept what is provided to integrated systems regardless that you are from Nadra Itself or supporting that Organization.

            • what you saw was just a tool for verification.. and what you don’t know the difference between this COPY and CNIC copy is that it is only for Verification.. called Verisys copy and it is so much different that a child can distinguish between these two.. want to know MORE… check out the Font… if you have Any IDEA about them…check the Date of Issuance on Rare… also check the over all stuff and look…this is just a Verification purpose copy.. not real copy… Banks, Telcos and eSahulat Franchises all across the country have this Tool.. it’s charges are 50/- for individual and different for corporate clients like banks and telcos…Dear IT Expert.. Logic is Very Important if you are Really IT Expert…
              and one thing more.. Server for Verisys is separate from Main Server of NADRA for which you are talking about.. We are Not the enemies of Nation.. and do care about Data security.. but people do not cooperate and others start blaming with out knowing the facts…

              • @Mr Iqbal the SECURITY EXPERT, just read my all discussion carefully using the GLASSES.
                I never said that the copy is original
                I better understand difference between original (Hard Copy) and duplicate (Soft Copy)
                Just to shorten the thing, I have said that you DATA, once again

                D A T A


                is accessible

                Regardless the fact that Server (That creates Hard Copy) and one that is used for VeriSys both SHARE DATABASE



                Now Just close your long discussion because I am not in mood to discuss anything more (because you are obviously behaving like the supporters of politicians as whatever they do they or correct and they are our godfathers)

      • Yes I know all this is accessible to integrated systems but BIG SALUTE to Mr Bilal Iqbal who is not accepting anything.
        Ref: Read my last reply to Mr Iqbal

        • I don’t know why you people do not understand the purpose of the verification system.. Stay blessed and happy in your world…

  • There goes trash loads of conspiracies & a field day of news Scoops from our Media & people….. DAYUM

      • You work for NADRA so you do know who can access Verisys info can you please tell us how CNN and Reuters posted it on there website before pakistani media itself ? who can give them screenshot of that page and i do know banks use this in pakistan along with security agencies ? but who else ?

        • Hazoor reporters k links hotay hain, and unless its private information limited to few people only — which it clearly wasn’t — you can assume that reporters can reach there with-in five mins, or less.

        • they have their reporters in Pakistan officially.. and any Verisys franchisee would provide them this information and to send it in USA.. no visa is required but only 3G connection is enough… however if NADRA or FIA think.. person can be traced who first accessed the subject ID through Verisys and FIR can be launched against him because this is clear violation of agreement with NADRA…

          • It is big deal someone can get killed or raped if user data is not safe and anyone with links can access it

        • American Pakistanis are registered with their CNIC number. If you know the CNIC number, go to a Nadra e-sahoolat outlet, you can get all the CNIC details. This is not a rocket science.

  • Agreed with Aamir Atta (Y) CNN is showing tashfeen real details. :) Thanks for article.

    • picture of id card is not real it’s just a preview version of card given to them by NADRA

        • yes but still the picture if id card is fake and edited and they dont have a real id card found near her body its just a demo card given to them by pakistani authorities

          if i have your id card number i can text it and get full detail of your address then download a demo card from internet and put all info on it along with someone else picture and post it on internet saying it was your id card found in terrorist attack people who will text it on NADRA text service will get same info i copy pasted on it

          • Sir Verisys naam ki ek cheez hoti ha shyd ap ko na pata ho. Sab banks k pass aur Pakistan ki agencies k pass NADRA ki access hoti ha. Us mai CNIC number enter karne par aisi hi details ati ha jesi @aamir7 ne uper mention kiya ha us mai koi editing khud se banda nahi karta wo system khud hi aisi generate karta ha takay pata chal jaye k ye duplicate information li gai ha aur ap ki information k liye NADRA CNIC par jo Urdu ka font use hota ha wo ap ko internet par nahi milta same to same ap jitni marzi koshish kar lein ap original cnic ki tarha ka correct details k sath CNIC nahi bana sakty. aur maine apni is comment k sath ek mere record mai parhi hoi OLD verisys bhi share ki ha for your infomation as a proof.

          • ek baat aur ap ki information k liye * Pakistan mai 8300 ya 7000 par sms karnay k ilawa aisi koi services nahi hein jahan ap ko full details mil jaye. aur CNIC mai sab se zarori cheez hoti ha Date of Issue, Date of Expiry aur Shanakhti Alamat wo Verisys se hi milti ha. aur verisys ki access kis k pass hoti ha ye mai ap ko phele hi bata chuka ho :)

            • bhai.. Pakistan mai log masaly dar chezain pasand krty hain.. ap or mai jo reality ki bat kr rahy hain .. us taraf koe daikhy ga bhi. nahi..

              • NADRA has provided a solution for verification to partners.. we have no access to this because we do not need it… we have much more access…

        • This was not the question if Tashfeen malik is pakistani or not, point to concern is that what they want to proof by showing a completely fabricated ID card image? what they want to achieve by that. Its insane to accept it as a copy from Nadra, A beginner designer can simply tell where pixels has been edited and fabricated…

      • پہلے کونسا ہمارے جھنڈے لگے تھے۔ ہم تو دونوں اطراف سے چھتر کھا رہے ہیں۔ دہشت گردوں سے بھی اور امن کے دعی سے بھی :)

  • Kya ho gei hai bhai ??? its patriotic and super super super prefessional , do not try to find negative things in everything. And this is about patriotism more than anything so don’t even talk negative about this article.

    • What is too patriotic about this article? Did you even get the article?? You really need to read it again

  • The basic difference between the two is of Govt of Pakistan seal which is embedded on original and second one lacks it. Moreover it is not acceptable as official CNIC by banks and other law enforcing agencies.

  • So, CNN got the access to NADRA database, not her original CNIC. This is ‘more’ worrying.

    P.S. As per CNIC, Vahuva is her residential/permanent residence. Whereas, her home is located in Karor Lal Esan. These two towns are 40km apart and seperated by Sindh river.

    • so you just assuming every thing while sitting in your bedroom and shouting.. OMG… just read the points i posted above to know the reality..

      • I am not assuming or proving anything, headless chicken! Go fart somewhere else, f_king m0r0n.

        Accused lady got an ID at her maternal uncle’s address, who lives in Vahuva, while her father belonged to Karor Lal Esan.

  • Why people are giving this incident so much importance? After genocide of Muslims in Syria something had to happen in retaliation. I don’t say this is the right way, not it is not but look what these infidels are doing in Muslim countries.

    • … what?

      In retaliation for the death of Syrians at the hands of the Syrian military/government, you think the appropriate response is the murder of a man’s co-workers? Exactly how will that affect the government of Syria? Or the people dying in Syria?

      They are completely unconnected events.

      • You are dumb? What are 70 countries bombing in Syria then. Tomorrow they bomb your family then i will see what you do.

        • Well, you see, as a Muslim, I’d have to live by the guidelines of Islam when it comes to “war”. Before engaging in battle, the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) instructed his soldiers:

          1. “Do not kill any child, any woman, or any elder or sick person.” (Sunan Abu Dawud)
          2. “Do not practice treachery or mutilation.(Al-Muwatta)
          3. Do not uproot or burn palms or cut down fruitful trees.(Al-Muwatta)
          4. Do not slaughter a sheep or a cow or a camel, except for food.” (Al-Muwatta)
          5. “If one fights his brother, [he must] avoid striking the face, for God created him in the image of Adam.” (Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim)
          6. “Do not kill the monks in monasteries, and do not kill those sitting in places of worship. (Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal)
          7. “Do not destroy the villages and towns, do not spoil the cultivated fields and gardens, and do not slaughter the cattle.” (Sahih Bukhari; Sunan Abu Dawud)
          8. “Do not wish for an encounter with the enemy; pray to God to grant you security; but when you [are forced to] encounter them, exercise patience.” (Sahih Muslim)
          9. “No one may punish with fire except the Lord of Fire.” (Sunan Abu Dawud).
          10. “Accustom yourselves to do good if people do good, and to not do wrong even if they commit evil.” (Al-Tirmidhi)

          I am limited by the above. Tell me, as a Muslim, do you feel the need to exceed the boundaries set by your religion?

          • Yeah I know that
            Read my first comment which you did not bother to read properly in first place. You would not be needing to argue needlessly.

            • Is that the comment where you blame the “infidels” in the West when over 90% of the deaths in Syria and Iraq are at the hands of Muslims? Makes one wonder what you read.

              • What are you the spokesman of those infidels? Who is funding those Muslims? Your beloved infidels. Then they bomb them to kill them but kill civilians alongside. Death toll has already reached 400k in syria. Deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq are other than that and again in 6 figures. I thought you are a wiseman no you are the father of all fools.

                • Yes, it’s not as if there are oil wells all over northern Iraq that are pumping crude oil today, with oil being sold through private companies in Turkey. Or hundreds of millions of dollars stolen from banks in Mosul last year. No, let’s ignore those facts and imagine B-52s dumping bombs full of dollars into ISIS hands.

                  Hey, you’re free to believe whatever delusions you want. It’s a free internet. To claim that Tashfeen allegedly killed those people in retaliation for anything: complete and utterly unproven garbage.

                  • So they have their own sources then leave them alone. They would leave you alive. If you kill them then get ready to be killed. The more you suppress them the more they will emerge. And i wish you dead for taking side of forces of shetan.

                    • Oh, your solution is to let the *MUSLIM* murderers of Syrian Muslims alone but blame the West. And also wish Muslims like me dead for not believing your conspiracy theories. You’re really living up to your handle, Lazy.

                    • I wanna abu*se you so hard and sla*p on your face but I would not do
                      that because you are a nut*case and it is against my ethics to hurt a mad
                      person. You have polluted my perfectly nice comment with your own

                    • Hey, all I’ve done is caught you saying something incredibly stupid in public — and then repeatedly showing you fail to explain yourself. It’s not too hard to understand why people who think like you hide their disqus comments: they’re unable to defend their viewpoints in a sane manner. I mean, look at you, claiming to want me dead, to want to injure me, and abuse me — and yet you still think you’re a better person than I am.

                      You’re free to believe whatever you want, but don’t be surprised if someone calls you on your incredulous claims.

                    • What claims. You are dumb who think west has nothing to do with all this mess. They are responsible for it. They started it. It was america who attacked iraq and afghanistan and toppled them and then some fanatics are now taking revenge, the tras**h cans like you are defending western interest.

                    • Ah yes, more delusional posts, after you said you’d left. What a surprise.

                      I haven’t defended anyone. Unlike you, I stand by my comments, keep them public, and everyone can see that I haven’t defended the “western interests”, whatever they are.

                      Upset you by not agreeing with you, sure. But that’s not the same as defending the other side.

                    • Here he goes again. Stuck to me like a leech. Get some job in night club and serve the pi**gs in some western country.

  • The photograph and the signature are pasted over the cnic. Have you guys confirmed this?

  • It’s really sad that you guys, and by ‘you guys’ I mean “propakistani” believe that’s it’s the real thing, and actually defending it!

    It’s not the real thing.While, Tashfeen could be a Pakistani citizen, the id card, in my opinion, is a complete fake. Scan or no scan, for LEA’s references or not, fonts, picture placement, the crop dimensions of the picture, all of that cannot change!

  • I agree with Aamir, the CNIC looks and authenticates as real. Had to share this though, too funny :)

    • this one is edited with Corel draw and inpage.. because font is different… but the picture in article is of verisys and read the points i posted above to under stand the reality..

        • actually i am fed up with whole discussion above.. else your point is ok with fun only… :) thanks

      • @disqus_8SMJLPKmdJ:disqus sir nahi smjhain gay, warna meri di hoi information kafi thi in logon k liye… SMS code bhi diye k khud check kar lain, messages bhi paste kiye par nahi… sab smjhtay hain k yeh aik Yahoodi Sazish hay.

        @Waqas_Tariq:disqus Sir Obama’s card is funny, I would want to have it too :)

  • Dear all… please note that this is NOT and ID card copy.. instead it is called Verisys.. a system developed by NADRA to officially VERIFY the particulars of ID cards issued to Pakistani citizens.. it is designed slightly DIFFERENT so that would it would not be Misused by public but use it for verification of Id card copies or other form of data provided by any person. Every bank and telco has access to this tool and fee is charged against each verification… similarly thousands of franchises in the country have access to this tool with the name of E-Sahulat to collect your bills and money transfer etc at commercial level.. the fee for single verification is 50/-. and a verification slip is issued to confirm the correction of name and ID card number of customer.. this information is shown on screen only and print screen is taken to show like this..
    But I am not understanding the point that if she would be a Pakistani then it was an individual act by her and she would be responsible for it .. it is not the Pakistan as country responsible for any incident in USA.. this is like if the officer who issued Visa to her would be responsible.. so please be realistic and know the facts…

    • Did you see that Pakistani firing by your own eyes?No but the US eye witness did and what they said was that there were 3 white men ….so be realistic and know the facts that they are handcuffed after being killed in fire exchange??

      • as i said “IF”… and I don’t think to explain its meaning… and I am talking here as NADRA person to explain the detail of above mentioned ID copy and other misunderstanding among the people.. and in the last.. it gave another Example that the OFFICER who would definitely be an American.. would be Responsible for that.. These examples are to clear the point that IF some one do some thing Good or Bad. then Why we relate it to Nation as Whole…Why not treat it logically….???

  • Ok, for a moment let’s agree that the shooter and the person that this CNIC # belongs to are the same and that in quick printouts, fonts don’t look the same as they do in real CNICs but why the do parts of the same picture look pixelated and other parts look clear, why is her husband’s name printed on top of the label? Get the f out of here with your BS.

    • That’s called a “blur filter”, often used to highlight a portion of an image by blurring the rest. Watch enough news, and you’ll see everyone does it.

  • This is by far the worst post i came across Propakistani….just because of a id number which easily can be obtained you are referring the CNIC to be original….Regardless the US own citizens who were eye witness say that there were three tall white men…..for the first time in history i have seen a dead person handcuffed….

    if they were killed while exchanging fire whats the point of handcuffing them…353 such incidents occured in US in last one year but they need to blame Muslims and yet you have to prove that CNIC is original or not….stop justifying Muslims are terrorists or not ….They attack Iraq killed millions and then said sorry it was misinformation of wmds…never did they cut a sorry figure for any wrong action they did ….its just us who have to justify that muslims are not terrorists…even not knowing that whether the act was even done by Muslims or not….

    • I am not arguing anything if this lady was involved or not. I mean that’s beyond our areas of interest. We talked about legitimacy of ID card only.

  • ye to FOX NEWS pr honi chahiye thi.,., whats the agenda here ..!! how is it related to IT Pakistan News.,., or you just put a good title to get hits and earn,., nothing more than that.

  • You (Police) can detain a person and then take him/her away and kill. Later on, it is said that killed while escaping from Police custody. It happens in America also.
    It would be a fool’s (or foolish) idea to legitimize the association of that man & woman with killings on the basis of CNIC. You can leave any person’s CNIC on the crime scene to make him prime suspect in Pakistan also. In America, in this case, he/she will be a prime suspect if he/she is a Muslim. Otherwise it is considered as a bait/dodge.

  • Kindly just confirm the news before posting!! Check Zaid Hamid Official Facebook page for facts. For a common sense, just check your ID’s font & her’s. You people are leading & posting news without confirmation about it’s authenticity. Disappointing!!
    It’s damaging Pakistan image severely….!! Don’t dent more.

      • Kindly go through the ID card (Check font style) completely!! Compare it with yours or any other. I have recommended the page (Authentic technical proof) that’s her ID card was fabricated. It’s not the matter of seeing after sending on 8300, everyone knows it’s made but it does not prove that she was involved. Just have a deep look on it’s fabrication & errors committed. I will strongly suggest all of you to search for truth & just do not follow blindly about media reports (One sided). Go through the full story & the victim was tagged as terrorist.

        • Errors in her CNIC, or Verisys copy? There’s really no way for the media to obtain her CNIC — only she’d have one copy, right? But the Verisys copy — lots of people have access to that.

          I have made no comments about whether or not she is a terrorist, and neither should you. There is no way for either of us to show that she is guilty or innocent. There is no way for either of us to get the “full story” — the page you linked to has no hard evidence.

          • lolz!! It’s common sense which are not common in common people. Go read about NSA first. Time will tell the truth. My purpose was to reflect on actual info. Tcr

            • But, you don’t have the “actual info”. Were you there at the shooting? Did you know the people involved (the shooters or the victims — any of them) in person? For the CNIC details, do you know how the media acquired the above? You mention the NSA — did the NSA leak the above image to the media?

              Completely implausible.

              Common sense says you can believe whatever you want, but whatever you believe doesn’t need to be true.

  • Its sure fake/fabricated image… But we got pee-brain who are more loyal to the master than master himself, never try to use their dumb-brain as we never saw a Pakistani NIC ever before in our life. totally agree with you that this image has been edited with very basic designer; it missed the whole template and basic law of alignment. Its freaking fake 100%, yet only ID Card number could be right which is easy to get.

    However I’ll vomit 5 times if this very card is original, Confiscate Chairman of Nadra and put him under conviction of tempering the NDB, Meantime all Afghan nationals became Pakistanis with this newly invented method.

    Wait wait wait, can anyone open a bank account, poll a vote and proof of ID to Police with such ID Card? What? If yes then try it you will understand the consequences; if No then stop spreading bullshits.

  • The CNIC number is original but surely the CNIC seems fake. I have printed out my CNIC and it retains the blurred design in picture background and also the spacing remains almost the same. CNN is being criticized not because they are making her up to be Pakistani but because in pursuit of ratings, they pasted her details on a fake card. The CNIC number is also on various US documents that are carried so getting details from that are a piece of cake.

  • I appreciate your efforts but the shown picture of CNIC is 100% fake. Let me tell you why.
    1- The picture is attached on the CNIC is captured by an external camera not by the NADRA. you can see clearly the separate picture looks attached after photoshopped.
    2- 2nd picture of CNIC the back side of that does not have and issue date but expiry so that shows its validity clearly.
    Note: I am talking about only the pics attached here of CNIC.

  • Dear All
    this is fake id card if u check it every point
    issue date of cnic not mention
    and date of birth mention on wrong formate july 13 1986
    correct formate of nadra is 13/7/1986…
    Cnn European lobby and yahood media is fake and laying against pakistan

  • Getting info from 8300 doesn’t mean its her CNIC and terrorist she is. Question if this is true then Pakistan should be treated like Afghanistan after 9/11???

    Pay 1500 on nadra website to access data of any CNIC. Also banks, nadra sahulat center can also use verification service called “Verisys” to verify nadra information , mainly for legal and professional purposes.

  • but what will you say about the picture. Nadra doesn’t attach picture separately to the NIC. it is captured through software. But if you see in her NIC you can see a white lining on her picture which shows that its is cut and pasted on CNIC !!!

  • card still looks fake, we all know how the scanned cnic and colored copies look like .. but records as you shown in the screenshot may be real .. but who knows ..

  • میں عرصہ آٹھ سال قبل ایک جگہ کیشیئر تھا اور جب بھی بنک سے کوئی بڑی رقم نکلواتا تھا تو بنک والے ایسے ہی فونٹ سے ساتھ میرے شناختی کارڈ کی کاپی نکالا کرتے تھے یعنی کہ انہیں نادرا کی ڈیٹا تک رسائی حاصل تھی لیکن کمپیوٹر میں اردو فونٹ انسٹال نہیں ہوئے تھے ،، یہاں بھی یہی معاملہ لگتا ہے۔۔

  • If we enter cnic# in Nadra database and gets its information and to DEFAME anyone can put in news headlines! So easy!

  • Aap paisa khrach karay aur “Obama” ko b pakistani sabit ker saktay ha even yeh b ‘GANDHI’ b Pakistani tha …………Diana yahan peshwar ma paida hovi..3rd world ka masla yahi ha ka ap paisa sa kuch ker saktay ha

  • You should have been courteous enough to hide the addresses to avoid embarrassment to the family at least, who is the editor of the post?

  • PROPAKISTANI, can you please provide a line-by-line translation for the information on this ID into English? Thanks in advance.

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