PEMRA Orders Cable Operators in Sindh to Stop Analog TV Services Immediately

Every household in Sindh province will have to buy a Rs. 5,000 digital device to watch Cable TV as PEMRA has ordered all cable operators to discontinue analog services starting January 1st, 2016.

In simpler words, your current cable TV connection will not work after December 31st, 2015 as cable TV operators have been asked by PEMRA to discontinue analog services.

After the deadline, only those with digital set-top boxes — sold for about Rs. 5,000 by all cable operators across Sindh — will be able to avail cable TV services.

PEMRA confirmed to ProPakistani that they’ve sent out letters to cable operators from Sindh to stop using the old analog cable TV system that they normally use to deliver services to subscribers.

Which means that cable operators will have to get their consumers to invest in digital set top boxes in order to watch their favorite channels and TV programming.

Below is the official letter from PEMRA that’s sent to cable operators in Sindh:


The Newest Directive from PEMRA Raises Questions for all Stakeholders

The sudden timing and the deadline behind this move raises eyebrows. The letter has given cable operators just one month to phase out years old analog system.

Secondly, this move means that consumers’ days of availing cheap and economical cable TV services are over. To avail cable TV, subscribers will now have to shell out Rs. 5000 or more for installing digital set top boxes.

Thirdly, PEMRA has singled out one province to follow this new directive.

Given the everyday preferences of the average Pakistani households, investing in an expensive digital set top box means that many will be deprived of TV. Viewership levels are even in the danger of going down following this move.

Is this another way for an enterprising politician to make a quick buck? Another scam that’s foisted down the throats of the docile Pakistani populace? Or is it another measure that is necessitated by the government’s penchant for controlling access to content it deems ‘safe and unsafe.’

Stay tuned for more details as the story develops.

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  • “PEMRA Orders Cable Operators in Sindh to Stop Analog TV Services Immediately”. Yeah alright, like anybody will listen to u. Fools.

    • I smell another ppp rat. They were not content with blocking half the internet in Sindh. now they are hellbent on controlling the tv media

  • Duty on the set top box is 30%. They should atleast waive duty to encourage urgent import of digital set top box. Government should give 3 months minimum for compliance.

      • I am afraid to think of what the cable service providers are going to charge on a monthly basis (legally or illegally) if this law is not amended properly.

  • If they finally turn off analogue cable, i will definitely switch to Dish TV rather than any Pakistani digital service provider!

    • PTCL Cable: prerequisites: 1x Telephone landline=200/mo
      1x Cable Internet (min: 1mbps) = 1000 /mo
      1x set top box=3000 (one time pay)
      Monthly cable rent= 2000/mo (basic)
      GRAND TOTAL=6200/mo (1st month)then 3200/mo
      Note: don’t bother if u live near a really bad exchange
      If u get a cable or dish service in Karachi u will likely be paying upwards of Rs.2000 regardless of where u live. and where u live matters the most! as most good ISP and cable TV service providers only serve areas like CLIFTON or DHA and will outright refuse service to u. U will have no choice other then ur local cable guy (who will likely take advantage of that) or the vultures at PTCL.

    • PTCL SMART TV is also a better choice but certainly too expensive and depends upon your landline operability and DSL connection.

    • I would like the military to kill all the major political parties and their militant foot soldiers. This country needs younger foreign bred and educated Pakistanis at it’s helm. I was born and raised in the middle east. imagine how angry and frustrated I felt when I realized the religion I believed was the greatest most enlightened religion in the world was being abused and perverted by the democratic parties of Pakistan for their own benefit. I lost faith in the ummah because of Pakistanis!

  • People dont have haraam ki kamaai. Pemra shud think abt it. bycott all expensv services by pemra and supports normal cheap analog cable system wht evr it is

    • Why even bother. Every channel ur cable provider is airing is likely being aired free over the internet. If u want to boycott pemra about something boycott them about the channels they block as “inappropriate”….thats politician talk for “Those idiot mullas are going to vote for me now!”

  • pemra pagal ho gyaa hai.. agr koi mily to kehna un ko.. Pagal kay bachu yahan awam kay pass light nai hai awam mar rahi hai.. 5000 ka box loo aur 500 per month bill dian,.. ******k

  • It’s not only Sindh. Cable operator in DHA Islamabad is also showing messages to purchase set top boxes before 31 December.

    • Lol few days ago in my city I saw a guy asking a shop keeper for this digital set top box. I couldn’t understand the reason but after reading this now I can. I think buying a dish and a fta receiver is still cheaper alternative for most

  • Its same as to educate the villagers in a month, impossible to switch to digital tv in jst one month. Pathetic!

  • Pemra should better turn off PTV’s analog transmission and move over to digital dvb-t standards before trying to implement this digital cable stuff.

  • Mia da naray vajan ga ……………tabdili tum sa ha ………………… Bhoto zinda ha Bilwal ka roop ma zinda ha ……………..sirf altaf………………..jab hum is tarah kara ga coroupt logo ko lay ga aur lasaniyat aur qoam parsti ko farogh da ga yahi ho ga

  • It has been announced more than a year ago that analog cable TV will be abolished by December 1, 2015. That date is already extended by a month. However, notice to only one province is objectionable. Government should facilitate import of STBs (Set Top Boxes) by eliminating taxation at all on this device only for the next one year.

  • I am from punjab, however I am surprised how PEMRA have singled out just one province and suddenly given them deadline. Also, in addition to other cost related issues described above, its unclear to me if customers will be able to hook more than one tv sets with one digital box/device.

  • I think this move will be resisted not only by customers but also from cable operators, because it is not possible for everyone to fulfill PEMRA requirements in a very short span of period.
    Secondly why only Sindh? Is it also part of National Action Plan to have digital cable connection?

  • This is yet another example of state terrorism in Pakistan following the biometric verification scam, and it’s happening not only in Sindh, but also in other parts of the country. Essential services should be easily accessible to ordinary people, not reserved for the rich. PEMRA should be booked and abolished for this.

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