Samsung Announces Its First Portable 2 TB SSD

While not everyone might be able to get the biggest and fastest storage but for those who can, Samsung has just announced its first portable 2 TB SSD, the Portable SSD T3.

Features of the Samsung Portable SSD T3

It’s not clearly a one-trick pony. It comes with a USB Type-C port, becoming one of the first SSDs to support the Type-C standard. More importantly, that means the drive can be shared between all your latest portables, given they all have Type-C ports. It is very portable, being a cool 2.9” long and weighing in at a very manageable 2 ounces. Designed to take a beating, it can survive drops of 2 meters as well as 1500g of force.  It also looks like the first-gen iPhone.

The T3’s speed will be its biggest plus point: identical read and write speeds of 450 MB/second using V-NAND memory. That’s not the fastest we know but for a portable storage device, it is more than acceptable. It comes with its own Android companion app too, which should make data transfers more seamless.

And in case, you think 2 TB is a bit more than you can handle (which is almost never the case) Samsung has got you covered with 250 GB, 500 GB and 1 TB options. Secure items can be protected through AES-256 bit hardware protection.

Sales of the new SSD will kick off next month in “select” markets, with “worldwide” availability said to follow suit in the near future. As Engadget and others report, SanDisk’s similar, faster & larger solutions currently retail for around $800, hence, you should expect Samsung’s to fall within the same range too. Samsung’s 1 TB T1 (announced last year) cost $600 initially too. Its speed vs portability while choosing between SanDisk and Samsung SSDs for storage needs.

  • “It also looks like the first-gen iPhone.”
    Le apple executive : “SUE SAMSUNG!”

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