CCP to Hear Mobilink-Warid Merger Case this Friday

Competition Commission of Pakistan is all set to hear Mobilink-Warid merger case this Friday, we have checked with sources who are directly aware of the development.

Mobilink and Warid Telecom had applied for merger with Competition Commission of Pakistan for approval. Along side, PTA and other concerned authorities are also being taken on-board, however, CCP’s nod is going to be most crucial part for the mandatory approval process after which both companies will be allowed to join their businesses in the country.

Khalil Vadiyya, Chairman CCP, confirmed that both Mobilink and Warid have submitted all required details and necessary documents for the merger.

CCP, during its hearing, will try to ascertain if merger of Mobilink and Warid will create any anti-competitive scenarios in the market or not.

Anusha Rehman, Minister for IT and Telecom, has already said that laws don’t restrict the merger of two companies.

Sources suggest that Mobilink-Warid merger is a smooth case and there aren’t going to be any issues.

We will be updating our readers when we get more information on the case.

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  • Ali

    I heard Vimpelcom have some shares in Telenor as well.I think Telenor will also merge with mobilink Warid.Ufone will become useless.Only Zong will remain in competition.

    • Muhammad Abrar Ali

      They have a little bit shares in Telenor not the Telenor Group so dont think about it untill they fully sold out :D

    • Zaeem

      Telenor sold the shares in Vimpelcom(Mobilink) after a scandal a few years ago :)

    • Telenor Employee

      Who said you that Vimpelcom have shares in Telenor Pakistan,
      Bhai Telenor Pakistan 100% owned by Telenor Globe. i am the employee of Telenor and works for a while for it. for reference see link:

      • Haroon Rashid

        In agreement with Telenor Employee comment. It is Telenor ASA, Oslo, Norway. This is a confidence building measure for Pakistan for M&A in technology which will open the gateway for interenational companies coming to Pakistan to launch their IPO for local listing in the capital markets. The relevant Anti Trust Authority is taking care of the country’s interests. We should refrain for negative comments, which will have a negative impact. This is a good sign.

  • Aon Bilal

    Warid 4G Lte K Mostly User Warid Mobilink Merger Not Happy
    I think Warid 4G will be murge into Mobilink on 15th February

    • Faheem

      Very right

    • Komal Samad

      how can you say that Warid 4G Lte will be Murge into Mobilink on 15th February

      • Badar

        It’s not true.

        • Aon Bilal

          Warid 4G Lte K Packegs Jo Mobilink Se Cheap Thay Sub Khatam Kar Diay Gay Hain Ya Price Increase Kar Di Gai Hain Take Ye Merger Process Complete Hony Par Batter Packegs Interduce Karway Jain

      • Aon Bilal

        Warid 4G Lte All Offer Ends Day By Day My Warid 4G SIM Show Me
        Mera Mobile 4G K Signal Mobilink Towers Se Lay Raha Ha
        Mera Khayal Ha 15 February Se 30 February Tak Murge into Mobilink

  • Bil

    Lets say goodbye to the good call quality which Warid users enjoyed for so long.

    • Zaeem

      Same Here..Black Day for Warid Users :(

  • Zaeem

    Lets just pray that CCP wont allow this merger…!!!

  • Zawyar Ur Rehman

    Lets just pray that this merger turns out to be beneficial for us consumers in the end….

    • Zaeem

      Ameen <3 Sum Ameen <3
      btw Mobilink and Warid both has increased their packages price after merger :/

      • Zawyar Ur Rehman

        Yea, i noticed that too.
        Well, all we can do is hope that the prices decrease soon….

      • Aon Bilal

        Mobilink Ki Gunda Gardi Shuroo

    • zubairali

      You need to understand this deal is not beneficial for the nation as whole. There will be huge downsizing which will cause unemployment. All Warid franchises will be closed so thousands of people will be unemployed. Most of the warid sites will be grounded so all guards of those sites will be unemployed. PTA will not be able to sell GSM license to Mobilink and there will be no competition for the upcoming 4G license auction

      • Zawyar Ur Rehman

        I agree to every bit you say.
        But as the saying goes , we must move on .

  • Umer

    Once they get fully merge i will switch to Zong :P

  • Pirzada Aitizaz Walayat Shah

    I am Warid 4G LTE User and I am Happy for this. It will help us using Mobilink and Warid infrastructure and as well as 3G Spectrum. New Mobilink will be more competitive and will result in more competition, as other networks will have to perform in order to stay in the market. Good Luck

    • Aon Bilal

      Bhai Is Merger K Kuch Friday Bhi Hain Or Kuch Nuqsanat Bhi Hain
      Aik Bat To Confirm Ha Warid 4G K User Quality Network Ki Waja Se Use Kar Raha Ha Or Quality Mobilink K Bas Ki Bat Nahi Mobilink Looters Company

  • Saqib

    Dear Amir, I got a question: Will PTA have another potential GSM license to be sold after this merger apart from that of Instaphone?

    • aamir7

      Apparently no. Unless there’s an interest, which isn’t there.

      • Aon Bilal

        Amir Bhai Please Urdu Section Bhi Banain Urdupoint Ki Tarha

      • Aon Bilal

        Aamir Bhai Please CcP K Faisaly Se Update Zaroor Ki Jay GA

  • Pirzada Aitizaz Walayat Shah

    So Tomorrow

  • Hassan Raza

    Warid use krny ko dil ni karta may ny apna number mobilink par port-in kiyah ai mobilink is rocks in rate and offers …