CCP Bars Telenor and Others from Issuing Any Statement on Mobilink-Warid Merger

Competition Commission of Pakistan has directed Telenor Pakistan and other involved parties not to interact with media and issue any statements regarding Mobilink-Warid merger as the matter is subjudice and pending decision, we have checked with sources.

CCP’s directions came after Telenor officially approached CCP and raised its concerns over Mobilink-Warid merger with a hope to ultimately block the deal.

As we reported earlier, Telenor showed its reservations over the deal and said that it could negatively impact the telecom industry and consumers.

A source at CCP confirmed to ProPakistani that the Commission, which is currently hearing the Mobilink-Warid merger case, has asked Telenor Pakistan and all other parties of the case to refrain from issuing any press statements until a decision is reached and announced by CCP.

It maybe recalled that CCP today heard Mobilink-Warid merger case for the first time. A source, who is directly aware of the hearing, confirmed to ProPakistani that both Mobilink and Warid presented preliminary details about their planned merger today.

When asked about the expected time the CCP could take for reaching a decision, the source said that the jury could take a maximum of 90 days to wrap up the proceedings as per law. However, it is anticipated that CCP won’t take that long to decide the case, the source disclosed.

We will keep our readers updated with any further developments on this.

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  • Caught Telenor off guard. Telenor has been very effective in their strategy to become number 1 and were closing in on Mobilink. Then they stopped thinking and reacting, and let bureaucracy have the better of them. Mobilink after Vimplecom is a complete turnaround. Gone are the days of orascom bureaucracy. Now is a lean mean telecom machine, Mobilink.

    • Obviously you are either an uninformed Mobilink employee or a have no clue. How exactly is Mobilink turning around as an org? Firing a few people who at the top, replacing them, bringing in ex-telenor employees and managers doesn’t pull it off. A change in culture is much more than change in the seating set up, or adding color to the furniture. They are yet to create processes, policies. They are yet to even introduce an HR department. Currently they have a few people titled as HR pros but what they are really doing is not even close to HR. In the drive to clean up the organization they even fired a few gems from Mobilink who were actually making a difference. Their CEO needs to take more interest in what’s going on. You can’t leave things to your VPs and just relax.

    • I feel you. Had recently ported to mobilink only to find that the service is pretty messed in zones which dont generate much revenue for them. MAYBE-link sucks, thanks to its AWESOME coverage.

        • lolz mobilink HD voice is also fraud :D but i do like mobilink lahore all bundle package for moth in 300 rs you get 250 all network 250 sms and 4gb INTERNET.

      • i portin to moblink from warid rally thinking back portout.if i am not wrong you were zong lover :) between these days Ufone really impressed me with its packages voice quality and ya now its 3g getting good not upto mark but okay for video streaming and all that.

    • How so? Warid is going to wind up anyway, they’ve made it clear that they’re not going to keep pouring money into the loss-making business.

    • Merger is good for subscriber and vimplecom legs. additionally it will create a room for another new enternt in market i.e vodafone ot Tmob etc

  • Telenor Norway has a material stake in vimplecom. This merger will must have their concern. Warid has a good chance to get rid off this lowest market share by becoming owner of 15% top listed Merger Co. Pakistani customers do not have concern over quality of network instead they want low rates. Thats why these operators are focusing in Capex and Opex cost cutting strategies instead of quality network and optimised costs. Both Europian vendors have been out and chinies are in. This merger is good. If CCP regulate prices at a minimum rate so that these operators could earn and invest in quality equipment and competent manpower.

  • I am quiet astonished and stunned at this statment from telenor as telenor is the indirect parent of telenor and mobilink acquiring warid will ultimately benefit the telenor group overall why should they ever issue this statment

    As per my info vimplecom the parent of mobilink is a subsidiary to telenor group in denmark. Making mobilink and warid both subsidiaries to telenor

    The equation after this merger will be Telenor owing all customers of Warid Mobilink and Telenor itself how can telenor be a against party in this case.

  • I am against this for one solid reason
    Warid 4g hack isn’t working any more as it was before this. Don’t know it’s just a coincidence or due to network being merged. I was getting 3MBPS without recharging even a paisa.but now on bogus ufone 3g ;(

    • This Merger would definitely be good for consumer. Warid currently having the latest and strongest network would only augment the already outdated and phased out network of Mobilink. Therefore, the network quality will drastically improve plus this merger will result in Mobilink Offering 3G + 4G (LTE) services, directly competing ZONG.

  • My question is that should I port to Mobilink from Ufone? Or should I wait for the merge because Ufone is totally not interested in keeping its customer happy.
    P.S. Karachi coverage.

  • Guys , Merger is good for subscribers and vimplecom legs. additionally it will create a room for another new enterant in PK-market i.e vodafone or Tmob etc

    • LOL really? With the market saturation already at 75% and with no less than 30 million of the population under 16 years of age, you think another entrant will come in to the market?

  • Telenor, Ufone and Zong tried to acquire / merge their business with Warid. Then it was Ok and when mobilink successfully done the deal now they are raising concern. This only happen in Pakistan where no corporate moral value exist and every one has double standard.

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