Surprise! Google Releases Android N Preview for Mobile Devices

And its out! Google released information about the new Android version this morning, naming it ‘N’ for now. Just like previous versions, the alphabet remains a mystery until the official launch and doesn’t specify any version number or name. But you can expect some brilliant features for users and developers alike based on the preview version Google has just released for testers.

The complete Android N version may launch at Google I/O 2016, which is set to be on 18 – 20th May, 2016.

Let’s take a look at some of the coolest features offered by the new OS. Keep in mind that features are expected to be finetuned between now and the final version.

  • Android N Developer Preview

If you’ve got a Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, or a Nexus 9, you can get the Android N Developer preview for early testing.

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  • Multi-Window Support

Finally, after a long wait, Android is now providing support for split-screen multi-windows, which means you can now multi-task and yes you can have a consistent YouTube window running while picking a chat!


  • Enhanced Tablet Support

Oh boy. This is going to be good! OS N may include multi-tasking, customizable navigation buttons, DPI switcher, tablet-specific system UI tuner features. There’s just a whole lot more to it.

  • Open JDK in Android N

This is good for developers as Google plans to, ‘move Android’s Java language libraries to an OpenJDK-based approach, creating a common code base for developers to build apps and services.’ This means that developing apps for Android just got easier and more flexible.

  • Picture-in-Picture


We’d rather you take a look at this than we explain it. But just to keep it short, it works similar to YouTube’s multi-tasking video player where the video can be in an overlay that will run on every other interface. So this technically means you can watch a movie and check your emails in one go. BUT, before you get your hopes up, note that this is rumored to be more of an Android TV feature and not exactly for phones and tablets. We do hope though that it is implemented on phones too!

  • Replying Directly from Notifications

No more going to the specific app to reply back. Right there, on the notification, you can send your reply. Google is literally spoiling us rotten.

Android N Beta Going Live Today

If you’re in the mood for an early testing of the OS, you can sign up here and have Google push the Developer Preview on to your device (if it is compatible) .

By the way, what do you think will N stand for? A lot of people are already guessing it will be Android Nutella – at least it’s the industry favorite at the moment.

  • Android development is getting very fast. I’l be waiting for Cyanogen to catch up and release their OS based on N… which will ultimately be ported to neglected devices by freelance developers..

    • Android M is Marshmallow which was unveiled last year in 2015. Some devices are yet to have the update of Marshmallow. Similarly N will be unveiled this year, but probably applicable by next year.

  • Holy Crap!! I still haven’t got M yet. Maybe I should get the next Nexus instead of the Zenphone. Multi application support is needed, and can’t wait to see the other updates.

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