Free WiFi Announced For Cities Across Punjab, Again!

Umar Saif, Chairman Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), has made an announcement via his social media accounts that Lahore, Rawalpindi and Multan will be getting free Public WiFi Access in important public places.

The free service will have a staged roll-out throughout Punjab with Lahore being the first one to get it. Meanwhile, Multan and Rawalpindi will be getting the service in the months to come. Afterwards, other cities will be included.

Information from news outlets states that preparations for the free WiFi service in Lahore have been completed. The free WiFi service will be available in a total of 115 public places in the city. These public places include 12 parks, 17 major market places, Metro bus stations and 20 different colleges and universities, railway stations and airports. The list of parks getting complete WiFI coverage are Bagh-E-Jinnah, Model Town Park, Hazoori Park and Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park.

Lahore, Rawalpindi and Multan will be getting free Public WiFi Access in important public places

The purpose of this project is to promote education in the province and help the public in staying connected to the digital world. Chief Minister Punjab has already approved the project.

We should mention that the same announcement was also made about a year ago. ProPakistani covered the announcement back in February 2015, however, the service was not launched and there was no news about the subject up until now. The project is as ambitious as it gets.

With electricity issues facing major cities and other problems seen throughout the country, it is not yet clear how effective it will be and what will be the public’s reaction to the service.

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  • So ………… Govt wants people to come to parks and sit andUse Wifi, Instead of Doing Physical exercises and Playing games, Similarly Govt wants People to stay in the markets and Stations just for the sake of Wifi. Cyber Crimes can even increase. Govt should focus and spend this money on some other major issues.

  • Why not clean water? Clean water projects might not give political mileage to rulers but it can give us healthier lives.
    Edit: Clean water is the primary need, free wifi is not.

  • Pujab ki awam isi me khush hy, khana or peeny ka saaf paani bhaly na mily free ka WiFi milna chahye

    • Lol wohi hamesha ki tara rohna dhona u need to see Saaf Pani project work has already been initiated in the south punkab e.g dunyapaur lodhra etc

    • Using Free internet everyone can get to huge source online quality education. Virtual/online education is future instead of conventional education system…We Pakistani people should just need Passion to learn, internet is full of Knowledge with no restriction on anybody.

      • brother if we dont have education then we will not be able to utilize free internet well these things like free wifi (even it is not available in europe you have to buy it and at some places if its available for free then dont use it as your device will be highly vulnerable) , metros, free laptops etc are useless like we saw the burning of metro station last month which was the asset of this country but the uneducated mob didnt know the worth of it without education every facility is meaningless if you dont know how to utilize it that is my whole point

  • so now terrorists don’t need fingerprint verified sims to communicate. they just need a wifi enabled device & free public WIFI from Punjab GOVT :)

  • Acha hai, pani miley na miley, taleem miley na miley, dawai miley na miley, rozgaar miley na miley, haqdaar ko haq miley na miley, busss wifi milna chahie, taa k nojawaan qoum bachi ko time pe what’sapp ker sakey. Lanat hai yar!

  • This is PMLN style of making fool to people of Punjab. we need education, hospitals not WIFI

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