Pakistan Has the Weakest Higher Education System in the World: QS Report

Pakistan has the weakest higher education system in the world according to Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), a British ranking agency.

In the report that compares 50 countries, Pakistan ranks dead last with a score of 9.2. The U.S. and U.K ranked top with scores of 100 and 98.5 respectively while India was 24th with a score of 60.9.

The ranking measured each country’s high school education system across four dimensions: system strength, access, flagship institution, and economic context. Combining university rankings and other indicators gives governments and policy makers a national benchmarking tool to measure progress.

Here’s what the ranking categories measure:

  • System strength: Based on the number of institutions featured in the international rankings.
  • Access: It reflects the number of places available at internationally ranked universities.
  • Flagship Institution: It assesses the performance of each country’s leading university.
  • Economic Context: It factors performance in the global rankings against GDP per capita, to give an indication of the extent to which financial investment is translating into ranking representation.


The abysmal performance of the Pakistani higher education should be of great concern to the government, policy makers and activists alike. We like to talk about the potential in Pakistan due to it having the second largest youth population in the world but it is a useless statistic if we aren’t equipping them with the tools to succeed in life.

You can check out the detailed rankings here. The ranking methodology can be seen here.

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  • DawgOfMush

    “.. but but the real students would graduate from our universities after a millennium. They will take all the medical transcription jobs & serve the growing demands of developed nations.” – By Guess-who

    “PS: .. oh oh and we have made the Internet cheaper. never mind the regulation”

  • Shamed

    Not weakest but third class time and resource wasting education system, That only produces clerical staff,,…

  • GayleProFucker

    I Think govvt. is responsible as it is failed to in per capita income

  • Are you stupid? We need roads not education

    • ScarletCrimson

      Also buses, and parks powered using solar panels.

    • ImranG

      Haan, Aur waise bhi roads hi nahin hoon ge tu bache education kaise complete karen ge. Jaahil loks.

  • Muhammad Atif Javed

    Worst in Top 50, but thanks for maligning the name of the country without thinking a better title for a catching story.

  • Jawad

    In my opinion it’s not as bad as portrayed, firstly by the QS ranking and also by the respected author of this story. The ranking criterion is decided by the two countries on top of the list and it is designed to serve their very purpose. It’s not that the criterion is wrong, but it may not be applicable to our institutions and our situations. And of course we are to blame ourselves that why we don’t take up our case properly. I’m sure the information for the ranking may not be provided by HEC or the education ministry. It is high time that they should wake up to the situation and process and present proper data for the international rankings which should give a real picture.

  • Why Why See our laborers and skill workers who worked hard and give this corrupt government remittances ….Also Education in Pakistan is NOW just a business due to lack of government interest on free education

  • Eli Ehsan

    Beats me! How are we the 4th Most Intelligent nation 6th year in a row then? What Sorcery is this…….. :( #QuestionOfEveryPatrioticPurestani

  • Zaki

    Steve Jobs was collage dropout and many other popular billionaire education is not a necssary think this is good work done by government they should focus on infrastructure development instead of these so called education. In this way many billionaire will emerge from Pakistan.

  • I m a little shocked to hear that news that we are ranked dead last in the education ranking, I am not even getting able to believe that even Nigeria, Tanzania such countries are also better then us in education system. Roads are also necessary , its good Government paying attention to it, because it saves time and people reach to schools , colleges and office on time. But it is also necessary to pay attention on education system :/