CNIC Verification of 180 Million Pakistanis in Six Months: Nisar

Interior Minister of Pakistan, Ch. Nisar Ali Khan, today announced that re-verification of 180 million Pakistanis will be done with-in next six months. He didn’t say a word on how it will be done.

Interior Minister agreed that task is huge and there would be a lot of cost associated with the re-verification of CNICs, but said that there’s nothing more important than the security of Pakistan.

Without explaining the process that will be adopted to re-verify the CNICs, Minister said that two months will be given to illegal CNIC holders to get their data corrected.

Mr. Nisar said that any individual having illegal CNIC should go to NADRA offices and get his/her details corrected to be reissued a valid CNIC.

Interior Ministr didn’t announce any process/method for re-verification of citizens

“No action will be taken against those who voluntarily come forward” Ch. Nisar said.

Ch. Nisar said that anyone having illegal CNIC cards — after first two months — will be jailed for seven years.

Minister also announced two-months amnesty for NADRA officials who had played a role in issuing illegal CNICs. He assured that no action will be taken against such officials if they report their actions with-in the allowed time.

But after two months, those found guilty will be punished. “I have already formulated a legal team, which will file criminal cases against officers guilty of illegally issuing CNICs.”

Move came after an incident when a Pakistani passport and CNIC found at the site where Muhammad Wali, suspected to be Afghan Taliban commander Mullah Akthar Mansour, was reportedly killed by a US drone strike.

Possible Methods of Re-verification

For those who don’t know, NADRA maintains the family tree of every citizen. This is how they can track down (programatically) individuals who lack any corresponding data, or those who were suddenly added into the system without any family tree.

Government might ask individuals — who have missing links — to get their data updated. For instance newly married couples, who haven’t registered their marriage with NADRA and so on.

Not to mention, records of NADRA officials who compile data and approve CNICs of citizens are also maintained. Hence it won’t be hard for authorities to hunt down those who are responsible for the issuance of illegal CNICs.

Having said this, the will of the government is a must to resolve the issue for good.