Only 10 Days Left to Avail Free Windows 10 Upgrade

The release of Windows 10 was something that received a mixed response. Some found it cumbersome and buggy (as it indeed was at the beginning) while others liked the new interface and how it blended Windows 8’s metro UI with traditional taskbar-start menu style.

The “Free” Windows

What really caused a buzz among the PC users was that Windows 10 was available for free for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. They could choose to upgrade from their current Windows to Windows 10 instead of paying a hefty price similar to how each iteration of Windows had a price tag attached to it.

Too Pushy: Microsoft Forces People to Upgrade

In an effort to get more and more users on Windows 10, Microsoft started using underhanded strategies to get people to upgrade to the new Windows. This was met with a severe backlash with people either switching to a non windows operating system or turning off the windows update service itself.

Nobody likes getting things shoved down their throats was the lesson for the Redmond giant.

You can read about it in detail here.

End of the Free Ride

The time span Microsoft gave the users for upgrading to Windows 10 for free was 1 year. Windows 10 launched worldwide on July 29th 2015. After July 29th 2016, Microsoft will charge anyone who wants to upgrade or buy a fresh copy of Windows 10 $120 (~Rs 12,600) for it.

For those of you who haven’t upgraded yet, you have until July 29th to get Windows 10.

Upgrade Procedure

If you happen to have Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 on your PC or laptop, you can upgrade it to Windows 10 via the Get Windows 10 icon on your taskbar.

taskbar 2

You can follow the instructions after you click on the icon to download and install windows 10 automatically.

You can also download an image file of Windows 10 from here. The page will walk you through on instructions on how to create installation media for Windows 10 using the image file.

Note that the installation setup of Windows 10 will not require a key from you if your installation of windows is genuine and activated.

The Numbers & What They Mean

Microsoft had set the goal at 1 billion devices running Windows 10 by 2018. That number is still but a dream but they’re getting there slowly.

There are currently 350 million devices running Windows 10 right now.

The amount of devices upgrading to Windows 10 has slowed down quite a bit since its launch at the end of July last year. Microsoft does not think it can reach that number by 2018 anymore, but they are still optimistic that getting to 1 billion devices is still possible.

Personal Experience Matters

People have had varied experiences using Windows 10; the gamers, for instance, had to move to Windows 10 to take advantage of DirectX 12 which is exclusive to Windows 10. The future games will also be developed for DirectX 12 so the gamers had no choice in the matter.

Power users mostly disliked Windows 10 due to its instability during the first few months of its release. Windows 7 provided a much stable platform for their use compared with 10 so they chose not to move. However, that has slowly changed as the new OS became more mature.

What was your experience with Windows 10? Have you made the move to the new windows or are you still satisfied with staying with Windows 7? Sound off in the comments.

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  • I downgraded to Windows 7 for now. After upgrading to Windows 10, I found instability and incompatibility with some applications that ran smoothly on Windows 7. Also background updates is not smooth.

  • only downside i found was background updates….despite i turned it off there is still something updating…
    plus i also face connectivity issues when i was on a shared lan network,.but way better than windows 8…

    • Bhai Apko Sahi Update Band Hi Nahi Karni Aai Or 3rd Class Windows 8 Par Chaly Gay Main Day Frist Se Windows 10 Use Kar Raha Hoon Or Update Band Ki Hoi Ha Koi Problem Nahi

      • One of the best method to stop the OS updates is to set your WiFi as metered connection and Windows will get it as mobile and won’t download the updates. You can go into settings to set WiFi connection as metered but you have good data plans then updates always have some bug fixes and performance improvements. When we get updates on our mobile devices we suddenly download but in the case of Windows we just ignore updates. Why?

        • Android Main Update Hony Se Purana Version Delete Ho Jata Ha Jiski Waja Se Memory Ziyada Kam Nahi Hoti
          Windows Main Tamam Data Mehfooz Rata Ha Jiski Waja Se Memory Kam Ho Jati Ha Jin Ki Hard Kam Hoti Ha Uske Liay Problem Hoti Ha Or Jo Mobile 3G Or 4G Hotspot K Zariy Laptop Par Net istimal Karty Hain Tamam Data Background Main Updates Use Kar Lety Hain

          • I don’t think that users of Windows 10 have low disk space and I am not sure about whether old data is kept or deleted. And those use internet through mobile Hotspot they can set their WiFi connection as metered to avoid windows updates

            • Aamir Bhai Jo Banda iPhone Use Kar Raha Hota Ha Wo Samjthta Ha Har Koi IPhone Hi Use Kar Raha Ha
              Bhai Mery Pass Jo System Ha Uski Hard 120 Gb Ha Or Usme Agr Windows 10 30Gb Data Lay G Or Daily Basis Par Update Aain G To Kesy Update Kar Sakty Hain Or Wo Bhi Mobile Data Par

        • Apne Abi windows 10 Main Check Kia Ha
          Administrative Tools >Services >windows update >write click >turn off the process >click on properties >click on disabled

  • One of the best windows after XP, using since its launch last year, faces no bugs or any other issues whatsoever, so smooth and fast, never face any hanging or sudden restart or any issue since update from 8.1. 100000000000000 times better than windows 8 & 8.1.

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