Telenor Pakistan Awarded 4G License

Technology neutral license for the 10 MHz of frequency spectrum 850 MHz has been handed over to the successful bidder, Telenor Pakistan in a “License awarding Ceremony” which was held at Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications today.

Minister for IT & Telecom Mrs. Anusha Rahman formally handed over 850 MHz license to Mr. Michal Foley CEO Telenor Pakistan.

The new CEO designate Mr. Irfan Wahab was also present at the event. The newly awarded license will also enable Telenor Pakistan to launch 4G Services in Pakistan and would become third 4G operator in the Country

Anusha Rahman, while congratulating Telenor Pakistan, stated that Telenor has played a significant role in the sector during the last few years. Telenor successfully participated in all 3 spectrum auctions held in last twelve years and have invested billions in Pakistan since they first got the license in 2004.

Telenor Pakistan also played a significant role with other operators in Biometric Sim verification process as well as extended their support in handling the menace of Gray Traffic. Anusha Rahman further said that when she became Minister, the broadband penetration was less then 3% but within a shortest span, Mobile Broadband is grown to more than 19% and is targeted to cross 38% by 2020 In sha Allah. The new license to Telenor will further enable taking high speed connectivity and the associated socio economic benefits and opportunities to the Pakistani citizens.

While expressing his gratitude to the Government, Michael Foley, CEO, Telenor Pakistan, said, “Telenor is committed to supporting Pakistan’s efforts to become a digitally developed nation. Driven by our vision of empowering societies, our success to date has been built on a simple realization: mobile communication, financial services and internet are not luxury goods for the few; they are for everyone. He extended his heartfelt felicitation to the Minister for her nomination as “Broadband Commissioner” in global Broadband Commission. He hailed the Minister for her key initiatives towards expanding the overall digital ecosystem in the country.

Secretary IT Mr. Rizwan Bashir also congratulated Telenor Pakistan and appreciated the role of his team at MoIT, PTA, FAB for Carrying out another successful and transparent spectrum auction.   Chairman PTA, Members (Telecom, Legal, IT & HR), Senior Officials from FAB and MoIT were also present in this license awarding ceremony.

  • KMQ

    After looking at the pic at first instance I thought why its given to Anusha Rehman then I realized that she is the one who is giving it and the other guy is actually receiving it.

    • Fakhre Alam

      the award is more towards the tel CEO. see its even touching the clothes of Mr CEO;

      • KMQ

        yeah right it means that he is receiving right? Meri just first instance wali feeling thi tu maine likh di :-)

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          isko bolty hain comments karnay ka faltu keera blk saanp :p

          • KMQ

            Lolz, true that!

  • Naveed

    Wow.. I hope Telenor 4G will be better than their 3G :)

  • Fakhre Alam

    Is Michael Foley wearing waskat shalawar qamees?

    • Muhammad Faheem

      Have a look again…. All Pakistanis wearing western clothes and a westerner shalwar qameez…. Though we all wear that and how proud we feel in that

      • KMQ

        Badi gehri baat ki hai aapne, thumbs up (Y)

        • Song:SajnaDoor by Hashim Ammar

          haha ture!

      • Fakhre Alam

        Exactly Muhammad Faheem. We aren’t proud of our culture at all. ?

      • qaisark787

        Fan mobile tv electricity cars internet
        All western gifts
        God bless them

    • Mian Anas

      yup. he mostly wear shalwar qameez

    • Basharat

      Yes please, he is the only in Pakistani dress

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  • ahmed

    ZTE vendor and expecting quality impossible, next is of warid + maybelink as maybelink have changed venodor

  • Adam-Building The Credible Web

    Congratulations TP, we are anxiously waiting for Telenor 4G, hopefully it will be great success like your other services.

  • Aon Bilal

    Congratulations Telenor , We are Anxiously Waiting For Telenor 4G

    • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

      Aap ka to Warid thek nahin chal raha? Telenor ko kya karna hai aap ne?

      • Your Nightmare

        Hahaha Sae Kaha Ye Bhai Begani Shadi Ma Abdullah Diwana Wali Misal Pesh Karty Hai Har Jagha :-D

        • Aon Bilal

          آپ جیسے لیموں نچوڑ بھی ہر جگہ ٹانگ اڑانے پہنچ جاتے ہیں

          • Adnan

            Mehsoos dot com

      • Aon Bilal

        Bhai Jo Company Better Packege Day Gi Wo Use Karain Gay

        • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

          Telenor aur better package? Yeh to 3G packages ka volume aaye roz kam kiye ja rahay hyn.

          • Aon Bilal

            60 Rupees Main Weakly 4Gb Abhi Bhi Cheap Ha

            • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

              Yeh konsa package hai bhai 60 Rs myn 4GB? Woh b weekly

              • Sana

                4 GB Data From 1 Am To 7 Pm Daily For Week In Just 60 Rs

              • Aon Bilal

                Telenor Weakly Day Time Offer 1am to 7pm in 60 Rupees

            • H M Arshad

              bhai jan kon de raha he

              • Aon Bilal

                Telenor 3g Weakly Day Time Offer 1am to 7pm in 60 Rupees

      • Aon Bilal

        Warid Weakly 700 MBs 4G 700 Minutes 70 Others Network Mintus 700 SMS
        Use Kar Rahy Hain

  • Interconnect

    Congratulations Michael Foley, CEO Telenor, Irfan Wahab Designated CEO Telenor, Honorable Broadband Commissioner pride of Pakistan, Chairman PTA un-tiring efforts, ingenuity,Secretary MOITT role as Government Policy think tank which made all this happen. Supporting efforts to become a digitally developed nation. Empowering societies mobile communications. .
    Support for Road Safety in Pakistan with Traffic fine payment system, I wish it could be MORE hence if you could DO More in the Road Safety the noble cause of Saving lives, on road accidents, injuries, and regulation in Pakistan. I wish an audience, before you’ve left.

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  • Arsalan Ali

    so they got a successfull bid and you call it an award !!

  • Muhammad Haris

    When trials will start ? :D

  • sajid ullah

    somebody ask them to improve their 3g services… don’t deceive ur customers

    • Umar Farooq

      5MHz spectrum for 3g and 39 million Customers, how they can improve it ??

      • Sana

        By Installing New Towers

        • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

          They can buy a new spectrum in same price rather than making huge fixed & variable cost of operating a new tower. So this solution is out of question.

  • Nadeem Akhtar

    Congratulations Telenor we are waiting for Telenor 4G. Zong 4G vs Telenor 4G.
    Who will delivered the best services?

    • H M Arshad

      insha Allah zong

    • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

      Zong and Mobilink will always have upper hand on Telenor as far as 4G speed is concerned due to high Frequency 1800 MHz. Telenor will enjoy wide and better indoor coverage due to low LTE operating Frequency 850 MHz but face data packet lost issues due to interference that will cause low speed.

  • Saif Ullah Khan

    i have Successfully installed 2 trial Telenor 4G sites, one in G-13 Sector, and other one in Swat, this is just for testing purposes.

    Check below screenshot.