Zong Revises its Monthly 3G/4G Packages

It’s a mixed news for Zong 4G customers as the Chinese cellular operator has revised upward charges of its monthly 4GB package from Rs 500 to 600 with additional 2GB data provision and free Good Night Offer (GNO) with which customers will be able to consume 1GB of internet from 1AM to 9AM every night.

New charges will be applicable from August 2nd, 2016.

The charges are exclusive of 19.5 percent GST.


Clearly, with Rs. 100 increase in monthly fee, Zong has offered 2GB of additional GBs per month and 1GB of free data each night. This could be a better deal for many while others may not like the price increase due to their limited data usage.

Operators usually hike prices of packages with better user response in terms of subscription and utility, hence they try to make such plans more lucrative and pricey for better revenues, which is allowed in the competitive regime under the rules of the regulator.

Operators, at times, take advantage of their quality and availability of the service or packages which are unique and not offered by other operators, making it their unique selling point.

  • This is outrageous, it would have been better if they had provided 6 GB at same price. I am disappointed that instead of reducing the charges, operators are making internet costly.

    • If you play your cards right, you can avail up to 36 GB every month instead of 4GB with a minor increase in price.

      • What’s so complicated to understand that you need to be emailed? 1GB every night for 30 days and 6gb package.

        • Hahaha…brother who uses internet at the time between 1am to 9am..??

          No one…as its rest time to school/job time

          • What are you, a 4 year old? Heck even school kids don’t go to sleep before midnight nowadays. The real shugl time starts after 1am. And yes, I have to go to work in the morning too, but the thought of going to bed before 2am sounds unfathomable to me. Our bodies have been tuned for 6 hours of sleep. Anymore, and you’ll be feeling like a zombie the entire next day.


  • I think the price hike of 100 is justifiable as it includes 2GB data with free GDO for whole month which costs 180 Rs without tax

    • بقول آپ کے کون رات الوں کی طرح جاگے جی این او کے لیے
      وارد پیکج کاپی

    • On another note, with ZONG Super Weekly offer, you can get 8BG/month for Rs400 + Rs180 for GNO every day. Still cheaper.

            • Just dial *2*1# and get 2GB for Rs.100. Subscribe it every week to get 8GB a month for only Rs.400. Plus you can subscribe gno offer every night for an additional 30GB only for Rs. 160. So that’s 38GB for Rs. 560. Around Rs750 with tax.

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                • Uh, you replied to me under a completely irrelevant discussion, but anyway, why would they do something so stupid when android works perfectly fine for them? People mistakenly think android is Google’s property, when in fact, Samsung have got quite a big stake in getting android where it is today. Secondly, they didn’t develop Tizen to replace Android in their flagships, but to power their next set of smart devices, such as their smartwatch, TV and soon, their standalone VR.

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  • Rs 600 or milain gay 6 GB. 100 Rs my 1GB. Raat ka wo time jis time olu jagtay hain… 800 Rs ka recharge or milayga 600 Rs ka balance… Samajh sy bahir hai. I’m not going to have this… Maza nahi aya…

    • Wrong 720 Rs ka pkg hoga aur 900 ka recharge hoga tab jaje yeah 6 GB milegam
      Iw se better hai data sim lao aur 1500 fix me 24 GB lylo

  • یہ پیکج وارد پیکج کاپی ہے
    اور کون الوں کی طرح جاگے 1جی بی کے لیے

  • “Attention Zong users: ZONG – Pakistan’s only 4G network!”
    As if Warid has been running a social network. And Telenor has purchased spectrum license for a transportation network.

    • خواب دیکھنے پر پابندی نہیں صرف 2 مہینے انتظار کر لیں آپ کی غلط فہمی دور ہو جائے گی

  • Punjab has no tax on data(internet). Other provinces have it. So, Rs.600+tax means only Rs.600 for Punjab And Rs.600+ 18% or 19.5% tax for other provinces. Right?

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