Zong Revises its Monthly 3G/4G Packages

It’s a mixed news for Zong 4G customers as the Chinese cellular operator has revised upward charges of its monthly 4GB package from Rs 500 to 600 with additional 2GB data provision and free Good Night Offer (GNO) with which customers will be able to consume 1GB of internet from 1AM to 9AM every night.

New charges will be applicable from August 2nd, 2016.

The charges are exclusive of 19.5 percent GST.


Clearly, with Rs. 100 increase in monthly fee, Zong has offered 2GB of additional GBs per month and 1GB of free data each night. This could be a better deal for many while others may not like the price increase due to their limited data usage.

Operators usually hike prices of packages with better user response in terms of subscription and utility, hence they try to make such plans more lucrative and pricey for better revenues, which is allowed in the competitive regime under the rules of the regulator.

Operators, at times, take advantage of their quality and availability of the service or packages which are unique and not offered by other operators, making it their unique selling point.