Whatsapp to Share User Data with Facebook (Read Governments)

Its now official. WhatsApp just stated that they’re sharing user data with Facebook.

In a blogpost updated moments ago, Whatsapp noted:

And by connecting your phone number with Facebook‘s systems, Facebook can offer better friend suggestions and show you more relevant ads if you have an account with them.

In addition to this, Whatsapp has said that it won’t share Whatsapp conversations or content of messages with anyone. That’s something not everyone is going to trust, especially when you consider Facebook’s new ball game.

Let’s not forget that Facebook had bought Whatsapp for a whooping 19 billion dollars. Clearly they didn’t invest this amount of money for a service that doesn’t even generate more than 1$ per customer per year, or in some cases not even a single penny for a lifetime.

What Does This Mean For Us?

Whatsapp had more than a billion active users as of February 2016, which means one in every seven individuals on earth has a Whatsapp account. Resultantly, Facebook — through this acquisition — will have access to major part of communication that we do, and just if you don’t know: more information means more money.

What’s more alarming for some customers would be the fact that Whatsapp could also give access to your communication to governments world over, especially the notorious NSA.

While its still early to say more on how this shared data is going to impact our lives, given the track record, we can predict that its not going to be very beautiful.

      • How’s whatsapp account linked with Facebook? By activating both with the same number?

        • if you updated your no. with facebook profile and same no is being used with whatsapp messenger

          • No its not like that. It happens when you install/update the latest version of whatsapp, in the terms and conditions they ask if u agree to share ur data on Facebook,

  • Muslim countries should jointly make Islamic version of Facebook and Whatapp and say goodbye to this Western spy tool forever.

  • While whatsapp states in their faqs that with end to end encryption even whatsapp authority can’t access ur data.

    • they are accessing your number and friends… to get better suggestions… nothing to do with conversation .

    • it has been out more than 2 weeks ago.. this app is just awesome.. simple design, work faster.

  • I don’t think you nitwits understand how end-to-end encryption works. Whatsapp is using the same protocols that Open Whisper System’s messaging app, Signal, uses and the best part about those protocols are that they are open source hence there is no chance of there being a backdoor.
    The NSA can not brute-force PGP encrypted messages because it just isn’t possible even with the parallel processing powers of their super computers.
    As for those of you who doubt the integrity of these encryption protocols, Snowden and Assange themselves have endorsed them so please stop spreading false news.
    Good day!

    • But it’s still whatsapp who generate those encryption codes for u. Even if u had the option of setting ur own encryption code, still the app can send over the code to whatsapp authority to decrypt ur msgs.

      • No no NO!
        That’s not how end-to-end encryption works.
        The codes are generated locally on your phone using entropy and your messages are encrypted using them. PGP is not like a lock and key kind of deal where the person who has the key can decrypt the messages.
        Do you guys even know how encryption protocols work?
        Whatsapp doesn’t own them, they are OPEN SOURCE.
        Unless you’re suggesting the mathematical algorithms used for encryption are flawed which is impossible, please try not to argue and comment on matters you have no technical knowledge of

  • Tu kia pehle whatsapp ka data facebook ke liye accessible nahi tha? Tu kia facebook ne whatsapp ko is liye khareeda tha ke inko iska logo pasand agaya tha :D

    Kamal karte ho yaar…

    • Kuch chezain pasand ajati hain to unko apna karna parhta hy. Jaisa ke larki pasand ajaye to shadi kar laini chahiye. Kya pata zingerburger ka bhi dil aya tha whatsappi par. ?

      • jaib mai rahky 19 Billion $ uchal rahy thy… Us ny socha hoga… whatsapp achi app hy.. khareed lo.. jaisy aik Saudi Sheikh k bachy ny kaha.. papa mairy sb dost train py aty hain or mai ferrari py.. sheikh bola.. koi bat nahi.. train ki price pata kro.. ha ha ha

  • Whatsapp does not store data on their servers. It asks you to attach your account to google drive and store data there.

  • ProPakistani Team must give an authentic reference (i.e. urls, snapshots) to every blog and research.

  • Its’ for Target based ADs FFS…..and BREAKING NEWS you can opt-out of this DATA SHARING at the beginning to entirely eliminate yourself from “PRIVACY SHARING CONCERNS”

  • *اہم ترین انتباہ*
    ایک ماہ بعد وٹس ایپ ان تمام لوگوں کی معلومات فیس بک پر شیئر کر دے گا ،جن کے اکاؤنٹ میں انفارمیشن شیئر کرنے کو گرین ٹک کے ساتھ او کے کیا گیا ھے ،
    اپنی اور اپنے اھل خانہ کی تفصیلات کو فیس بک پر عام ھونے سے بچانے کے لئے اس سبز رنگ کی ٹک کو Undo کر دیں ،،
    وٹس ایپ معلومات کو فیس بک پر شیئر ھونے سے بچانے کے لئے ،،
    سیٹنگز پر جایئے ،، پھر اکاونٹ پر جایئے ،
    وھاں جو ” ِٹک ” لگا ھوا ھے کہ میری معلومات کو شیئر کریا جائے ، اس ٹک کو مٹا دیجئے ،، ورنہ آپ کی وٹس ایپ تفصیلات فیس بک پر شیئر کر دی جائیں گی ،
    1- Settings (Whatsapp)
    2- Account
    3- Remove sign of Tick ,,
    جب آپ اکاؤنٹ بناتے ھیں تو وٹس ایپ خود سے ٹک لگا دیتا ھے کہ میری معلومات شیئر کر دی جائیں ،،، ،،

  • Just wait Guys!! So what about end-to-end encryption of whats app..
    here’s an example: if we will write “Hello” after lock of PGP it will become “1‡©%πI”
    no chance at all to share your personal data on facebook..
    But 1 thing: Propakistani should use authentic way of information. if whatsapp want to share your data on facebook. whats app first notify you that “in September or November or on whatever we are going to share your personal data on facebook”, Please allow us……. Even they just notify us that we are going to share your data on facebook but wait this data is not your personal chat, image, or phone number. This is just like a cookie policy to personalize the experience of your ads. “So Keep an eye on this article https://www.whatsapp.com/security/

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