This USB Drive Can Destroy Any UnProtected Electronic Device

Welcome to the USB Kill 2.0.

Thus begins the page for this USB Killer device. This tiny and compact sized USB drive looks like just any other drive. Excep for one thing.

This USB drive can kill anything that can be connected to it electronically. Though that is not its original intent, it can be used for doing just that.

What Does the USB Killer Do?

In case you haven’t figured out, this USB killer device will end up frying that LCD TV, laptop, computer, MP3 stereos and even kitchen fridges that come with a USB port. It works by sending an electric surge to the electronics it is connected to.

Created by a researcher who only calls himself Dark Purple, the 2.0 version of the USB Kill delivers -200VDC of shocks as compared to -100VDC of its predecessor.

The USB works by charging its capacitors from USB power lines. Once charged, it discharges -200VDC at the host device that is connected via data lines. It keeps on releasing high voltage electricity, until the USB Kill device is removed.

A Tool Of Destruction and Havoc?

Why exactly would anyone sell this then? Just imagine the damage this device would leave in its wake.

The maker behind the USB Kill 2.0 says that such USBs are meant to be used to check surge protection on electronics that are protected against high voltage surges. Plus, the device is meant to be paired with the USB Killer Protection Shield, a doohickey that ensures that the USB drive doesn’t kill the host device.

In layman’s terms, on any unprotected hardware (read tvs, laptops, etc), this drive can fry electronics that can’t handle high voltages.

In case we want to go into the specifics of how much havoc the USB Kill device causes to its hosts, Ars Technica also presumes that the device could end up damaging the USB port at least, or the motherboard of the USB host device.

See it in action here:



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    • ProPK’s PC was destroyed by this USB drive when they were testing. so they published the news now.

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