Punjab Government Approves Electronic Simulators for Real-Life Driving Tests

Driving tests vary from city to city. Even in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, there is a stark contrast in the level of difficulty of the tests.

Aside from the obvious issue of the test differences, you also need to wait your turn. Going to the test venue on the right day not to mention waiting for hours to get your turn. All of this wastes time and introduces inefficiencies into the system.

Now what if you could give your test in an electronic driving center and finish it in just 5 minutes? This could soon become a reality.

European Electronic Driving Centres

The government of Punjab has approved a European electronic driving center for the citizens of Pakistan. The candidates will need to go through a computerized driving test instead of the regular one. For now, the new driving center will be established in Lahore.

Instead of waiting in long queues, the candidates can give their test online. The test will take around 5 minutes to complete and will include questions as well, while an online simulator will be used to conduct the driving test. A minimum of 75% marks are required for a person to get their driver’s license.

Coming Soon to Lahore

Electronic driving test centres will be established in October in select areas of the city. Arfa Karim Tower, Thokar Niaz Baig, Police Lines, Defence and CTO Office will be getting the new driving test centres.

Effectiveness of these new electronic driving centres will become evident only once they have been established. For now you will have to do it the hard way and use vanilla vehicles to attempt your driving tests.

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  • this is bs first teach them how to f******g drive and read the highway code, then take a test, 99.9% of the population doesnt even know who has the right of way for right had drive cars, teach them to drive properly, make a learning center force new drivers to go there and learn the rules and regulations first then put them on road.

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