Passengers Evacuated as Replaced Note 7 Smoked Up in Flight

A local Southwest flight in Louisville, Kentucky, US was evacuated when a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 allegedly started heating up and smoking while the user was on board.

Louisville Arson Investigators confirmed that the cause of the smoke was indeed a Samsung device.

Crew members and passengers safely got out of the plane through the main cabin door with no casualties or injuries reported. It would’ve been believable if it was a non-replaced Note 7 but the reports indicate that it was in fact a replaced model. The phone had been exchanged a few weeks back.

A Replaced Note 7 Believed to Be the Cause

Brian Green, the owner of the Note 7 onboard the Louisville flight, confirmed that his phone was a replaced Galaxy Note 7. He had received it from the AT&T store on September 21st. Brian said that the box had a black square icon and the battery indicator on his replaced Note 7 was green in color, which are signs that Samsung uses to show customers that the phones are safe to use.

Brian said that he had turned off his phone on the request of the plane’s crew and put it in his pocket. It was after that, that the phone started smoking. One of Brian’s colleagues say that they had left the phone on the plane’s floor when they evacuated out of the plane. When they returned to get their carry-on items, it had burned a hole through the carpet on the floor.

Samsung’s Response to the Incident

A Samsung spokesperson issued a statement regarding the Southwest flight,

Until we are able to retrieve the device, we cannot confirm that this incident involves the new Note 7. We are working with the authorities and Southwest now to recover the device and confirm the cause. Once we have examined the device we will have more information to share.

After Samsung started recalling the Note 7 phones, they also released an update for customers who didn’t get their phones replaced. The update prevented the phone from charging beyond a certain point (60%) to prevent the phones from exploding. Apparently the recall did not help to stop the exploding incidents.

Via Engadget

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  • This is getting out of hand.

    The tech is flawed if a even complete re-call and replacement did not fix the problem.

  • This is the end of Note 7. Noone would trust Samsung’s explanations and recalls now. First they were exploding and now they’re burning.

  • Its funny all such incidents happen in the US mostly. Its better we buy their I Phone 7 then? Who are apparently also exploding as they always have been burning and exploding hundreds of them with every new model. But such news does not appear on such cheap columns and news anywhere ? Google it.. despite all of this still you’ll be able to find hundreds of such cases with I Phones !

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