Serene Air: Pakistan’s Newest Airline is Ready for Launch

Pakistani flyers will soon get Serene Air as an added option for domestic flights as the company is hoping to start its domestic air flight operations in the country very soon, we have checked.

While there’s no confirmed date for the launch announced yet, the company is actively perusing a suitable time for the commencement of operations in Pakistan, initially with domestic flights and then later on with international flight operations as well.

Sources suggest that Serene Air is going to operate with at least three B737-800 (NG) aircraft initially, for which a RPT (Regular Public Transport) license for domestic operations has been granted by Civil Aviation Authority already.

Industry sources revealed that company is aiming to increase its fleet with at least five aircraft with-in first two years of operations with first international flight within that time period as well.

It maybe added here that new airlines must complete two years of domestic flight operations before launching international flights.

Airline has already obtained its newest B737s from Boeing.





Serene Air’s B737-800 NG aircraft flying out of Renton (Washington, US), the home of Boeing. Photos by Huy Do 

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  • Farooq

    As per the information from the industry, a faction of the Shaheen Air founded this airline. Its first flight is expected to be on the 1st of November 2016.

    • Ishtiaq

      But as per history, it reveals that this new airline must belong to Ada, Adi or Samdhan, Samdhi. Others can’t survive here.

      • Good one Ishtiaq bhai.

      • Farooq

        Their airline flopped – The Indus Air

        • arasheed

          Mr 100% Family transferred funds to DUBAI.
          Looto Aur Dubai Phooto to Mr 100%.

        • sajjad ali

          indus air is already flopped

      • kashif

        why not noora, kukri, bhagori etc???

        • Ali Salman

          Too much nahe ho gya? Har waqt aik dhool petna, stick to topic? Or s h u t u p

    • Sabir Khan

      Nothing to do with shaheen air…. Ex air force general and some chinese is the owner.

      • Ali Salman

        Generals aren’t in airforce.

        • Sabir Khan

          General is a common term used for 2 or more star ranked officers in armed forces… like air marshals or admirals or generals in armed forces… i only posted here to tell about the real owners, i am not here to literate you guys about armed forces ranks. so take a chill pill.

          • Ali

            hahahaha what an amazing explanation Mr. Literate

        • khanji

          LOL! great one

      • sajjad ali

        shaheen air is the foundation of airforce for ur information

  • ßĻẳčk Šûņ

    Thats Good

  • Wohooo.. Will it fly to Thailand? I am planning to visit Bangkok.

    • Ahsan

      “It maybe added here that new airlines must complete two years of domestic flight operations before launching international flights.”

      It doesn’t look good to comment without reading the article.

    • Mirza Usman Ali

      there are many more airlines if you want to fly, so dont wait for this one

    • Ali Salman

      Now whole world knows you are going to Bangla road in phuket.

  • Naeem

    Anyone knows who owns it?

    • User

      Ishaq Daar….:P

    • Guest

      Joint Pakistan – China venture

    • saad

      Neither ishaq dar nor is it a joint venture of pak-china. Please stop spreading rumours and do some research before you spread false information.

      • Naeem

        Do you know them? No official news so far i guess.

        • Sabir Khan

          ex vice chief air marshal Sohail gul khan is the OWNER and CEO of this air line along with some chineese who is a share holder..

      • Ali Salman

        Wo Pakistani quam ka kaam nahe ha, masala bechtay hain sab

      • Murtaza Rangwalla


    • Farooq

      As per I know, its owner is a close relative of Shaheen Air’s owner. Look at the logos of both airlines, they are so similar and so the names; Shaheen & Serene.

      • Sabir Khan

        Air marshal Sohail gul khan(ex vice chief) along with some chineese person are the
        owners. It has absolultely NOTHING to do with Shaheen air.. I do know the owners personally… My uncle is an employee in this air line. They have bought 3 air planes. 1 is new and 2 are second hand.

      • Khizer Idrees

        Shaheen Air is owned by Shaheen Foundation (Pakistan Air Force). No individual owns Shaheen Air.

    • Ali Salman

      Imran Niazi

      • adeel

        who is imran niazi just googled noting clear is it the pakistani footbollwer

  • Kashif Surhio

    Tajarba kar team PIA ka khasara khatam nahi kar pa rahi or dosri taraf new airline aa rahi hy jo k bilashuba acha kamaegi

  • Asim Ajmal

    I recently met a Boeing trainer in Singapore, who was there to train Serene folks for a month.

    • Ishtiaq


      • Asim Ajmal

        Are you expecting some mirch-masala out of it? :)
        That was just an information i.e. Serene staff is going through Boeing trainings

  • Haroon Javed Qureshi

    Great news, hope to see quality, puntuality and cost in one package

  • Hope for a better future.

  • Welcome New Airline in Pakistan. Good for travelers point of view, competition is always beneficial for Consumers.

  • Imran Malik

    Please be kind to pray for the business success. Airlines are not easy business and if some Pakistani no matter who is who have started this business lets not wonder who owns it or not. success will Tell who owns it. It will Bring good name to our country so we should not start the blame game.