Get WiFi Passwords for 130 Airports Around the World With This Tool

Human survival requires three things; food, shelter and water. Coming in fourth would be an internet connection. It has become a common norm to ask for wi-fi passwords at every place we go, be it a restaurant, a saloon or a club.

The need for internet connection at airports can arguably be the most desired demand, especially if you find yourself in a foreign country with no local sim card.

If you have ever found yourself in that position, don’t fret anymore because Anil Polat, a computer security engineer and travel blogger, came up with an idea to address the issue. He has a website (and accompanying mobile apps) that can help you find the WiFi password for most of the airports around the world.

Anil also announced the launch of his application called WiFox, available on both Android and iOS. The application offers travelers an interactive map that reveals free Wi-Fi passwords at airports around the world.

The application is updated regularly, based on verified information submitted by travelers. Anil claimed that he has updated passwords from over 130 country airports thus far.

How WiFox Works

According to the application’s details, the usage is fairly straightforward. You have to follow the following steps:

  • Select the airport from the list.
  • Copy and paste passwords easily into wireless network settings.
  • When users add passwords it will be sent to the developer first for verification and approval.
  • Users can update passwords for airports already added and rate hotspots.
  • The WiFox icons will show users who fresh, reliable and highly rated the airport’s network information is.

In fact, you can try out a web version of it with Google Maps. Simply click on an airport to check their  Wi-Fi password. It should be noted that Pakistani airports are not included in this list at the moment.

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  • Just scan Wifi and connect. why this app? Seems ProPakistani do not check the real need for content. Just publish as received.

    • its not just about scanning, many times their are free ones as well paid ones available, like in dubai, you can connect with a free wifi but after an hour it asks to charge you by CC/paypal etc. After payment you simply receive a password which you can insert into another premium wifi network to make it work. Whereas simply the premium wifi password isnt dedicated to your payment it is general but it is only revealed when you make the payment.

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