Pakistanis Invent Low-Tech Masks to Prevent Tear-Gassing

The tension in Islamabad is on the rise ahead of the Dharna on 2nd November. Last night, we saw the government resorting to one of the worst ever incidents of tear gassing in Pakistan.

With the increasing number of people turning up to attend the dharna, it is becoming close to impossible for the participants to avoid gassing.

Incident Details

Last night, near Burhan Interchange, the police had an altercation with a rally of Imran Khan supporters and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Chief Minister, Pervez Khattak.

As the rally marched forward, the authorities used heavy tear gas shelling to contain the large crowd. There have been two casualties thus far, reportedly due to the usage of expired gas canisters.

PTI Solution To Tear Gas

To overcome the unjust behavior of the police, the PTI supporters have opted for an innovative solution; tear gas masks made out of bottles. Yes, bottles!


The bottles are cut from the side and opened in such a way that your entire face is covered. It acts as a homemade gas mask, preventing serious harm.


Since there are thousands of people who are anticipated to join the rally, it is not financially and logistically viable for the party itself to provide masks for the protection of the people. This cheap, effective and innovative method could prove crucial in the days to come.

Screen grabs via ARY News

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    NO CASUALTY. Confirmed by “Kaptaan” on TV.
    “Unjust” behavior of police? How can you even say this genius ? Thousands of people ? Seriously ?

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