Google Pixel Phones Dont Play Nice with iPhone 7 Thanks to This Bug

The new Google Pixel is home to a new kind of weird bug which indicates errors in the way it communicates across platforms. The bug won’t be noticeable by a large number of population, but it is present nonetheless.

It comes to light whenever a screenshot taken from an iPhone 7 Plus is sent to the phone. The image doesn’t show up on the phone and instead presents a distorted image.


The screenshots taken from the smaller variant of the Apple phone result in normal images, while the bug affects both the Pixel and the Pixel XL models. The problem also comes to light when the screenshot is taken from inside an app, and not from the homescreen. Both first and third-party apps are affected.

This bug appears when the image is sent through an SMS or MMS app, or in Hangouts. After a bit of unofficial investigation, it was said to have risen from the way the image files are handled by Android 7.1 Nougat. There are a few reports of older Nexus 6 phones being affected by the same bug, too.

The problem is said to be fixed while using a third-party SMS app but there is little data to back that claim.

The bug is not ground-breaking or life-altering, and in all likelihood, will be fixed along with the coming month’s security patch, but it is slightly discomforting nonetheless to see such a trivial matter in a major flagship.

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