Official Website for CPEC Launched!

Pakistan-China Economic Corridor (CPEC) has achieved massive hype in recent months and for all good reasons. It is being billed as a project that will bring more economic activities to Pakistan, and give a boost to power and infrastructure projects in the country as well.

To continue the good work between Pakistan and China, and to provide authoritative and comprehensive information about CPEC, an official website about the same has been launched.

Pakistan-China Institute (PCI) is responsible for developing the official website of CPEC, in coordination with China Radio International (CRI).

Both countries will jointly contribute in maintaining the CPEC website.


An event was conducted to announce the launch of the CPEC website, where likes of Chinese Ambassador Sun Wi Dong and PCI’s chairman Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed were also present.

“The PCI has devised a comprehensive CPEC information collection and verification mechanism, which will involve the stakeholders of the CPEC, enhance their knowledge about the bilateral collaboration, and enrich their interaction for mutual gains,” said Sayed.

Mushahid also added that Pakistan will continue to benefit from the CPEC partnership in years to come.

Chinese Ambassador was also asked to say a few words at the event. He stated:

“This new website will become an important source of comprehensive information for all the people who want to learn more about CPEC,” adding that “I am also convinced that this new website will help build up more support and consensus on CPEC among the people of Pakistan in the future.”

Sun Wi Dong also revealed that around 10,000 local people have gained employment through 17 projects of CPEC.

About The Website

The website has a very simple and user-friendly interface. At the front page, users can find all the information they need by simply clicking on the various categories.


Moreover, information regarding Businessmen, Students, Institutions and Media are also separately categorized to make it easier for the respective parties to browse through information.

Latest news runs in the ticker, which is also present on the website. Furthermore, the CPEC Twitter account is also linked to give it a more complete look.


Quotes from Pakistani and Chinese ministers and ambassadors are also included on the website.

It is worth mentioning that there already exists a website under the government’s domain but it is solely handled by Pakistan and not both countries.

You can visit the actual website by clicking here.

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  • Just saw it and this looks like something made 5-10 years ago when images and even web 2.0 wasn’t even invented. Anyways Pakistani government websites never tend to disappoint, no matter what the project or initiate is. This website seriously needs an upgrade -_-

  • I must say the web designer and developer who have developed this site must have pathetic sense of user experience. Even an undergraduate IT student could develop a better web site than this.

  • South Eastern China is well developed with cities like Shanghai and Guangzhou, but this Project surely will revolutionize North West China as well. Your Website should touch on that subject as well, and opportunities for Pakistani Entrepreneurs in that country as well.
    The Pakistani IT guys are smart, as after all the first virus in the world came from there.. I think some suggestions they made in these letters should be considered, specially on Quality ,Contents and access ability rightaway.
    The North Western Pakistan is a beautiful country, there should be steps to preserve the environment and a body created for that purpose with some kind of a Marketing plan. Pakistan has an enormous potential for development of Tourism and related industries like air and sea travel besides excellent Road network at the Urban level then initiatives at individual project level in the region such as for Hotels, Health Resorts, Shopping Arcades and Malls etc.
    A Ministry at the federal level is urgently required with highly qualified Consultants and direct initiatives at Feasibility Studies.
    But right away they should create Schools and curriculum in that region so that trained Manpower is available in the region in course of time to Manage those industries and Projects.

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