Orient is Working on a New Smart AC & Eyeing a Push into IoT

While Internet of Things is a $600 billion global industry, it’s still in its nascent stages in Pakistan.

To capitalize on the market’s exponential growth, Orient Electronics is heavily pursuing penetration in Internet of Things (IOT) market.

Orient Electronics is one of the oldest players in the market and has earned good repute for its Inverter ACs.

The company is currently rumored to be working on a Smart AC, which enables people to keep a track of scheduling and bill management via a smartphone app.

Inverter ACs have grown in popularity over the last year due to a long duration summer and unprecedented high temperatures. Speaking about the trend and what’s needed to differentiate in an increasingly crowded market, a spokesperson from a major retail group said:

“Almost all major manufacturers today are producing Inverter ACs and are claiming to reduce energy consumption by 40-60%, but there is no way of tracking that.

If Orient does build this feature, and actually comes through on their promise of energy efficiency, they will obliterate the competition.”

The spokesperson also disclosed that at the start of this year, a meeting was held at the new research and development division of Orient Electronics, also known as BlueEast Pvt. Ltd.

All the key distributors across Pakistan attended the meeting. Moreover, Orient also unveiled a new product, added the spokesperson of the retail group.

The pictures of the product unveiled at the meeting were leaked and since then have been circulating on the Internet. Major dealers have confirmed that this is indeed a new packaging and ‘Ultron eComfort’ is likely to be a new product.

IOT is the Future

Abdul Rehman Talat, Director Marketing and Head of its Research and Development arm, BlueEast Pvt. Ltd, addressed a Plan X panel last year.

The meeting was held to discuss the future plans of the company. Mr. Rehman said that after analyzing the market and its trends, the potential area which can see a huge growth in coming years is IoT.

Orient is aiming to fast track the evolution and has introduced an independent IoT research and development company. By doing so, the company has firmly established a benchmark for local manufacturers to strive towards.

With that said, while a Smart AC may not be a huge product unto itself, Orient is rumored to be working on a key distinguishing feature that has everyone is the retail business up in their seats.

The final product is expected to launch around spring 2017 if the packaging picture is any evidence. Despite what the final feature list might be, such products are likely to feed in to the demand of more sophisticated consumer electronics and appliances, paving way for more commercial products and choice for the end user.

  • orient most pathetic brand , poor quality products, very cheap raw material used , no reliability

    • Well luckily I had a great experience buying online from Orient. I guess, Instead of buying from different dealers you should buy directly from Orient’s website. They offer free home delivery plus they perform double quality checks. There were some other benefits as well which I don’t remember now

    • I bought 1.5ton Ac from orient in 2008. it stopped working in 2016. I didn’t tried for repairing because summer was already over anyway.

      • After eight years of use it stopped working and most probably it will be fine after service you are lucky because I personally had bad experiences with LG and Kenwood as both of these ACs needed servicing multiple times within a year or two of usage.

        • yea i did get it serviced or cleaned at start of every summer. i refiled its gas 4-5 times. Once it had a gas leakage problem.

          • Compressor of my Kenwood AC was fried in 2nd or third year of use before that i had to get gas refilled because of leakage. And they took one month to replace my compressor and it was summer worst CS experience ever

            • I didn’t get it fixed by orient CS. it was like 1000pkr that they charged me for the leakage and there was another small problem. and also charged me for gas. it took 1-2 hours

      • Hi Hassan, I am representative of Orient Electronics and we would like to resolve the issue with your unit through our Customer Support. Please send in your information at [email protected] (including a contact number and the product in question) and we will contact you for the service. Considering that you have already been our user for 8 years, lets make that 20 or 50 even :D

    • Hi Dreambox, I am a representative of Orient Electronics and I would like to know if we can help improve your experience as a customer or a user. If there is a particular product that you had/are facing issues with you can email us at [email protected] and we will try to resolve you issue ASAP.

      • Bought orient dispenser and its compressor stopped working in first week and had to claim warranty. Bought ultron plus invertor AC and it stopped working in 2nd week and despite of several complaints no one arrived to check it and even its working now but believe me its performance is pathetic due to chines poor quality compressor and my years old haier still performing better , and above all your socieal media team making Pakistani fool with your fake discounts and deceiving promotions but remember not everyone fool in this country. please learn something about after sales customer services and business ethics

        • We are sorry to learn about your experience with the products that you have been using. Can you please share if you purchased the said products directly from the company or from a dealer? In case if you did purchase these products online, we can track your order and help resolve the issues that you have been facing. We are looking to improve our customer service are committed to improve our response times to set new marketing standards. We are extremely sorry for disappointing you earlier, but we will like to make it up, however possible.

          As for the pricing issue, there is difference buying from the market and from the vendor. As you might be aware that an official store, i.e. Sony World will sell you the product at the full retail value where as if you purchase the LED from the market you might be able to get 3000 – 5000 off on the retail price. It is the same for the company’s website. By purchasing directly from the company you get a double quality assured product delivered to your door step with no delivery charges. In return your customer record is maintained directly with the company and thus the support and after sales process is expedited.

          Apart from the above mentioned benefits what you have to understand is that the issue here is that while the dealers should ethically follow the company’s retail pricing, they usually set their own marketing standards to move the products in bulk, reducing the company’s position in the distribution chain.

          The company can only maintain their dealer price to influence sales and pricing, and if it is high, they will not move the product. So to avoid this dead lock, once the item has been purchased by the vendor the company only sets a bottom price, allowing to have more control over their sales and pricing. This cycle helps the dealer negotiate better deals in future by selling and moving more products, so its in their self interest to maintain the lowest possible margin.

          Whereas, the company has to maintain its retail pricing or otherwise the products’ value will become completely distorted. With sales and discounts we sometimes match and even beat the market prices but as an official store we have to protect the retail price stance.

          I hope this clears the pricing issue. We are not here to deceive anyone, to us the consumer has more value than he/she may have for a dealer. The consumer will communicate and influence changes to our manufacturing not the dealer. We are committed to make better products for the local market and influence a positive change overall (e.g. technology).

  • I am using orient products for a few years which include their andriod smart LED’s, air conditioners and mini fridges and have no issues so far.

  • Some time ago a company launched a TVC of a wifi AC controlled through app from anywhere. I can’t remember which one.

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