Careem, Uber Declared Illegal by Punjab Government

Punjab Government’s Provincial Transport Authority has declared Careem, Uber and other ride-hailing services as illegal.

A notification in this regard has been already sent to Lahore’s chief Traffic Officer so that these services are not allowed on Lahore’s roads.

However, it is still unclear if this ban is valid for Lahore only, or that other cities in Punjab are also part of this order.

Update: Punjab Govt Clarifies that Careem, Uber Are Not Banned!

Details About the Notification Banning Ride Hailing Services

The notification, a copy of which is attached below, said that Careem, Uber and A-One Taxi are running transport services without getting the prerequisite fitness certificate and route permits, which is causing huge losses to Punjab government.

The notification says that since private cars are being used for transportation, and they must not be used for commercial purposes, such services are not only violating local laws but also pose as a security threat for the public.

According to the notification, field traffic officers have been directed to ensure that prompt action is taken against these illegal services and that they are not allowed to operate in the city.

We tried to contact Uber and Careem for their comment, and are still awaiting their response to this development.

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  • Seriously ?

    • Ishtiaq

      Now where are those who were saying “it’s all because of Nawaz Sharif”. Now you see “it’s all because of Nawaz Sharif because no commission through Careem n Uber unlike metros.
      Though i live in Karachi but I’m disheartened from this Noorologic decision.

      • kamrandahir

        dude Careem k driver ne kal 2 katal kiye hain

        • Taha Najam

          Source please.

          • kamrandahir

            kal mayra bhai careem office gia tha wahaan saray keh rahay thay k shayad careem bund na ho jay is waja se

            • Taha Najam

              That’s a real reliable source. Stop spreading BS.

              • Altamash Azhar

                Its just a game bro it was totally marketing technique.
                Dekho na ban laga na suspend hoi service bas ye dekho eik din me 1 rupiya lagaye bagher Uber or Careem har bande ki zaban har news channel ki headline or har talk show ki zeenat ban gaya.
                Kash mera bhi koi project ban ho jata :D

        • Ishtiaq

          Phir tou Shahbaz Sharif aur Rana nay sirf model town main 14 qatl kiye hain, woh kaisay raaj kar rahay hain abhi tak? Aur Rana mouchon ko tao deke ghoom raha hai? Jahalat ki bhi had hoti hai.

        • Arsalan Shah

          Ek pe ek free? Dude, thoda phaink! Baghair authentic source ke chandiyaan nahin maar.

        • Jalal Khan

          Normal (permitted) taxi driver murder kary to city ke sab taxis per ban lag jata hy kia?

          • Ishtiaq

            Very good point.

        • Fahad Riaz

          bro uber and careem are the safest taxi service we have….its a world wide applications not in lahore, if murder happened in real then its not a careem or uber security issue, in careem and uber u have all the data car number location each n everything….rather than local taxi’s or auto in which u not even know the name of the person….so blame the system not careem

          • Ishtiaq

            Yar laaton k bhoot baaton se naho maantay, tum ney bohat pyar se samjhaya per yeh log jantay bhojhtay apnay syasi pappaa ji k har ghalat faislay ko support karna hai. Pehley yehi log thay jo hum sub ko bata rahay thay k dekha yeh sirf Mian brothergaan ki waja se possible horaha hai k international services arahi hain. Shukria nawaz sharif kar kar k halq sookh gaye thay inkay aur ab yehi log keh rahay hain k yeh illegal hain. Question yeh hai k agar illegal hai tou in ganjon nay illegal kaam ko chalnay kyuin diya saalon tak? Kia us waqt commission barabar mil rahi thi ya phir ab commission berhana hai?

        • MOON BUTT

          dude 22 number k driver aj tak 100 sy ziada qatal kr chukay hain still they are 100% legal

      • Ishtiaq

        I request the users to make a collective strategy to record a massive protest against this unjust, illogical and unethical ban from these corruption kings. Whether it be on social media or on streets. Because these services are purely run and used by the common people, our families travel safely in these vehicles.

    • Ishtiaq

      Update: after Punjab the Zardari Govt in Sindh woke up too n secretary transport has written letter to PTA to stop Uber n Careem n traffic police started crack down on Careem n Uber cars.

  • Taha Najam

    “Prerequisite fitness certificate and route permits”
    “Such services are not only violating local laws but also pose as a security threat for the public.”

    BS. It all boils down to the government not getting a cut from these services. These services have better cars and have better security measures in place than any “legal” transport on the roads. No route permit is needed because there is no fixed route. Nice try establishment. If it was me, I’ll take it to court.

    • Zafar Abbas Rizvi


      • Taha Najam

        Yes, seriously. Which part of my comment gave you the impression I was joking?

        • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

          Does these services get fitness certificate of private vehicles by Govt which is necessary for private transportation?
          I too use Uber for traveling but not in all cases Govt is on a wrong side.

          • Taha Najam

            Of course. And not only that, Uber/Careem themselves have stringent checks to ensure the car is in fit condition before they add it to their fleet. They also make sure all the paperwork is in order.

            • College

              Do they follow basic rule that only commercial vehicles are allowed to run as taxi

              Actually they are facilitating “violation of rules”

              • Taha Najam

                Read my above comment. These are not taxis.

                • College

                  They operate alternate to Taxi

                  So Govt decision is right

                  • Taha Najam

                    In the same way any car you own works alternate to taxis? Whatever you say, man.

                    • College

                      Please grow up…….
                      and try to take sound sleep as well
                      I have sympathy for you

                    • Taha Najam

                      lmao, o-kaay

                      I’ll grow up, but you never change. Thanks for the morning laughs.

                    • College

                      Love you

                    • Taha Najam


              • MOON BUTT

                yar sedhi tarhan kahna chah rahay hain humain bhi hadi dalo kese ap lahore sy paisay kama rahay hain jbh kay woh is jungle k khotay hain lolx

            • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

              Than why Govt is saying they didn’t get fitness certificate from us for private vehicles?

              • Taha Najam

                Because they want $$$, duh.

              • MOON BUTT

                what a joke fitness certificate for 2016 model cars BC Govt. where is fitness certificate
                of auto rikshaws and funny part where is CHING CHI certificate hahah what a funny statment

                • Ishtiaq

                  Karachi main 100 saal purani buses chal rahi hain unki fitness koun de raha hai?

                  • Muhammed Ovais Alam

                    Bhang shah

    • Saqib Mansoor

      What’s the point. Like everyone else, those judges come with a price tag as well.

      • Taha Najam

        Sure, but I’d rather pay the judiciary than this thug government. They think they own us.

        • MOON BUTT

          judiciary bhi in ki hai bhai woh kon sy dodh k dhulay hain …..

    • Carl

      absolutely right, Bro !!!!

    • Nemesis

      If it was you, you’ll take it to the court? Good luck for 7 years long case and no luck afterwards.

      • Taha Najam

        Not really. This is Nawaz government’s last year.

      • Well actually the way our legal system works, Uber or Careem would just get a stay and operate for those 7 years until a decision is made.

        • MOON BUTT

          they have take the decision already its there Govt so legal or illegal they are the kings of jungle called pakistan

    • Qasim Ayaz

      This is the rule for any transport service operating in Pakistan. The car has to be registered with the relevant transport authorities and route permits are issued to taxi drivers and public transport vehicles such as Hiaces etc. This is not about govt getting a cut. Govt does not get a cut from Hiace drivers. Kindly update your knowledge.

      P.S. FYI route permit does not mean that car has to drive on a fixed route and cannot deviate. It means the car can drive within a given geographical area. As these permits are different in nature when it comes to taxis or public transport vehicles (hiaces).

  • Jawad Hussain

    what the hell is with these govt bodies……… whenever i restrain myself from cursing them, they planned something extraordinary and i have to revise my decision

  • College

    Good and investor friendly Decision

    Why Govt should allow non-commercial vehicles to run as commercial vehicles?

    • UsmanTahir

      dfuq? You’re nuts. People are earning through it, it has given jobs to jobless. alot of people who were sitting idle at home are now working, and they have their complete security measures. Plus they are private vehicles, people are using them as ride sharing. They are not completely commercial vehicles. Uber is only providing an a source for us to use our own private car to pick and drop someone. People driving Uber are normal regular people with their own car which they use to pick and drop one in need.

      • Arsalan Shah

        Come on, buddy! If it was for Noora, his companions and his boot lickers they’ll stop you to share your friend’s car to go to Murree and enjoy :P, I went day before yesterday to Murree sharing my friend’s car and it was aweeeeeesome xD, hope to see tax on that soon too.. or maybe it would be declared illegal, sharing someone’s car.

    • Taha Najam

      *facepalm* And this is the kind of thinking that puts retards like Nawaz and Donald Trump in a position of power. You people bring this upon yourself.

    • Shahid Saleem

      How is it investor friendly? It is the exact opposite of investor friendly!

      What if tomorrow government decided to apply it to other sector as well? Like for freelancers: they will need license from PITB or PSEB to operate??? Will that also be investor friendly?

    • Ali

      typical noora .. most probably from their paid online monitoring and propaganda cell of pmln


      investor friendly how? you are talking that metro is investor friendly lolx

  • Carl

    Transport Mafia never wants to strength Careem & Uber into Pakistan, who impulsively impact their transport business.

    what is the quality of local taxi service who already got Fitness Certificate and route permit??? is this comfortable, is this fare accountable, is this available any time at your door step………

    • College

      Have you ever used A taxi? Its excellent service
      They have invested huge amount

      Yellow/Green Taxi is already running fine

      So why should non commercial vehicles to be allowed to operate under the umbrella of Uber etc ?

      • UsmanTahir

        What yellow and green taxis are Good for god sake? They are not even available all the time. I’ve used them all, and all yellow and green taxis are useless and so expensive.

      • Taha Najam

        Are we talking about the same country here? I think it’s time for you to wake up from your fantasy.

      • Carl

        Huh! for your kind information, A-Taxi/Metro/White Cab did not use Commercial Number Plate. its just the matter of bribe.

        secondly, please confirm is all local taxis & Rishaws which are running into the Roads are fully fit even after getting Fitness certificate???? they just pay bribe and got their fitness certificate.

        these services are not only running into the Pakistan they are working in well developed economies like US,UK, Australia, middle east, europe. if its illegal than it will be illegal on everywhere not only in Pakistan.

      • Arsalan Shah

        Yes, I have used several IFX’s in several parts of Punjab.. Oh, or maybe Mehran. Haven’t seen a Camry or a Civic Cab …until before UBER. Hey guys, fine me a Green or Yellow Civic or Camry, will ya?

      • Sibtain

        Nonsense. Do Yellow/Green Taxi provide AC/heater? Do they come to your doorstep at midnight without charging extra?

  • ibti

    seriously? And all of this shit is just to save A-taxi? Pak truk zindabad!

  • Zeeshan Yaseen

    That’s really is the most easiest way of riding.

  • SSyar

    bhayya parh to lo.,, !!
    aap non commercial car ko.,., bagher kisi permit k as Taxi use nahe ker sakte,., yeh likha hua hey is mey.., mainly., .,
    govt apna khapa kerti rhay to rona pitna kerte ho.,., govt koi step ley,., to rona pitna.,.,

    kal ko india ki tarha koi Uber Careem ka driver hamari kisi Ma Bhen ko cherr dega ya koi aur he intese scene ker geya,, to phir bhe govt ko gaalian dete phiro gey.,.,

    • Taha Najam

      Except these are not taxis. It’s just ride sharing service. Kabhi carpooling nahi ki? Dost ki gari me office nahi gae and pay him for petrol later? Bacho ko highroof ya suzuki me school nahi bheja? Completely baseless reasoning.

      • SSyar

        School ki hiroof registered hoti hey school k sath .,., kitna investigation ki hey jab apnay bachon ki school ki VAN lagae thi ?? ya mu utha k .,., driver ko bol diya k kal say aajana bachon ko lene

        pata nahe kesa kamina dost hey tumhara jo petrol k paisay leta hey.,., :D just kidding

        bhai ji apni aasani mat dekho.,., achay buray her kism k log hote hein.,., sab aspects ko dekh k chalna parta hey.,.,

        • Taha Najam

          Exactly, and these cars are registered with Uber/Careem. Like I said, they have more stringent checks in place than any “legal” transport on the roads. I trust them more than the kali-peeli taxis.

          • SSyar

            idher karachi ajao.,., mein apko thaki hui cars (as u r constantly saying they are not Taxis) bhe dikha sakta hun.,., jo k Uber/Careem mey chal rahi hein.,.,
            Uber Auto mey to wohi thaka hua riksha he chal rha hey na.,., !! jo k commercially registered hota hey govt k permits k under ? to phir cars ka permit q nahe !!
            if u r getting paid for pooling your car then it is being used as commercially.,. for this you have to register your vehicle .,., ye keh rahi hey govt.., baki comments kerte raho.,., ban to lag geya hey :)

            • Taha Najam

              I’m a karachiite and I use these services quite a lot so I know full well what kind of cars they have in their fleet. Even the cheapest Uber Go, your car needs to be later than 2006 model with a working AC. Rickshaws are the same, but they also operate for half the price of normal rickshaws.

              Btw, what do you mean by register your vehicle. Do you really think Uber/Careem are operating unregistered vehicles? These cars are registered the same as the cars we own, which is basically what they are. What the government is asking them is to register them as taxis, which they are not.

              Or itni andher nahi machi he. They just have to file a case in court or ban pe stay order lag jae ga until formal proceeding.

      • Asim

        Private car pooling is not allowed in Islamabad. I have seen traffic police issuing tickets to such drivers.

        • Shahid Saleem

          So funny. In some Western countries, there are carpool lanes where you cannot drive a car unless there are 2 or more people sitting in it. They do it to encourage less traffic (and less pollution). In Pakistan… THE OPPOSITE! LOL.

    • Saqib Mansoor

      If such an incident happens, one should contact law authorities, but them being black as coal as well as corrupt to the very last fibers of their pitiful existences, it doesn’t really matter at the end. You’re fucked either way.

      • Shahid Saleem

        SSyar doesn’t realize that Taxi and ricksha drivers are not immune to crime. They can also attack their passengers.

    • Arsalan Shah

      Cherna hua to Yellow/Green Taxi drivers and rickshaw drivers bhi apki kisi ma behen ko cher sakta hai. Uska kya bigaar lo gey? Aise bol rahay ho jaise IFX aur Mehran chalanay walay University se PhD ka diploma kar ke baithey hotay hain Tameez aur Ikhlaaq main.

  • Kashif

    bahi jaan PMNL k apnay kaan tuto ka roz khatray may parta ha aur vote tot`ta ha. ab inn ko govt. ko KUCH na KUCH dyna paray ga aur yeh KUCH na KUCH awam ke jaiz sy jana ha. Jamhoriyat behtaaren intakam ha.

  • Ishtiaq

    Jaag Punjabi Jaag!

  • Usman Ahmed

    bohat jaldi khayal aa gaya hai punjab govt ko

  • DJ

    i always new this going to happen pity to those who were making investments in this business .. Bhair Chall.. Har koi bank say gari lease karwa kay UBER/CAREEM main dal raha tha now thye are going to be F***UP.. i hope government will soon cancel this order since UBER/CAREEM was great relief

    • College

      Govt/PTA must ban access to Uber etc

      I will love that a local startup should register “Commercial/Taxi” vehicles under the certification of some Govt body

      That will protect local interest not Uber interest

      Bye bye Uber for ever

    • Arsalan Shah

      Not HAR KOI. I didn’t do it, neither did the 19.99 crore awam out of 20 crore pakistanis. Maybe even less than 10,000 – 100,000 people amongst 20 crore (200,000,000) people.

  • Hassan Salman Dita

    Punjab goverment is not getting the required “NOTOOO” from these companies.
    Kiya small mentality hai is goverment ki…

  • Syed Shah

    this service was initially inaugurated by Dr Umer Saif of Punjab Govt how they realized after one year

    • Carl

      actually, ab cutt milna band ho gaya…

  • Mahtab Rasheed

    You people might remember that these services were inaugurated by Dr. Umar Saif, Shahbaz Sharif’s right man head of PITB, now Punjab government is saying that these services are illegal. what the hell is this

  • Mudassar Muhammad Khan

    Just wait, when hamza shahbaz or maryam nawaz starts a service of their own, than it will be all legal.. Remember the statement, daal nai kha saktay to chicken kha layn ;) its all business .

    • Ibbad Ashraf

      you hit the bulls eye bro.

  • Arslan Ejaz

    That’s the Reason these Big giants like Paypal, Amazon , Ebay doesn’t come to Pakistan. These Lunatic Govt people are main reason behind this.

    • Ishtiaq

      Bilkul sahi kaha. Uber n Careem poori dunia main legal hain. Per yahan pe in tuchon k liye illegal ho gayien kyuin k panama aur saray mahal bhi bohat legal tarikay se banaye hain in logon ne.

  • IrfanAmir

    I think it is good step if there is no ill intention. I mean Government should know which one is a commercial vehicle and which is not!

    • Taha Najam

      It’s not exactly rocket science, lol. All these corrupt politicians want is money in their pockets.

  • Seriously WTF?? The “kaali peeli” taxi service has vanished from Punjab a long ago and private cars are being used for commercial use since 2002 or so.

  • Humza

    I don’t know much about fitness or route permits, but a normal Careem economy class car was way way more secure and safer than the taxi which had a small bottle on the passenger side sucking in petrol and filling the interior with fumes.

  • kamrandahir

    yesterday Careem driver kill 2 passengers

    • Taha Najam

      Stop spouting BS without any proof.

    • Shahid Saleem

      So what? How many passengers died in ricksha/Taxi accidents due to failed fitness in the last year?

    • Arsalan Shah

      Says who? Or just heard from bhai ke sasaur ki khala ke betay ki gharwali ke uncle ke bhateejay?

    • FuriousNinja

      Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime of the day.

      But the way you are saying this seems like he had a pistol in his glovebox to just kill every passenger he picks up.

      • Ishtiaq

        No he’s representing it like it’s a company policy that every passenger is supposed to be killed by the driver or else driver won’t get bonus etc.

        • FuriousNinja


  • Tariq

    What about Qinqi, who operate without any certificate or registration at all. And all those local busses with 3 CNG cylinders aka Weapon of mass destruction

    • Shahid Saleem

      I would LOVE for Punjab government to ban Qinqi.


  • Bilal

    Can some one confirm me that is RENT a CAR is regulated by any government law. And is every RENT a CAR has the licence for using private cars & have fitness certificate and route permits??

  • Alam

    Sorry guys, who have been using those services. But it was inevitable. They are essentially taxi companies that are not following the law of the land and not paying due taxes (despite being much more expensive then normal taxis). Also, it needs to be seen if the rides are as secure and reliable as portrayed. So far, we have come across incidence news across the globe. Not sure if people should put blind trust in those companies.

    • Taha Najam

      “despite being much more expensive then normal taxis”

      This alone tells me you’ve never used these services even once.

      • Arsalan Shah

        Plus, never ever known ANYONE who has used this EVEN ONCE. xD

        Someone who has used these services, kindly update this moron’s knowledge. This is the typical Pakistani. Knowledge hai nahin, bolna aisey hai jaise PhD ki dukan inke ghar se chal rahi hai ya Careem aur UBER ke founder yahi hain.

        • Taha Najam

          lmao, well said

    • Arsalan Shah

      Kindly tell me which kaali-peeli IFX and Mehran pay taxes on their earnings? I don’t think even 0.01% of those have “Authentic” fitness certificates, without bribery. From their engines (pollution) to their seating (user experience) to their boots. They’re horrendous. Not to mention 99% of Mehran’s and IFX’s being CNG bombs. At least we had comfortable seating and mostly much better carbon emissions from UBER and Careem drivers than kaali peeeli IFX and Mehran .

    • FuriousNinja

      Regular taxis charge more. I don’t where you are getting your info from. Have you ever used them?
      Nobody is putting blind trust in those companies. We are availing those services because of the simple fact i.e they are better than every local yellow cab out there. The rides are way better when compared to your regular taxis.

  • MIS

    Another STUNT to divert public attention!

  • Hamid Akhunzada

    Really Dr Umar Saif?

  • Muhammad Qasim Naeem

    Many People driving their private cars as a taxi then?

  • nothing is really going to happen-
    careem and uber will challenge the decision in court. They will get the stay and continue to operate the service untill decision is reached.
    The court will continue to give “tareekh per tareekh”
    In the end, they will be asked to register their cars as commercial or something of that sort.

    Once you start operating in pakistan, the chances of getting banned is very less.
    Any one remembers chinki rickshaw in karachi ?

    • Muhammad Haris

      chinchi rickshaw was banned due to less safety , even at that time chinchi having closed back was allowed

  • Neo

    sab band krdo . . . sirf #Terrorism “ON” rakho . . . . . . .
    Every time a new sector starts making some bucks , Pak bureaucracy jumps in to loot it. After Telco and Banking now this cab service

    These fat p*** in Bureaucracy want people to travel in their coffin type public bus

    #Pak Bureaucracy is a cancer in itself.

  • asher

    What do u expect from Sharif Family, they always find cheap way to earn money.
    Definitely, they must have license.. what about taxi’s goes on with Yellow/Black color? what about their credibility, most of the crimes done thru these rikhshaws, unregistered taxi’s. Atleast Uber/Careem have their registered system/car owner as partner.
    For last 20-30 years, anyone can run taxi without permit, then why Punjab Authority wakes up now? MONEY MONEY MONEY is their god.

  • shakeeltariq

    What happened to PITB’s collaboration with these services. There were some MoUs AFAIK.

  • koki

    Create more jobless … where the world is trying to create jobs so people can earn a reasonable living. These companies exists in the world and are doing business successfully supported by local govt. As for as the cut the drivers should have an NTN and should the subscriber company should send their earning data to govt for tax purpose… Claiming it illegal is not legitimate and give a bad picture of the country.

  • koki

    How will the traffic police know which car is using this service ?? If they get the data from the host where everyday people create accounts and use them seldom. Then more check posts more traffic jams

  • Motor Vehicle Act, 2-3 moti moti galian daynay ka dil chah raha hai. Karachi main chalnay wala har Raksha khilafwarzi karta hai. Rent a car kis khatay main chalti hain? Careem main frequently use karta hon. What are the alternate they are offering.

    Koye na koye aisa Iqdam yeh log kardaytay hain k mazeed nafrat hojaye in say.

    • Ishtiaq

      In kanjaron ko commission nahi mil raha tha uber n Careem se bas is liye illegal hogai raat o raat. Karachi maib public transport ka kia haal hai ab yeh services bhi band hongi tou log kahan dhakay khaien ge? Petroleum products pehley hi mehngi karnay jarhi hai Govt jis ka effect in ki prices pe paray ga agar inko tax kar diya gaya aur bhatta khpri shuru hogai tou uska sara effect common people pe paray ga. Shame on these governments. Yeh Awaam dushmani hai.

      • FuriousNinja

        Bilkul sahi. Jaib me paisa ni ja rha to sb illegal hgya phir inkay liay.

  • Gul Zehra Rizvi

    Welcome to Pakistan, where banned terrorist outfits i.e. SSP, ASWJ and LeJ are LEGAL whereas anything that actually helps people is illegal . Bik Gai Hai Gormint

    • Ishtiaq

      Bik nahi gai. Upcoming elections ka kharcha nikalna hai isi tarah bhatta khori kar k, logon ki jaibon pe dakay daal k.

  • koi acha kaam na honay dhayna

  • Salman Akram

    Jesi Awam wesy Hukmaran…
    Read the comments and in a shock still that some dushbags are supporting this decision. Why the hell u people are even on this planet?? Just to support this corrupt system and corrupt rulers. Uber and Careem are providing a good service to public and u idiots are celebrating that they are done. Tell me who is following the law in this country? Have you ever visited the FBR website? Visit it on daily basis and read the latest updates. U will find how benefits of billions of rupees in tax exemptions are being provided to just one project in lahore (Orange Line Metro). To all those who are defending these corrupt politicians… PLEASE GO TO HELL!!! AND TAKE YOUR FAVOURITE RULERS WITH YOU SO YOU CAN CONTINUE TO GET f***** BY THEM THERE TOO

    • Tayyab

      now for one moment, imagine that careem was owned by nawaz sharif sons living abroad and it was making profit without any legal framework in its sector and causing revenue loss to govt but people were happy using its service. Will you still want govt to step back and let the the money flow out without any legal oversight?

  • ABKhan

    Thank you showbaz, Nawaz and Patwari league. They are taking the country ahead. Very progressive step indeed.

  • Hashim Hasan

    It is a pity that something which is a public convenience service at an affordable price is being banned in Punjab and Sindh. I feel both Uber and Careem have introduced great service which has become a livelihood of many and providing convenience across the board to commuters like never before.
    I strongly feel that this ban is lifted as only the common citizens of this country stand to suffer.


    Realy its a perfect N league statement… certificate of newly built cars is realy necessary but where is labs yan inspector apna mou silencer k upper rakh k check kry ga k car fit hain yan nahi lolx

  • Adnan Rao

    To ab yeh “drama” yahan bhi chalega.

  • Fawad Niazi

    This is not new for foreign online-platform based companies like Careem and Uber but definitely dangerous sign for local entrepreneurs … just search over internet and you will find same words against Careem and Uber in other territories yet it is a reality that both are working with some compromises at both ends. If you out-rightly ban this model, you are ready to ban each and every virtual-physical market intermediary and associated services … How you will encourage innovation and digital services if you start judging new services on the basis of traditional laws … Govt has to decide whether they want to promote only subscriber base or real uptake of innovative services.

  • Osaid Rahman

    Where these notifications were when such new ventures or services coming in Pakistan ???

  • fahad khan

    The pethatic government of pakistan cannot see any good thing for ppl comfort.
    They just want to raise money for their panama and swiss accounts .
    Curse on you Nawaz sharif and zardari

  • Pak pehlay

    “Hamara hissa kidher hay?”
    – Punjab Government

  • Hasnu

    What more can you expect from the Kingdom. If it is Uber and Careem who they so wanted to be legalized and secured for the people then what about that filthy transport mini bus service in Karachi which treat passengers in a way that if your compare the world animals are treated better around the globe, what about those Chinhchi Rikshaws which took the life of my childhood friend, what about those Black Taxis whose drivers charge on will for their filthy and pathetic service, what about those Contract Carriages who had taken the lives of many citizens due to their rash driving and extremely violent behavior, what about those Airport CAB services which tears your pockets out, what about those CNG Rikshaws which charge you twice or thrice for a destination along with all the bumps and ear rupturing engine noise. It explicitly shows how much our leaders care about people. I feel shameful….!

  • Is iqdaam se ye baat 100% sabit ho jati he ke Government sirf apna bhala sochti he, awam ka nahi. Uber aor Careem se drivers aor riders dono khush thay aor dono ko benefit ho raha tha. Metro buses aor Orange train rang bazi he sab. Ghar le jaein BC isay…

    • Ishtiaq

      Jangla bus pe subsidy de rahay hain awaam k paison se, arbon rupon k losses pe chal rahi hai, hazaron logon k makaan tor k banai hai woh sub kanooni hai, mulk main sharab khanay khulay aam chal rahay hain woh sub qanooni hai baki yeh service jo private sector ney relief k tor pe di hai awam ko woh ghair qanoni hai kyuin k inki dalali nahi ban rahi is say.

  • taking away a good transport from public is totally bullshit…Gov min want to make money by sucking up the public blood

    • Ishtiaq

      Blood purani baat hogai, ub yeh urine bhi peenay k chakar main hain. isi waja se yeh sub horaha hai.

  • arc

    these kida of govt decision make me smash my head. why dont they simply say hey we need our cut/bhattha ! fitness certificate are you kidding me lolz . shame on this corrupt govt