Orient Electronics’ Massive Sale Ends Today

Recently Orient Electronics launched a huge sale on its products with good offers for customers.

Those who failed to make the most of Orient’s sale to date can check it out today. The sale is ending soon so you can either visit a store near you or order online. The sale ends today on 28th February, with spring season right on the horizon.

Whether you need a DC Inverter AC to beat the heat, a beautiful 4K LED TV with vibrant colors and picture resolution for your living room or a gorgeous fridge with cutting edge technology, you can take advantage of Orient‘s sale.

Here’s what they are offering.

DC Inverter AC with a Lifetime Offer

Orient’s DC Inverter AC vows to cut the electricity bills up to 60 percent. You can take advantage of Orient’s sale and ensure that you beat the heat in the months ahead.

4K LED TV at the Lowest Prices

Orient is also offering 4K LED TVs. These Ultra High Definition TVs not only impress with their incredible resolution and entertaining apps but also feature suave designs. They are currently available at a discounted price so now’s a good time to pull the trigger on that new tv purchase.

Flat Rs. 5000 on All Refrigerators

Been meaning to replace that old worn-out fridge but the high rates always scare you away? Not anymore. Orient offers flat Rs. 5000 off on all its Refrigerators, making this a perfect time to get one.




  • ProPk You are late :
    I got email from Direct Orient to my email at 1:06 PM today :

    As you see in below :


    • Faizan

      Bhai mje contact kare

      • Thanks for received call nice talking to you

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    • Ginkgo biloba

      Annoying orange

    • Musa Mir

      Yar wo becharay pehle he itni offers day rahay hain, orr kia dein :P

      • Or Discount Chahyeh :
        Hum Ghareeb Dawlance Waly Orient Ka Bhi Maza Lay Lengy Is Bahany

  • Sahil


    What is the result of Orient AC inverter,, I hear that there are some manufacturing issues with them

    • Uzair Moni Badar

      Yaar i have been using orient for a very long time. I didn’t face a single problem. I have used ACs and LEDS and fridges and never did i run into any problems. Orient is the only company actually trying to bring innovation … :)

  • Uzair Moni Badar

    I have seen this guy before talking trash about Orient. Boss unho ne aapko bola kia hai?? :P

    • Uzair Moni Badar

      The way you type I dont think anyone would have hired you…
      oh is that the reason why you hate orient? Did they not hire you or fired you for being a complete asshat

      • Uzair Moni Badar

        I dont know who that guy is or you are or who works where. Quite frankly i dont care not even a little so please unless someone else is paying you to keep on with this… i would love for it to end… i hate opening my browser to a bunch of notifications that i dont want to see or have the time to….

        • Uzair Moni Badar

          RIP everyone for all i care… ciao

          • Uzair Moni Badar

            should have seen the block option before… ADIOS MI AMIGO

        • Adonis

          Dear Uzair
          I dont like orient for deceptive social marketing, fake discounts , pathetic after sales services and poor quality of products and i have all the right to express my opinion about orient on any social website.

          All of sudden you and your friend started blaming me employee of any other company.

          Both of you posted many comments on propakistani by customers but as a matter of fact both of you are employee of orient.

          I hate cheaters and liars and thats why i posted comments against orient

          You done studies with him

          You do job with him

          For god sake , please stop cheating & deceiving innocent people & customers

          we have to die one day and answer Allah SWT

          Customer is not ignorant

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  • Bilal Usman

    I have been using Orient Inverter type and regular 4 AC’s for the last 18 months.
    No Issues.
    Inverter 1.5T works 24 hours in my bed and lounge 750 sq ft at 26c. I hv installed an amps meter to it permanently. During day it uses around 2.0/3.5amps and at night around 0.1/2 . Excellent performance.