FIR Registered Against Blasphemous Pakistani Facebook Page Owners

In response to hearing of a case in Islamabad High Court, Islamabad Police today registered an FIR against the owners of Facebook pages that posted blasphemous content.

FIR, a copy of which is pasted below, reads that some unidentified individuals were operating Facebook pages namely, “Bhainsa, Moochi, and Roshni” that were not only posting content against state institutions but were also spreading blasphemous content.

FIR read that such blasphemous content hurt the feelings of 200 million Pakistani Muslims.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, on orders of IHC, has already blocked these pages for users in Pakistan.

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Islamabad High Court, just in case if you aren’t following, has been hearing a case about posting blasphemous content on Facebook.

Petitioner alleged that Salman Haider, Ahmed Waqas Goraya, Asim Saeed, Ahmed Raza Naseer and Samar Abbas created and operated the pages in questions.

IHC has asked to put the names of alleged Facebook page owners in ECL (Exit Control List).

It won’t be out of place to mention that Facebook usually doesn’t reveal the identity of the users or the page owners. Just recently it turned down a request from Pakistan’s government for revealing the information of users who had posted fake images of Chief Justice of Pakistan.

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    • Exactly…

      Bro, now wait & see people with failed dna will start posting against here & on social media.

        • Your matter of concern should not be evidence against blasphemers, but instead it should be to find those pigs out and hang them if you are a Muslim. Shame that instead of condemning these unforgivable sins you are sympathizing n teaching us law. No law is above respect of our religion.

          • If I consider Albert Einstein a prophet and someone says bad things about Einstein, am I allowed to kill that person?

            • If it’s in your country and Islamic law then YES.

              Not you. The court has the authority to do.

          • >>> Your matter of concern should not be evidence against blasphemers

            Why not? Are you saying any random xyz can be accused of blasphemy and then killed without any evidence of guilt? I don’t know what your religion is, sir, but what you are suggesting is not allowed in MY religion (Islam). What are you suggesting is MURDER.

            >>> Shame that instead of condemning these unforgivable sins you are sympathizing n teaching us law.

            Ever heard of Islamic law?

            • You are not judge that you are asking for evidence. Your religion is Islam mashaALLAH and instead of seeing n waiting those blasphemers hanged you are keen to see evidence? Great. But we are waiting to see those blasphemers hanged who really made these pages. That’s our only concern.

              • >>> You are not judge that you are asking for evidence.

                What a funny thing to say! Are you a judge? No? Then how come you condemn people without evidence?

                >>> instead of seeing n waiting those blasphemers hanged you are keen to see evidence?

                Well you are dumb. If there is no “evidence” then who can provide proof that they are guilty of blasphemy? Look at picture of FIR, do you see proof there? No? Then how do you know they are guilty?

                Is it okay if your neighbour files petition with same court & judge to accuse you of blasphemy without evidence?

                Yes or no please.

                >>> But we are waiting to see those blasphemers hanged who really made these pages.

                Well so far neither Facebook nor anyone else has presented 100% solid proof that the people named were page admins. In fact, there is many reports that the pages were updated AFTER the people were being held incommunicado. So… what does that say?

                • Again I’m saying evidence is not your matter. Courts are smarter than you, so just wait for those “Real Abusers and blasphemers” to be hanged.

                  • >>> Courts are smarter than you, so just wait for those “Real Abusers and blasphemers” to be hanged.

                    And all I am saying is unless there is evidence that they are guilty, they will not be hanged & you will have to accept that without question.

                    • N again I’m saying evidence seeing evidence shouldn’t be a priority of a Muslim. His priority should be to see those “Real Blasphemers” hanged.

                    • You don’t get it, do you?

                      If there is no evidence of blasphemy then what is left? Just an accusation? What good is an accusation without evidence to back it up?

                      Shall I accuse you of being a theif and rapist and let the mobs do whatever they want with you? Don’t I have to present evidence for that? Then in what way is case of blasphemy any different?

                      In fact, is it EXTREMELY EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that there is evidence of blasphemy because it is a capital offence where someone CAN BE KILLED BY THE GOVERNMENT.

                      Or do you want the government going around killing random people?

                      I asked for yes or no answer, you cannot give one. You clearly have not the brainpower to understand the problem.

                      In fact… since you keep bringing it up… where is the need for judges and courts if there is no need for evidence?

                    • Sir, since you really like to answer in YES or NO. Aap se ek simple sa sawal, agar koi guilty prove hojata hai in blasphemy do you agree that person should be HANGED?

                      Please reply in YES or NO only and please don’t say that its impossible to prove or anything else. Only one clear answer if proven guilty then hanged – YES or NO?

                    • I will answer your questions.

                      >>> agar koi guilty prove hojata hai in blasphemy do you agree that person should be HANGED?

                      If they are proven guilty in Pakistan, then YES the capital punishment (death) is valid.

                      Now I don’t know why you asked that question because I have never said they should or should not be hanged. I only ask: where is evidence? We are all ready go find those five people and hang them when no one has shown proof. And like I asked in other comment, if we don’t need evidence, then why do we need FIR process, courts, judges, lawyers, etc etc?

                    • Got my answer thanks for replying, and regarding the other part I don’t think any sensible person would simply ask these 5 people to be hanged. Obviously they need to be proven guilty before any punishment.

                    • Obviously you need to read ZAB and TechWaterPistole’s comments. They don’t care about proven guilty or not.

                    • Well I think these 2 guys agree on this point too, I am sure their point is to HANG the culprits and not anyone who is nominated for this. But once proven guilty, then not even a single minute should be wasted.

                      Lets put an end to this discussion, ZAB and TechTnT do you guys agree with above points?

                    • Agreed. Evidences must prove it.

                      Saying guilty is not enough.

                      Those who are acusing must come forward & help the process to complete.

                      Not only these but all such page admin ( lot more) must be hanged. Before something worse happens.

                      If the investigation was not done properly & exceptional favors( hiding realities) were given to accused the court decision will change & consequences were different.

                      But sorry to say when the case becomes high profile. Everyone directly/ indirectly involved jumps in to keep it shut down.

                      I am not in favor to acuse anyone with out proof. But once done. Law must be in action quickly.

                    • Yes, I’m saying from the beginning that hang them immediately if proven guilty of doing blasphemy. Simple is that. Why would anyone would want to see innocent people hanging? Is those bloggers are blasphemers then their punishment should not be less than death.

            • D*mb man, I was a regular visitor of those pages to condemn the posts of admins. They always did blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. and Allah and made fun of Islam. I am quite sure agencies have got screenshots as evidence for what they posted over the years.

              • And then so can you explain how the pages were updated AFTER those five people were held captive? Does not seem like evidence that those five are guilty if it was updated AFTER they were offline.

                And also can you explain why Ch Nisar was upset at FIA for registering FIR against those five people for blasphemy case?

                • Clearly you know nothing. People from agencies took over and started posting positive posts. In fact, in one post on a page they mentioned that it’s now owned by agencies of pakistan and they will run it now.

                    • So according to your logic, only illiterate junkies work in agencies like FIA, ISI? And they are incompetent to track down a person running sh*t on Facebook?
                      Besides anybody from agencies who is active on social media can take over and post whatever he wants on those ceased pages.

                  • There’s a new Bhensa page I guess. They criticize Mohammad’s personality and his life in a very distasteful way. And all our Pakistani brothers do is abuse and threaten to kill.

                • Tu nay kyuin Zameen Asmaan aik kiya huwa un panchon ko innocent sabit karnay main? Yeh tera ya mera kaam nahi hai. Agar woh panchoon sabit hon tou tujhey aitraaz hai koi unki saza pe? Evidence ki kia rat lagai hoi hai tu ne? Jo kaam huwa hai in pages pe us pe tou aik lafz nahi kaha tu nay condemn karnay ko. Aur keh raha hai k Muslim hun?

    • “Gustakh-E-Rasool Ki Saza
      Sir Tan Se Juda”

      Presenting religion of peace led by Rehmat-ul-lil-Aalameen.

        • Those should be tolerated. Didn’t Mohammad tolerate people who said bad things about him?

          • Those should be tolerated to abuse? I wonder if u have even a 1% of ghairat. If u even know what ghairat is. You seem one of their like minded and companion. So u have problem if those pigs will go under trial?

            • See. You are now saying bad things about me just because I have a different opinion.

              There was a story in my school book that told me that there was an old lady who used to throw trash on Mohammad. When she got sick, Mohammad went to see her and took care of her. Is that story false?

              • Only He (Prophet Muhammad PBUH) has the right to personally forgive some one. We as a Ummat don’t have the Right to forgive the abuser on His Behalf.

                When there is a Law follow it.

                BTW Different Opinion & Allowing an Abuser are opposite things.

                If you have love to learn things you will find answers but arguing without knowledge or deciding things on personal opinions. There will be clash.

                Simple. If still non conceivable then you have something that i can’t fix & don’t need to give further answer.

                Find the Expert or live with ignorance.

                • “Only He (Prophet Muhammad PBUH) has the right to personally forgive some one. We as a Ummat don’t have the Right to forgive the abuser on His Behalf.”

                  What you’re saying doesn’t make any sense at all. If I’m a good person would I ask people to kill someone who says bad things about me? I don’t think so.

                  Mohammad forgave everyone who did bad to him in his own life and told you guys to kill anyone who says bad stuff about him?

                • >>> Only He (Prophet Muhammad PBUH) has the right to personally forgive some
                  one. We as a Ummat don’t have the Right to forgive the abuser on His

                  What a weird thing to say! It is as if you don’t think before you post. By the same logic you have presented, then who gave you permission to kill someone instead of forgiving? How is “killing” a right but forgiving not? How much have you read about reward given to those who control their anger and also forgive in Hadeeth and Quran? Now tell me how much reward is given to those who kill except in the way of Allah?

              • Wow! Great, i just said even if u have 1% ghairat, you are making me reconsidering my words and don’t like it? Now where did your tolerance go that you had to even mention it? I didn’t even abuse u. And you want us to tolerate those pigs who did blasphemy openly and made jokes? Great! now i see.

                • Well, if you want to use those words, be my guest.

                  I’m not going to kill you for that. : )

                  • I’m just pointing your tolerance, that even a small point couldn’t go kool n easy with you, how come you are teaching others lesson of tolerance? I’m amazed.

                    • You’ve a wrong idea of what tolerance is. I just pointed out that you’re resorting to badmouthing. I did not say any bad things about you. I did not harm you physically. That is tolerance.

                    • Then when did i harm u? I didn’t say anything either but you became so impatient that you had to actually pointed out though u could simply answer. Stop this tolerance lecture, I’ve seen much of your tolerance.

                    • I’m intolerant because I told you you’re using bad words for me. And you’re tolerant because you want people to be murdered because they use bad words for your religion. Gotcha.

                    • Ghairat is not bad word. I can’t translate in urdu, i heard there’s no word as such in English dictionary. And i appreciate you that you are at least honest and saying openly that u r an atheist not like our own hypocrites who are Muslims in disguise.

                    • There’s a word for ghairat in English: “honor”. I don’t have any religious affiliations but I do believe in God.

                    • No honor is not Ghairat. Honor is not exact meaning. That’s why Ghairat can’t be explained in English.

                    • “Ghairat” is actually an abstract concept that exists in subcontinent to oppress women and minorities. When we don’t have any logical reason to silence or counter someone, we just pull “ghairat” out of our pocket as one.

                    • No geek, you won’t understand Ghairat, so please leave it. Don’t do your own interpretations.

                    • I’ve grown up in Pakistani society and have lived about 3 decades. I understand what people mean when they say gherat. Ye tab bedaar hoti hay jb behan jeans pehen leti hay ya apni marzi sy shadi krne ki baat krti hay.

                    • I’ve grown up in Pakistani society and have lived about 3 decades. I understand what people mean when they say gherat. Gherat triggers when a sister wears jeans or when she wants to marry a guy of her own choice.

                    • No Ghiarat is above jeans, please don’t pressurize your mind on it, you won’t understand Ghairat.

                    • Well then it’s a good thing that I don’t since I’m not going on a killing spree for religion.

          • I pray & wish you to have a religion & you become a Muslim not by looking in to misconception or personal interpretations. But by real Preachings of Islam.
            Do visit Allim-eDeen, Sufiya & Aulia Allah. Then Things will come to you mind & feel the beauty.

            Allah Know Better if you don’t have luck (qismat/naseeb) for that

            lakh di lanat teray jaman walayaan tay.

            • Not having any religion is my personal decision. What do my parents have to do with it? Your rage is misdirected.

              • I agree with you brother it’s your own choice and Islam teaches the same thing

                “There is no compulsion in religion”

                These ignorant ppl have never even read mujadideen and the interpretations of older eras. They’ll believe whatever their muhalle ka molvi tell them. So there is no point arguing with them . Humanity is above everything according to Islam. Killing the blasphemers ain’t gonna solve any issue. You’ve to prove them wrong with evidence. No one focuses in that area and have turned religion of peace into something completely different.

                  • You don’t need to be a scholar to realize that killing people for religion is not okay. You just need to be a rational human being.

                    • Great!
                      Atheist usually hates every other religion. They love disrespecting people and their religion and they usually hide behind fancy names (not saying that you’re one of them)

                    • if you have so much love for humanity why don’t you raise your voice where Muslim are Killed. Kashmir, Libay, Yemen, Afghanistan, Burma , Gaza, india (religion based killing)

                      isn’t it something else in your mind. Wrapped under the cover of Blasphemous. (social Terror)

                      you are continuously in a favor of abusing.

                    • “why don’t you raise your voice where Muslim are Killed. Kashmir, Libay, Yemen, Afghanistan, Burma , Gaza, india (religion based killing)”

                      I’ve actually constantly talked about wrongful Indian occupation of Kashmir on different forums. During American elections, I supported Bernie Sanders who was in favor of cutting US AID to Israel and giving Palestinians back their land. I’ve also criticized Obama for not putting GW Bush and Dick Cheney on trial who waged unlawful wars on Afghanistan and Iraq.

                      Your assumption is just plain wrong.

                    • “why don’t you raise your voice where Muslim are Killed. Kashmir, Libay, Yemen, Afghanistan, Burma , Gaza, india (religion based killing)”

                      I’ve actually constantly talked about wrongful Indian occupation of Kashmir on different forums. During American elections, I supported Bernie Sanders who was in favor of cutting US AID to Israel and giving Palestinians back their land. I’ve also criticized Obama for not putting GW Bush and Dick Cheney on trial who waged unlawful wars on Afghanistan and Iraq.

                      Your assumption is just plain wrong.

  • لبیک یا رسول اللہ ﷺ
    Allah ke fazal se ye khabees/gustakh apne anjam ko puhnchein ge..

  • I am speecless after reading names of these culprits. They all seems muslims by name. And a true muslim can not even think about it forget doing something like this, even on price of his life.
    Allah sab ko hidayet de. Ameen

  • And the same people don’t care about the feelings of 20 million Ahmedis when they say blasphemous stuff about their prophet.

    • do you know what is meant by Ahmedi ? if not then do some learning before making a corner decision.

      if yes then with due apology enjoy the same untraceable L that you familiy did.

      • Since I’ve studied all major religions in depth, I’ve a pretty great idea of what Ahmedi Islam is. Are you saying their feelings are less important than other Muslims?

        And kindly don’t resort to abuse and name-calling, it doesn’t help your cause.

        • This is Pakistan and every country has own laws and so we have and if you have any issue leave this country or abide by all laws

          • Oppressive laws are oppressive. As a Pakistani I’ve every right to speak up against the oppressive laws. Or do you think I’m less of a Pakistani than you?

            • This is oppressive according to your knowledge and you dont have any mandate to decide its oppressive or not

              Europe is considered civilized but they have many laws where no one can utter a word

              • “Europe is considered civilized but they have many laws where no one can utter a word”

                Highlight any three such laws in a single European country.

                • Holocaust denial is a crime in 14 countries

                  go and visit these 14 countries and claim this as freedom of expression and you will be no more on planet earth

                • You are not living in Europe. This is Islamic Republic of Pakistan and here Allah (SWT) and his Prophet (SAW) supremacy is above any and every law. And that too is where our constitution begins from.

                    • Whoever did but we don’t care about any law or person when it comes to our religion(full stop).

                    • It’s pretty obvious you don’t care about human life. I don’t care about the religion that doesn’t care about human life.

                    • On one side you blaming him and on the other side you blaming whole Islam for sheer this

                      My religion care about humanity and dont allow to kill anyone

                      “the one who killed one human being , killed the whole humanity”

                      but as far as law is concerned its Pakistan law the one who say anything bad will be hanged till death

                      its all about country law

            • I think you are less of Muslim, coz your Emaan is not completed until you love Mohammed (SAW) more than everything. And no lover will listen abuse against his beloved Prophet (SAW).

              • You know who listened most abuse against Mohammad? Mohammad himself. But he tolerated and treated those people good.

                You guys say you’re his followers but don’t want to do what he did. You want to kill people instead of tolerating.

                • When we do not even tolerate listening against our parents than how come we would tolerate or even listen such sinful acts against our Prophet (SAW) on whose respect not only us but our parents n families will be qurban happily. And that too we will let go in this Islamic Republic? Why?

                    • No, but i would definitely react, n here law is taking due course. So why u consider it a killing? They will be tried and if proven guilty they will get sentence accordingly. So why are so afraid about their punishment? Why u have sympathy for a bunch of abusers than the millions of people whose sentiments have been injured by those abusers? Don’t u see it as inhumane?

                    • Aap ke buhat sare messages parhe, just ek request aap se. Will you mind commenting using your original identity / ID?

                    • I know but I just wondered if you would have commented with your own identity on this matter that would have been great.

                    • I hope there comes a day when we can have this kind of discussion without any fear in our country,. Right now I wouldn’t. I’m already receiving threats for my “unpopular” opinion.

                • and its nothing to do with Individual Act

                  Its about a law of Pakistan

                  You cant abuse our prophet in our own country

                  our country our rules

                  this is how things works in whole world

                  • What you’re saying reads like this: Since we’re in majority, we don’t care about minorities. We care about our own feelings. We will make fun of every other religion and their religious personalities but if you say something about our religion or prophet you will be killed by the state or an enraged mob.

                    That’s might is right philosophy. You know where it belongs? In the jungle. I’m sorry I don’t want my country to be a jungle.

                    • who said we dont care about minorities

                      all over the world there are certain laws for everyone which need to be followed and off course majority decides fate of countries and lead legislation

                      There is no policy of Pakistan which promote to make fun of other religion

                      this is not might is right

                      like in Few Indian States Muslims are not allowed to sacrifice cow

                      there are two options for them leave India or follow the rule

                      Its so simple

                      which you dont want to learn

                      There is not even a single country in the world where majority rules the fate of the country

                    • “who said we dont care about minorities”

                      Well, for starters our constitution is bigoted. You guys claim to be the champions of equal rights and cheer a lot when a Muslim mayor is elected in London. However, section 41 of your constitution doesn’t allow a non-Muslim to be a Prime Minister of Pakistan and section 91 of the constitution forbids a non-Muslim to become a President. It means that you guys think a non-Muslim is less Pakistani than you Muslims.

                      Then our constitution declares Ahmedis as non-Muslims. Since when state become God? Isn’t it God’s jurisprudence to decide who’s Muslim and who’s not? Ahmedis are hated everywhere in Pakistan. So much so that they’ve to hide their religious affiliation.

                      Up till last year the state of Pakistan didn’t recognize Hindu marriages legally. It was only last year that law was passed. After 68 years. Transgenders have no rights in Pakistan. They’re even less than human beings.

                      We think that we care about minorities in our country but we literally don’t.

                    • This is your point of view

                      every country has its own rules whats wrong if Pakistan have

                      Ahmedis declared non Muslims because they dont believe that SAW is last messenger/prophet

                      No one hates them for their religion

                      they are non Muslims but they are human beings too

                      Our religion taught us to treat others well

                      even i have good ahmedi friends and ahmedis are on good position in many institutions

                      you highlighted good points but there are many other areas where legislation need to be reviewed or changed and cant be labeled to religion

                    • “No one hates them for their religion”

                      Yup, a mob burned down Ahmedi mosque a couple of months back but nobody hates them for their religion. Right.

                      “Our religion taught us to treat others well”

                      Did your religion teach you to kill people when they criticize your religion or prophet?

        • can you please name the Religions , books & sources for them. it seems like you want to learn love & you studied the book of dogs.

          • Poor TechTnT, he has to hide his comments from his children. Shows how much proud he is.

            In fact, it shows he knows his behaviour is not acceptable. Otherwise, why hide?

    • 20 million according to?

      Who’s their prophet? and when the Quran clearly stated that Prophet SAWW is the last prophet then how come we (anyone else) believe that Mirza Ghulam Qadiyani is (Naozobillah) a prophet?

      What do you propose? All those abusing him should be kept free in a state where it’s against the law.

        • You want to kill people because they said bad things about your religion? That’s fine with you?

          • I dont want to kill anyone nor anyone else but its courts who will decide the fate of that person and as per Pakistan law such person would be hanged till death.

            My religion dont allow to kill even a non Muslim but in our country its law if anyone say something wrong about our prophet he will be hanged till death

            so anyone want to live in Pakistan have to obey laws

            • Obeying a law and agreeing with it are two different things.

              And no, I don’t have to agree with all the laws of a country especially if they are oppressive and brutal. You guys want to kill people because they say bad stuff about your prophet while you disrespect other faiths, religions and religious personalities. That’s not only hypocritical but regressive.

              • Dear
                Already told you , it might be oppressive and brutal for you but not for everyone and every country has its own set of laws and every country has the right to establish laws. If you dont agree then leave the country because in democracy majority is authority.

                You can settle in any secular state but Pakistan is a Muslim country and we respect other religions but Ahmedi is something else and related too our religion too.

                Ahmedi is non Musilm according to our country law

                There is difference between hate speech and freedom of expression

                • “Already told you , it might be oppressive and brutal for you but not for everyone”

                  Killing people for religion is not brutal for you and other Pakistanis?

                  • why its crime to deny holocaust of jews in Europe ???

                    Its nothing to do with religion

                    Its about laws, crime and punishment

                    if anyone comment any crime it has certain punishments

                    people are being punished all over the world for crimes

                    • It’s a stupid law. And the law doesn’t have a death sentence. Our laws are putting people to death. In fact our laws have made people take law into their own hands. For example Mumtaz Qadri.

                    • you cant blame whole religion for individual acts

                      There is no where written anything about it in Islam

                      but its our love for our Prophet that if anyone in our country will say anything wrong about our prophet we will deal with him accordingly to our laws

                  • Its our Spiritual No Go Area. who ever cross it intentional he deserves the consequences…

                    • I asked … abusing don’t kills peace ?

                      You are replying… words dont kill people ….

                      Yes abusing do kill peace & results in killing people.

                      Its depends how much one care about the issue / person.

                      If you abuse me i may be patient & forgive. but if you abuse my Parents heat will increase & if level goes high the Heat will be uncontrollable.

                      Now you say it misguided rage or what ever its your opinion.

                      When we dont abuse then we don’t allow to abuse.

                    • You said due to your hate speech / different opinions you are receiving threats.

                      Isn’t it killing your peace ?

                    • Hate speech is when you incite violence and try to convince people it’s fine to physically harm people. What I’m saying isn’t hate speech.

                      Are you saying that criticizing a religion is the same as giving a murder threat?

  • It’s a good thing that the police was sensible enough to register the FIR against “unidentified individuals” instead of naming any people directly. The burden of proof lies on the accusers here to prove that the people named above are indeed the ones running the said pages.

    Had someone been named directly, fanatics would’ve probably killed them before anything actually went to trail and their guilt (or innocence) could have been proven.

        • Exactly. And this is what our religion also teaches us. But this is a very sensitive issue for us and I think releasing any names in public (like the ones being mentioned in the article above) is very irresponsible until their guilt is proven.

          What if, by reading their names on ProPakistani, someone decides to take the law into their own hands (highly discouraged in our religion but still some ignorant people do that) and these people end up being innocent. That’s a very dangerous scenario and we all should play our part to make sure such incidents never happen.

          • I dont have mandate to comment about it but the one who killed him was punished by our country courts

            • “I dont have mandate to comment about it”

              You don’t need “mandate” to say NO. He wasn’t proven guilty.

              “who killed him was punished by our country courts”

              And hailed and revered as a hero by Pakistanis. We’re making murderers our heroes.

              • It’s simple whether it’s ahmidi our Muslim a person who is abusing Islam should be hang till death.if u ahmidis don’t agree with Pakistani laws than its better for u to leave this country.

                    • The fact that you think of human beings with different opinions as germs gives a great reflection on you and your religion.

                    • The fact that you think of human beings with different opinions as germs gives a great reflection on you and “your religion”

                    • Yeah, that reflects on your religion badly. That doesn’t MAKE your religion bad. It’s like when teachers say that your behavior and attitude is a reflection of your family. Now if you behave badly it doesn’t necessarily mean that your family is bad but your actions are making it look bad.

                      Nuance, my fellow Pakistani. Nuance.

                  • its not Religion who established this law

                    Its our country which set this law

                    anyone who dont agree leave the country or abide by law

                    • No. That’s not how things work. People have right to stand up against laws that they don’t agree with.

                      In 1960s millions of Americans stood up against slavery laws and that’s why blacks are free today.

                    • People means majority

                      and i assure you majority people are standing with this law

                      if you have any problem please gather people and protest on roads

                      Keep my words

                      you will be all alone on the road

                    • Majority doesn’t decide what’s right and wrong. In 700 A.D, majority thought that it’s okay to enslave people but we don’t do it anymore. If majority thinks it’s okay to kill people for religion, they’re wrong and I don’t stand with them even if I’m alone.

                      And no, when civil war started in US, protesters were in minority. The movement educated more and more people as it grew and finally in 1960s Lyndon B. Johnson, then president of the US, signed the Civil Rights Act which gave blacks more freedom.

                    • who will decide then whats right whats wrong ???

                      please go and protest and change the law

                      i would love to see the result

                    • Killing in the name of religion is wrong. Period.

                      “please go and protest and change the law”

                      More than law, people’s mentality needs to change. They think it’s fine to kill people for religion.

                    • Relion is ,was and will always be an important part of human lives

                      and there are certain laws all over the world

                      its all about laws and countries

                      no laws means like law of jungle

                    • “relion is ,was and will always be an important part of human lives”

                      No. According to the recent statistics, around 17% of world’s population has no religious affiliation anymore. That’s the highest % in human history for irreligious people.

                      Laws shall be appropriate. Murdering people for religion isn’t appropriate. And you can’t show me any example outside of the Muslim world where state kills people for saying bad words. That only happens in Muslim countries that follow the religion of “peace”.

                    • 83% is a large number

                      thats your opinion and any country has the right to not honor your opinion

                      Non Muslim countries has killed and destroyed more number of human being rather than your blamed Islamic countries

                      this so called developed countries has ruined the peace planet earth

                    • 83% is a large number but it used to be 99% just 100 years ago.

                      Yeah, they have destroyed other countries. They don’t oppress and kill their own people like we do.

                    • Ease up dude. Sheeple are everywhere in PK and they think they’re the only protectors of Islam left in the world. Even the saudis are lessor muslims than PKis. You’re just wasting your breathe. Logic doesn’t work with an emotional nation. A judge that is supposed to be impartial makes an emotionally driven statement is all you need to know why the world laughs at PKis.

                      Good job trying to do your bit though. Cheers.

                    • Check stats how many Americans have been killed by own country men before blaming us

                      Check where Pakistan stands on that list

                    • Let’s say more Americans have killed their fellow countrymen compared to Pakistanis. Then it is okay to kill our own people for religion because Americans killed their people too?

                    • Self-defense occurs when someone else has already physically assaulted you and your life is in danger. Someone who’s criticizing your religion or prophet is not putting anyone’s life in danger.

                    • So finally u justified killing in some case. Good. So that way when someone tries to intrude in our religious values than his death is justified too.
                      your way can be different but u too justified killing since that person is hurting u physically. So for us blasphemy is more than if a person tries to kill us physically.

                    • It means, killing in your case is justified but if some blasphemers get their fate, that is wrong? Why double standards?

                    • Killing in my case is justified because if I don’t I’ll be killed. That’s perfectly rational.

                      Killing in your case is not justified because no one’s at risk. Your religion is making you take a human life.

                    • Yes that’s what i am saying, that in ur case you justified it. means there is space of killing in some particular case. Right?

                    • That’s an absurd argument. That means everyone has a right to kill if they consider something worse than physical harm.

                      If Ahemdis started considering it worse than physical harm if you called them non-Muslims, would you let them kill you?

  • People are ‘hiding’ behind fancy names and still supporting those Aholes.
    Salute to all ‘Desi Liberals’ and ‘Fuktards’.

    • The problem is you’re not contributing anything useful to the discussion. If you think it’s okay to kill people for religion then give compelling arguments for it. Calling me a fucktard doesn’t add anything to the discussion.

      • I NEVER quoted YOU or any specific person. Why you think you’re the ‘fucktard’ I am talking about?
        Where did I said anything about killing anyone?

  • I say we ban social media because there are pages showing blasphemous content.
    Ban internet because it hosts social media. Ban electricity because it
    is needed to run the internet. Ban the water used to make electricity. Ban everything! Then we can live in our little bubble where no one can hurt our feelings.

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