Skyelectric Unveils the First Environmentally-Friendly Smart Energy System in Pakistan

Recently, authorities in Pakistan have initiated various projects to overcome the rising energy crisis in Pakistan. To ease the pressure, a US-based company, SkyElectric, has spread its wings in Pakistan to provide smart energy solutions.

SkyElectric plans to begin deploying systems by end March 2017.

SkyElectric Event Launch

CEO Mr. Ashar Aziz Speaking To Media Outlets At The Event Launch

SkyElectric Inc. launched its Smart Energy System in Pakistan at an event held in the Marriott Hotel, Islamabad on the 27th of February, 2017.

The event was attended by members of the government, energy sector, corporate executives, homeowners, academia, green architects and builders.

The CEO started off with a presentation on the energy crisis in the developing world, and why the system was the right building block for a new form of clean power infrastructure.

He demonstrated how the Smart Energy System has multiple features which allow it to be the most advanced solar and storage energy system in the global market.

Ashar Aziz, CEO of SkyElectric, gave a demonstration of the Smart Energy System, in which the audience was treated to a live demo of the Smart Energy Console, the heart of the system.

SkyElectric Smart Energy System is a next generation solar energy production, management and storage solution.

What is SkyElectric’s Smart Energy Console?

The Smart Energy System (SES) integrates technology with a solar grid system that results in a clean, high quality and cheaper source of energy. In other words, it is a substitute for UPS and generators.

The Smart Energy System is an all in one solution and comprises of the following parts:

  1. Smart Energy Inverter
  2. Smart Energy Storage
  3. Solar Panels
  4. Network Operations Center

It also comes with a storage management system software and a mobile application.

Smart Energy Inverter was revealed at a launch event in Marriott

The Smart Energy Console has a touch screen interface, which gives insight into system operations. It has built-in 3G chip and WiFi connectivity, which allows the software to relay information to the SkyElectric Cloud.

Technical support personnel in a Network Operations Center have access to the cloud and can remotely monitor and diagnose faults in the system.

Additionally there is an accompanying SkyElectric App, which provides the same level of visibility as the Smart Energy Console.

Sky Electric is using technology that matches with the energy demands of growing economies. The cost of a three per kilowatt-hour (kWh) solar power system is approximately PKR 1 million.

The company has introduced solar energy systems between 20 to 30 per kWh, which are more cost effective for small and medium sized industries.  The solar powered system will also have a backup support system.

The tentative price list of SkyElectric packages is as below:

  • 3kW – PKR 998,000
  • 5kW – PKR 1,380,000
  • 10kW – PKR 2,440,000
  • 20kW – PKR 4,880,000
  • 30kW – PKR 6,595,000

For further information, visit SkyElectric’s website.

    • that would be your typical Lead acid batteries and cheap inverter with funky looking wires and jugaad and manual maintenance and switching between solar and grid.. That system has already failed massively in pakistan, as lead acid batteries wear out too quickly and people are not technical enough to put the right stuff where its needed! batteries in skyelectric are lithium ion or LiFepo4(im not sure,correct me) which are superior (if its lifepo4 ,expect more)..typical lead acid battery would average out 500 cycles, li ion has 3000 cycles! and lead acid requires atleast 40~50% charge to keep them from completing a cycle.. li ion can dip as below as 20~25% ,no funky wires,no maintenance, long battery life,experts monitoring remotely(yes they remotely keep an eye on the readings) ,ease of remotely monitoring the system yourself, minimalist design.. thats a fair price to pay for such luxuries

  • This technology is still expensive every where in the world. In Australia, the prices are actually same. What needs to be done is that Govt should step in and start to invest in this product by giving the subsidies like every other country does. But in Pakistan Punjab Govt will burn millions of dollars in the name of a Solar Park which is actually a scrap they bought from China to get the commission. In every other country, govt do not invest in trying to generate more power, they invest in trying to save power like giving away free energy efficient LED Globes and Tube light. They also subsidise the cost of the energy efficient fridges and washer etc. It’s the same thing, you invest billions in fake Power Plants or Invest Billions in removing the high energy consuming product and not have to worry about creating more power, cos you are not consuming as much. Pakistani Govt is never going let this project grow. It’s not in their best interest. :)

    • Agree. I used to work in a company and they installed the same system with 1/4th rate in Islamabad. Also skyelectric is offering battery at 90% DoD which drastically decreases the life of the battery so I’m not sure what they are going to acheive by marketing such a useless product. This system they are offering is way too costly.

    • the problem is hardwired into brains of people, if govt takes some initiative (screw the motive behind it) and give away free solar and lights,fans,batteries etc (see what they did in thar etc) the greedy people will sell them for a short time profit. people don’t have a long term thinking,my uncle actually leaded the project and achieved 85% of the goal, but after few months all the initiate done was sold out and they were back to the starting point..yes the govt should start thinking about moving to 110w or 12 w altogether or keeping up with the demand(to which theyve clearly failed)

  • I have got 3KW Hybrid system at my home. It cost me 2.5lacs which is far less compared to SkyElectric. It powers my house from 7:00 AM till 12:00 PM, I manually shut it down at 12 as the K-Electric gets cheaper during off-peak hours and I don’t drain the batteries completely or it will run for another 3 to 5 hours.

    Their cost is touching the Sky with the speed of Electric, hence the name SKY ELECTRIC.. lol..!
    I can get 10kW system with the price of their 3kW system.. :P

      • In Karachi, Cloudy seasons don’t last long. And yes, for the last two years even during cloudy dayz, it works quite well throughout the day but since the power generation is less it worked from 7:00am to 7:00pm and then it switched back to K-Electric.

        Mostly during rainy season power outage is common, but my 3KW Generator is able to charge the batteries along with powering up my whole house.

      • he has the grid power! he chooses to go off grid to save money, he can use the grid whenever weather start messing around

    • what type of batteries you got? is it lead acid or lithium ion or lifepo4 altogether ,im intrested in knowing..

  • Thanks everyone for the commentary on the SkyElectric Smart Energy System.

    First, one cannot compare the prices of two systems simply labelled “3kW” and believe that these are like-system to like-system comparisons. Frequently, local vendors will claim that they are supplying a 3kW system, without specifying the true solar output, battery capacities, expected Depth of Discharge of battery, battery life time etc. It is left to the customer to calculate and understand these issues, and these issues require a fair amount of technical knowledge to understand. For example, a typical low-end 3kW system frequently refers to the power output of the inverter, and the really low price systems have a backup-only 3kW inverter (not a hybrid inverter, simply a backup only off-grid inverter), coupled with 1-1.5kW of solar panels. The battery is similarly sized to power a load of approx 1.5kW for 1-2 hours at 50%DoD. The loads supported by these “3kW” systems also don’t include any kind of AC, be it an inverter AC or standard AC, as these inverters cannot handle the startup current or power requirements of a standard AC. And the lead-acid battery warranty on these low-end systems is typically 3-6 months. You can expect this battery to be dead in 1-2 years, at which point it will need to be replaced. So, this is really not a true 3kW system, cannot sustain AC loads, and the initial price is not the final price you will pay, considering lead-acid battery replacement costs every 1-2 years. And the system has essentially a non-existent warranty from the customer’s perspective for the battery/inverter.

    By comparison, the SkyElectric Smart Energy System rated at 3kW, actually has a 5.5kW hybrid mode inverter, with 3 kW of solar panels, and 6kWh of lithium-ion battery storage. The inverter is hybrid and will supply solar power whether the grid is on or off, reducing your grid bill with solar energy. The entire system has a warranty of 4 years, including the battery. The battery is based on lithium-ion technology which has much longer cycle life than conventional lead-acid batteries. The expected battery life of all the packages quoted exceeds 10 years at 1.2-1.5 cycles per day annualized rate. The 5.5kW inverter can support not just an inverter AC, but also a standard AC, because the inverter can handle the surge current requirements of standard AC compressors. So, the SkyElectric 3kW system is actually a 5.5kW system and can handle 2 inverter ACs or a single standard AC, in addition to other lighter loads like lights, fans, fridges etc. The battery will last ten plus years. And the Smart Energy System has energy intelligence, which allows the system to further reduce or constrain your grid bill, by as much as 10-30% as compared to standard hybrid solar systems that lack energy intelligence. And it comes with professional remote monitoring and maintenance, so your system is always up and providing continuous power. Faults are remotely monitored over the Internet, diagnosed and fixed by a technical team operating from a 24×7 Network Operation Center.

    System packages are actually cheaper than all equivalent systems, be it a generator or a equivalent conventional solar system with lead-acid batteries, within 3-6 years. We invite all interested parties to make an inquiry at to understand this economic analysis better and understand all the cost saving features of the Smart Energy System from a SkyElectric technical sales specialist.
    Thank you.
    SkyElectric Management

    • people around here just short term thinkers, and judge too quickly, ive been replying to people as well, it may be a bit expensive to be honest for the privledge of being monitored by a “expert” or the sleek design and no funky wires, and “smart techn gimick” but its fairly ok for a non technical guy, as a technical guy would just go with lead acid battery and cheap inverter and complain how the solar system has failed

  • This Sky Electric company ( has worst company culture. Managers are Abusive, and try to get over work from employees at no extra benefit and non-unified salaries. Those who have joined this company having links to senior managers (Amin Sukhera) get better salaries but those who are talented and were hired after great interviews are forced to leave this company by maltreatment.

    20+ Engineers have already left this company because of neglecting and attitude of owner Ashar Aziz and his highly paid High Shouting and Abusive Managers. Company has no self respect for its employees. Its time for engineers not to consider working at such organizations who have bad culture and no respect for its employees.

    If you are considering to join this company (Sky Electric)please make sure you ask your seniors and make sure you talk with engineers who were abused at this company before you actually ruin your character and self respect in this company’s hands.

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