Xiaomi’s VR Play 2 Headset Costs Just $14

Xiaomi has unveiled a new virtual reality headset for its audience and in true Xiaomi fashion, the headset is among the cheapest available in the market.

Called the Mi VR Play 2, the headset costs just $14 to boot and is not meant to replace Xiaomi’s other virtual reality headset, the Mi VR Glass.

Focus on Comfort

The Chinese company has focused on being more comfortable with the Play 2, rather than beefing up the tech specs. Given this focus, its doesn’t come as a surprise that the headset now has increased number of holes along the sides to prevent it from becoming too hot under usage.

It is also much more lighter than before, being made from a different “cloth like” material compared to its predecessor which should allow it to be more comfy for extended usage. It has a 16ms latency as well as a motion sensor.

Supported Devices

Based on the list of devices supported by the last model, the headset is likely going to include the Xiaomi Note series and the flagship Mi 5 and (upcoming) Mi 6 phones. It is not clear whether it will be accompanied by a 9-axis motion controller which accompanied the last year’s model.

Not Your Average VR Headset

The headset which is being marketed as a toy by the company, is not meant for full-blown experiences and in-depth observations. However if you haven’t had a taste of virtual reality and 360-degree videos as of yet, the Mi VR Play 2 could serve as a good entry-point.

The headset will be available starting next month with more details about revealed with the accompanying press release.

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  • Assalam-o-Alaikum; a very lay man question about these VRs as I have not yet experienced it, I want to know about How to use it and for what purposes, which are the best available in Karachi? thanks for guidance. regards

    • The “Related” link at the end has all the info you need. The VR headsets are available online so you can order them in Karachi as well.

      • thank you for reply, is there any VR Headset for 7 inch Android Tablet available in Karachi? my cute baby had this Tablet and I want her to enjoy new technology (new for us).

        • I don’t know much but it is not good for the eyes of baby.

          I have used bytes handsets and I did not liked it that much. Specially in summer it is very hard. Eyes get redish after 15 mins of use.

          If it is any different then kindly correct me.

          • yes, it can be harmful when we see the Mobile screen in dark area and very near to eyes, it can be harmful but there should be something else to protect the eyes very special consideration for kids eyes… anyway I will check it first after some more views here about its experience and effect on eyes. thank you for your concerns. regards

          • ok, thank you, searched google and there are various but not yet here in karachi.

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