Ali Baba Officials Are Visiting Pakistan With Plans to Invest up to $400 Million Here

A high-level delegation of Ali Baba, the global tech giant, is visiting Pakistan again, we have confirmed with sources.

This is second time in just two months that top officials of Ali Baba are visiting Pakistan.

Our well placed sources confirmed that Ali Baba’s delegation will be headed by Mr. Michael Evans, the President and Director of Ali Baba, who looks after Group’s international growth strategy in globalizing the group and expansion plans outside China.

Ali Baba delegation is likely to meet with Mian Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Khurram Dastagir Khan, commerce Minister, Ms. Anusha Rehman, Minister for IT and Telecom among other key designates in the capital.

Ali Baba had first shown its interest in Pakistani market when Jack Ma, the Chairman of Ali Baba Group, had met with Prime Minister of Pakistan few months ago in Davos, Switzerland on the sidelines of World Economic Forum’s annual meeting.

According to visit schedule, shared with ProPakistani, Ali Baba delegation will reach here early in the morning tomorrow.

During first session, the officials will meet with Pakistani ministers to discuss finances, investment and other monetary issues. Then later on, during second session, the delegation will meet with IT Minister, commerce minister to discuss various matters relating to Ali Baba’s plans in the country.

Delegation is also set to meet with Mr. Miftah Ismail, Chairman Board of Investment, and with Chairman NADRA.

Sources said that from the looks, government of Pakistan is hoping that Ali Baba group will invest around $400 million in Pakistan in various segments.

However, they said, final plans will only be revealed after Ali Baba’s meetings with government officials.

As per some sources, Ali Baba has remained in talks with Daraz for a possible acquisition, however, no one confirmed this to ProPakistani on the record.

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  • A very positive indicator to the e-Commerce, ePayment system, Online Payment system, Evidenced by the new license of the telecom regulatory authority for Mobile Banking jointly launched by SBP, PTA, NADRA for the first time. New license for 4G. With Alibaba we are in safe hands, friends and budies. For the readers information on Black Friday last year more than 350million dispatches were made from just one eCommerce site in China in a single day. A compliment to Minister Miftah Ismail, the chairman PTA, the Minister MOITT who was at the WEF, and the GSMA2017 in Barcelona and an architect of the Digital Pakistan. this will create employment, save corruption, duplication, cost, hasle.

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