CNG Prices Rise for the 4th Time in 5 Months

CNG fuel prices in Karachi have been increased from Rs. 74 to Rs. 75 in some areas and from Rs. 73 per KG to Rs. 74 in select areas as well.

Since the deregulation of CNG at the end of December 2016, the prices of the fuel has increased by 4 times. Before deregulation, the government had set its price at Rs. 67.50 per KG before Dec 2016. However, the government increased CNG prices by Rs. 2.18 in mid December.

Lack of Digital Meters

Another problem for the consumers is the lack of digital meters in CNG stations. Some employees at these stations without digital meters often cheat customers out of Rs. 1-2 extra per KG of gas. Digital meters are accurate when it comes to filling CNG tanks for the amount the customer paid for.

Chairman All Pakistan CNG Association Sindh, Shabbir Sulemanji said that the price of CNG across Karachi ranges from Rs. 73 to Rs. 75 under the current regime.

He said that adding up the costs for gas, taxes and duties, the prices have increased from Rs. 55/Kg to Rs. 61/Kg over the last 3-4 months.

Electricity Bill to Blame?

Electricity tariff is also the highest for CNG stations compared with other parts of the country, he said. Adding other costs into the equation such as power bill, labor charges etc. increases the total CNG cost to Rs. 72/Kg according to the chairman.

Comparing with petrol prices, gas prices are still Rs 24 to Rs 25 per litre less than petrol, as per the the chairman.

Need for A Regulatory Authority

Consumer right activists argue that the government should reduce the cost of CNG and regulate the prices again. They say that it should be the government’s responsibility to control the prices. The activists also said that a mechanism should be devised to regulate the prices and an authority should be established to enforce it.

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  • CNG should not be allowed to use in Cars, it should only be allowed for residential and industrial purposes.

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