Pakistan’s First Subway Train Rolled Out of Production Today

The first train for Lahore’s Orange Line Metro project has rolled off assembly lines in China today. The train was produced in a factory based in the Hunan province in China. It comes with 5 coaches attached to it.

This is the first of 27 trains for the Orange Line Metro and its design is inspired by the national flower of Pakistan (which is Jasmine) and the shape of the dome of Badshahi mosque in Lahore.

It was designed and produced by the CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co Ltd, according to Xinhua news agency.

You can take a look at the new train in all its glory:

From the driver’s perspective:

As mentioned earlier, the train will be used for the 25.58 km long Orange Line Metro project. An engineer at  CRRC Zhuzhou said that the train will feature an energy saving air-conditioning system. The air conditioning is designed specifically with the constant high summer temperature in mind. It also factors in the unstable voltage in Pakistan, said the engineer.

Another important feature of the design are the heat resistant bogies that aim to increase the train’s durability. The train will run at a maximum operational speed of 80 km/h.

This particular train will be delivered in Pakistan in July this year. The remaining 26 will be delivered at the end of the year.

Via Xinhua

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  • issay kehtay hain experienced government, track bunna koi nahi Train pehlay he ready hai, aisa kero is main musafir bhi betha do takeh woh time se pohanch jayain jub track bunnay…

    • hahahahha is ka matlib hay paisy ke taqat… paisa phanko aur tamasha daikho…

      • i am not from PTI either bro, i do not support any corrupt parties like your desi bakra damagh.

        • I know that feel bro. I also supported PTI long time. When you don’t have a point to defend PTI you simply say I am not from PTI. LOL.

      • Sir Chay, this is call waste of tax payer money not negativity what are you priorities ever thought about it.

        No education no health only 3rd class infrastructure which leaked and filled in rainy seasons are you out of your mind.

        Who gonna travel in these uneducated people who destroyed public assets who through pan guttaka first you need to educate this nation.

        If you though a villager in 5 star he fold his legs on chair and pour the tea on plate and start sipping if that is not OK to you than it is not ok to me that this nation needs metro and orange line this nation need sense of responsibility and education…

        • Sir double chay, if you don’t have a good transport system. How you will reach to the school and hospital that you make using the taxpayer’s money? Your tax payer will not even move a single kilometer towards a school or hospital if he don’t have transport near his home. Ajeeb baat kerte ho. Bas 1 bnda kuch sikha de bghair sochay samjhe wohi raag alaapna shuru ker detay ho.

          • Hence proved you are a patwari with the ideology of Ganjas as they say Light agaen hain aap hamay vote de hum aapko use karna seekhainge.

            Hope you ever heard Germany when it burns to ground they build school and universities not transport system and now people die to go and study there

            Dont be so blind and pathetic… Hope you are a Muslim and you dont deny Quran… Quran says Parh apne rabke naam se……

            This is our priority studies not transport Allah have mercy on you. We are 3rd world country now I know why because idiots and morons like you..

            Did you allow patients in metro or orange you will throw them on street and ask them to avail ambulance how pathetic you are…

            Go read about great nations what are there priorities and than come to me with one example where they built transport before school and hospitals..

            • Tumhare bolne k tareeqay se lagta hai shadeed jahil ho or baatein education ki. Kisi ko “Chay” keh k mukhatib krna phr jab dusra usi andaz se baat kre to tap jana. Kisi ko samjhane k bajae her point k baad 1 point us ki insult k liye likhna. Bhai aise tanqeedein krne se or jahilana andaz se mulk nahi badalne wala. Bas kisi ne tmhare against baat kr di to wo patwari ho gya. Kisi ne tmhe upvote kr diya to wo tiger ho gya. Niklo is gandi syasat k chakar se tab kuch ker sako ge Pakistaniyo. Dusre mulkon ki examples to dete ho lekin wahan kabhi political parties ko imaan ka hissa nhi smjha jata. Na kisi ki support na kisi ki mukhalifat.
              Lagta hai Peshawar mein 100% Education or Health perfect ho gai hai is lye Metro ki tyariyan ho rhi hain hai na? Germany k level ki education a gai hai Q?

              • Sir kehna kia chah rahen woh bataon… main koi keyboard warrior nhe ho mare dost jo mjhe like comments chahean… Siysat main karta nhe ho.. Ha falahi kaam zaroor karta ho or bohat karta ho or bagair khuf kay karta ho…

                Mjhe apna pata hain road par koi mar raha ho tu main tamasha dekhne walo main se nhe ho mare dost…

                Road par khara karke police walo se maafi tak mangwa chuka ho kaan pakar kar or kehne ko koi background nhe hain baap 18 hazar ka maluzim hain…

                Or rahen baat imaan ke LOL you tag the wrong guy bro… mare iman sirf Pakistan hain smjhe aap…. mare pore family brother sisters even mare sare dost overseas hain mjhe 12000-20000 usd ka job aram se mil sakta hain magar mjhe paisay se zada apne mitti se pyaar hain…

                or main un main se ho jo yaha ke halat dekh ke jalte nahe sirf kuch karte bhe hain you don’t know me so please stay away…

                • Mein Bat man hu. Gotham City pe jab bhi koi museebat ati “Hain” mein hi bachata hu. Lol.


                  Sharam nahi ati apni tareefein khud krte hue? Na koi saboot na kuch likh k le aya keyboard se or kehte ho me,Keybaord Warrior nahi hu. To ye kia Qalam se likha hai?

      • This train has sucked and will suck blood of millions from South Punjab. An expense of $2 billion while Pakistan’s economy cannot digest more than $1 billion (on loans) per year.

        • Should focus on Sindh and KPK make sure they dont waste money on any of similar project….if they do stop them and make more noise

  • I don’t see anything ornage in this train. Will they change the colour later?

    I hope local people are hired instead of Chinese for this train in Pakistan.

    • Color bhi hoga bhai sabar kero. Ye to China hai to train bhi tayyar hogai warna apne yaha to aap jaante hain train bhi sadiyo me tayyar hoti aur usme bhi shayad koi opposition stay order le leti :p

    • Bhai color ko kia krna hai? Ye train hai walima ka dress nahi hai. Orange line ka ye matlab nahi k us pe chalne wali train bhi MALTA ho. Sirf tracks k nam colors k nam pe rakhay jatay hain.

  • Good job.
    We should keep in mind that every government has borrowed and misused public money but did little for public. PPP has been from outset a party, only for jialas (Its own supporters). Young people will not fully coprehend it but I have seen mr. Bhuttos time and every where a house with PPP flag used to be taken as ‘A place of authority’ where police had no jurisdiction and one could do any illegal activity like kidnapping, smuggling, selling norcotics or prostitution. ‘Roti, Kapra aur Makan’ was mere a slogan then and is still.
    I am not at all a PML(N) supporter but I see Motorways, Metro and many other things and think. At least something is thre on ground. Nawaz Sharif wll not be there tomorrow but these assets will stay, serving the people.
    Likewise, Bullet Trains,subway trains are a good addition to our transport structure. With increasing population and infrastructure, these steps are necessary.
    I voted for PTI from KPK and still may vote for it but my opinion is that instead of crying, critisizing and staging topi dramas, other provinces should take a lead from Punjab and follow suite.
    Nobody likes a weeping, crying and disturbing baby who can not see a toy in another baby’s hands.

  • pmln please make a train that goes from kashmir to karachi to gwadar to peshawar to islamaad..

  • N: track may commission kitni hai??
    sir 5 billions
    N: or trains may kitni hai???
    sir 10 billions

    N: chalo phir trains to import kro na track bad ki bat hai…


  • why you guys taking it personally my dear all friends Metro Train is our need but not at this point of time please understand the basic needs you guys are educated but not the poor guy children think about them you can pay high bills in hospitals but wont be able to buy even tablets Please come out of this panjab KPK Lahore Karachi peshawar Quetta and all think about in costructive way we need such developments no body is denying but not now or If you say we need it now as well then what we are doing for other things are we spending the same budget on other areas or just 200% here and 2 percent on health and education this is injustice for sure..

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