Microsoft Brings Back Age of Empires as a 4K Remaster

Classic real time strategy (RTS) fans rejoice! Microsoft has announced a 4K remaster of Age of Empires strategy game at E3. The new iteration of the series will now be known as Age of Empires: Definitive Edition.

The genre-defining game has been played by millions to date. It created a whole generation of strategy game fans (many of whom have since then shifted to Civilization or StarCraft).

For the Definite Edition of the game, Microsoft has announced that apart from the graphical boost, some new quality of life gameplay changes have also been introduced.

New Changes

Visually the game looks like a far cry from the pixelated goodness of the old version. The Definite version comes with higher resolution textures. Zoom levels have also been changed.

Now you can look at the whole battle instead of being limited to a small bunch of units fighting each other, panning around the battlefield frantically to keep track of everything.

Xbox Live multiplayer support has been added (so that console owners can join in on the fun) and a new campaign will be included. Even though most players won’t bother with the new campaign, its still a good addition for some of the casual players.

Beta Available

There are other gameplay changes as well which Microsoft did not specify. A release date hasn’t been announced yet but you can participate in the beta if you wish to try out the Definitive Edition as soon as possible. Head over to to participate in the beta.

More details about the Definitive Edition will be unveiled at Gamescom, Germany in August.

Microsoft remastered the Age of Mythology games first and have eventually moved on to the classics like the Age of Empires. Now only if the Command and Conquer series got a remaster.

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  • WoW This game is a real gem, My cousins are playing this from 97-98 to this date, Although in my opinion Rise of Nations is far more bigger game then this..

  • As Age of empires are not supported on 4K display, I am suck with Age of empires Castle Siege. Good to know 4k version for latest machines.

  • The first time i fell in love with this game was summer, mango season with room chilled and my elder brother playing i guess year 2004 beautiful memories

  • ThankYou Microsoft, the only game I played and had to stop as monitors got bigger, please as well do some work on garphics as the era that game was initially developed was when VGA cards were coming with 4MB memory.

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