Jazz’s No Issue, Laylo Tissue Breaks the Internet with Record Numbers

Not many people would have predicted that the underdogs in the competition — Pakistan — would go on to win the ICC Champions Trophy, especially after how they were dismantled by fellow finalists India in their very first match.

After defying all odds, Pakistan managed to qualify for the final and were again faced with the daunting task of conquering Kohli’s side. The task was made all the more difficult in the build-up to the match. Pakistanis had to experience a lot of arrogance and pride from Indian journalists, actors and ex-cricketers.

However, the Pakistani team responded in an emphatic manner and shocked the entire world with an incredible cricketing display.

That wasn’t enough for the Pakistani media though, which also wanted to send a good response to the increasingly active Indian media. And this was the perfect time to send a wakeup call to them and respond to India’s viral Mauqa Mauqa commercial, for once and for all. And it seems Jazz has done just that by launching its ‘No Issue, Laylo Tissue’ ad which has taken the Internet by storm.

‘No Issue, Laylo Tissue’ Breaks the Internet

Since the launch of TVC yesterday after Pakistan’s win, the commercial has broken online viewership records. During its first 24 hours, the ‘No Issue, Laylo Tissue’ ad became one of the most viewed videos on the Internet, going on to surpass the Shan Masala 2017 TVC.

You can check out Jazz’s new TVC here:

In the ad, the atmosphere is so tense, it can be cut with a knife. We see some Indian fans who are glued to their TV and watching the tense final moments of the match. In the background, you hear the commentator scream that the Indian batsmen takes a match-winning six.

However, just when it seems that all hope is lost for Pakistan and its fans, the commentator destroys their hopes by announcing that Pakistan has denied India its victory, thanks to a match-saving catch by a Pakistani fielder.

Following India’s nerve wrecking loss, a bunch of Pakistanis show up at the door of the extremely upset Indian fans. Taking a small dig at the Mauka Mauka ad, we see Pakistani fans snatching their fireworks and in return, hand them tissues to wipe their sorrows away.

Following Pakistan’s win yesterday, many Pakistani brands have capitalized on the opportunity to market themselves but clearly Jazz’s ad is shaping up to be the most talked about video in the Pakistani media landscape.

The video was initially published by Shahbaz Maqsood, Director Marketing – Jazz on his Twitter account and since its release yesterday, Jazz’s ‘No Issue, Laylo Tissue’ video has reached over 4.3 MILLION VIEWS IN LESS THAN 19 HOURS and shows no signs of dying down.

Pakistanis across the world flooded the internet with this video by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Youtube, Blogs and Websites etc. They even started to tag their friends and families in neighboring country.

This initiative displays Jazz’s persistent support for cricket which includes major sponsorships, collaborations with Lahore Qalandars for PSL and Jazz Rising Stars and numerous tributes to cricket legends like Younis Khan.

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