Shell Pakistan Held Responsible for Oil Tanker Blast, Imposed Rs. 257 Million Penalty

Government of Pakistan has held Shell Pakistan responsible for the oil tanker blast that took more than 200 lives in Ahmed Pur East last month, reported Reuters.

Report said that oil regulatory authority (OGRA) imposed $2.4 million or Rs. 257 million fine on the company for the damages and compensation for the tanker blast.


Reuters claims that OGRA prepared a report and held Shell Pakistan responsible for the blast due to insufficient security measures and substandard specifications for the vehicle that was carrying the fuel.

Report prepared by OGRA said that incident happened due to “non-professional driving/vehicle being lesser than required specs”.


A Shell Pakistan spokesperson just released below statement on OGRA’s report:

Shell Pakistan is presently reviewing the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority report in detail.

It would be unhelpful to speculate on factors that may have contributed to the incident whilst other investigations are still ongoing, but we respect the role of the regulator and will consider the report as we cooperate with investigations by authorities and as we conduct our own investigation.

It must be noted that Shell Pakistan is one of the largest oil distribution companies in the country. While it operates in several markets, Pakistan is considered as one of the top countries — in terms of safety — for Shell International.

A Shell Pakistan oil tanker sidetracked due to an accident last month and locals flooded the place to fill buckets of leaked oil.

The tanker, reportedly due to a cigarette being carelessly tossed, caught fire and burned everyone on site. More than 200 individuals lost their lives on the day.

Via Reuters

  • Shell is the same company that is selling substandard oil to pakistani since years. Even after OGRA warning they don’t care. And insan pakis are fighting in facebook comments that shell shouldn’t be fined. Instead people should be fined and charged for theft.

    If that is so shell should be fined 10x time for oil spill in agricultural fields too and selling substandard oil to public as well.

    • Well said bro,
      Shell is israel company and should be banned in Pakistan along with other Israel companies

      • Lol, sub ko ban kar day? koi american hai, koi qadiyani aur koi israeli ….

        to rozgar kon day ga, jin ki roti chal rahi hai in companies ki badolat…

        Baqi jitna bayemani PSO waly kartay hain utna koi nahi karta….

        Shell ki quality pakistan mein sub se bahtar hai… i think

      • agar pakistani itnay qabil hotay to bahir ki companies ko moqa hi na milta, look aroud , hum loog itni pathetic services detay hayn k jab tak bahir say competition nai ata , koi kam nai krta, just take example of our car industry.

      • Shell is a Dutch Company. (Founded in Netherlands) Shell doesn’t even have ANY branch or a subsidiary in Israel. It belongs to the dutch, always have since the beginning.

        From where did you bring this garbage that Shell belongs to Israel? Kindly prove your claim you moron.

        P.S. I don’t support Shell, and I fully agree with the fine imposed on Shell, in fact if something, it should’ve been held liable to pay much more than it is actually imposed with.

    • Shell stole a lot of petrol from iraq when america toppled up saddam regime and occupied it.

      • Lagta hai aap wahaan maujood thay aur Shell ne apki nigrani main apke saamne petrol chori kiya tha. Shame on you. Our Pakistani qaum is just good for gossips and false rumours. Like Shell being an Israeli company.

        P.S. I don’t support Shell, and I fully agree with the fine imposed on Shell, in fact if something, it should’ve been held liable to pay much more than it is actually imposed with.

        • Lagta hey tu ne IS k barey main nhi parha jinho ne Iraq main shell aur total ki kai refineries ko tabah kar diya ya un par kabza kar liya. Ye sab refineries iraq par hamle k baad lagai gai thin. Us se pehle sara oil iraqi govt ki sarkari refineries extract karti thin

          • Lagta hai aap ke ammi abbu ne aapko tameez nahin sikhayi. Main ne aap se ‘aap’ se baat ki, aur aap direct tu pe aa gaye. Shayad aap apne abba huzoor ko bhi tu hi kehte hon gey.

            Anyway, whatever you said, please provide evidence to back up your claims, instead of RUMOURS and WORDS. If I claim I saw you stealing petrol from IRAQ, it wouldn’t make it true. Don’t just write words and be a keyboard rumourist. Instead, back up your claims with proof or evidence.

            Lastly, I aint an Iraqi, so I don’t care what happens there. Our own house isn’t in order (Pakistan) so I’d much rather worry and care about my own country than keep moaning about irrelevant rumours about another nation (Iraq).

            • Yani tu khood kuch nhi kar sakta. Chul tu aisa kar apne web browser main ja kar likh: shell .iq
              Tou shell in iraq ki official site khool jaey gi.

              Ye “masoom” shell company american planted haider al abidi ki govt k saath mil kar khoob oil loot rahi h aur tujhe kuch pata hi nhi.

  • Apart from Shell’s fault, was it their fault as well that there was no medical facility in a 30 mins drive from the spill, was it their fault that there was no police dispatched towards the scene even after 30 mins of the spill, was it their fault that people are so miserable that they would make announcements on speakers so that people can get some oil from the spillage.

    We as a nation and our government needs to grow some balls and take responsibility for what happened that fateful day and think about how we can ensure such incidents don’t happen again.

    • No sir. they will never learn from mistakes. They will keep killing people in fire, hospitals and floods. year after year. As a whole nation we don’t learn from mistakes and past. And pakistani people should be ashamed of their attitude towards this disaster I think.

      • Does government educate them? If you have some time, search for education system in Japan and China

  • And what about the gent who threw the cig? There should be no compensation in this matter so people learn the lesson of not stealing oil and not putting their noses in a business that is not their business (Like an accident like this).

  • No oil marketing company is responsible for the incident like this. And no one wants the loss like this. The main thing is ignored by everyone. Let supposed, oil tanker rollover and product loss in a jungle and drivers should die? Have any media give coverage to this incident? No and never..
    The main thing in this incident, people greed for some little rupees by thefting the petrol and loss their life. People need awareness about this hazardous materials.. we all need awareness about this !!!

  • Seriously there is no security measures in pakistan.just think imposing a 2.4 Million dollars could return 200 lives?
    if this could happen in other country they got permanently ban with imposed a heavy fine and somehow prison too!

    • But don’t you get what happens? Oil pipelines get burst all over the world and companies are imposed heavy fines to clean up the mess.

      These lives were lost because of the disregard of the people of any safety measures of being around a crash site, that too particularly of oil.

      As tragic as the consequences were, they should be punished for it to teach them a lesson; not be given a reward to continue such a careless attitude in the future!

      • exactly that’s what people of Pakistan demand!
        but no one is here to listen us they are just a*******
        #RIP OGRA

  • Qasoor war sirf Govt hai…..

    agar itna ziada mahngaye na hoti aur south punjab mein koi burn unit hotay to muamila kuch aur hota

    • Not necessarily. Sure some of the survivors would have been saved but being burned for that amount of time and that too with full thickness burns, no burns unit can save them unless they were transferred there in a matter of minutes.

      But sure, we need health facilities in all major and minor cities likewise. Paisa hum lagaingain roads par. Karlo jo krna h.

  • Why Penalty ???
    Accident Kisi Se Bhi Ho Sakta Hai Kahi Bhi :
    Media, Police, Motor Police, In Par Fine Lagaya Jaye :
    Unho Ne Kuch Q Nahi Kiya :::
    Shell Pe Bhi At Lest 100,000 Per Person With 12 Month Free Rashan & Utilities Bill Responsible Kiya Jaye.

  • people who were stealing ,was awarded and company which was being looted ,fined 257 million rupees.

    pity this nation.

    what a nation and what joke

  • people who were stealing ,was awarded and company which was being looted ,fined 257 million rupees.

    pity this nation.

    what a nation and what joke!

  • Shell should have appoint the inspectors woh must have the duty to inspect the vehicles entirely thoroughly as like the condition of the tyres breaks and the pressure which hold by the breaks exclusively in these singaporian trucks the breaks works with the certain pressure and most of the vehicles as like in 7D euro trucks mostly the problem comes when the pedal valve gets fail to maintain the certain limit of the pressure for applying breaks mostly its get leak due to which the vehicle fail to hold the breaks .and all the drivers should be well trained there should be a training sessions for them ,how to carry the loaded vehicle with fuel

    • Plus cigarettes and the lighter or match that was used to light the cigarette!

      Oh man, I wish cigarettes would be banned in response to this :D

      • Cigarettes will never be banned in Pakistan.
        Bas tasveerain ghaleez laga dainge dabbay pe jinhain dekh kr ulti aae.

  • accidents do happen. this is an administrative failure——for not having reached at the site of the accident promptly enough to cordon of the area preventing public from getting close to the flammable fuel. from the videos, public seemed to have enough time to fetch containers, water coolers, bucket etc from their homes to collect the spilling oil. no one from the law enforcing agencies were present to stop this. the LOOTERS fell victim to the fire which broke out and the government decides to handsomely compensate the LOOTERS surviving family members for the SACRIFICES made.

    • I think government should not compensate the looters or their families. As mentioned in many reports that a police asked to to keep away but they failed due to large number of peoples were interested in stealing oil then their safety.

  • What about that mullah who told everyone via Mosque speakers in the area to collect free oil from the tanker?

  • this amount must be used to make educational center in the incident area, where they should be told basic chemistry of how cigarette can cause fire in oil and how greed is a BAD thing, and so is looting the stuff that is not yours.

  • yea, jo oil choori ker rahay thay woh bhi shell ki ghlati hai .. jo ullu ka patha wahan cigarette pee raha tha woh bhi shell ki ghalti .. bc jo sab k sab shaheed hoo gaye .. chhori kerte howay mar gaye .. shaheed !! shaheed !! shaheed !!

  • Not a fan of Shell however the people who rushed to steal the oil cannot be pardoned.

  • Strange, koi shell ko blame ker raha hy, koi govt. ko and koi medical facilities ki unavailability ko. Kia kasoor unlogon ka nahi jo petrol loot rahy thy? Jo tanker ko hathory mar mar kar petrol ziada nikal rahy thy (cause of fire btw).

    Hamari kom me lalch aur hawas hy, a bitter truth. Shell ki ghalti hy mana, but kia logon ko nahi pata k wo 1 ltr petrol churany k liye petrol pe hi khary hain wo bhi petrol se bhegy hoe kapron k sath?

    Human awareness is important too and so is hawas/nafs pe control.

    • Dheka jae to sb ek sath hi kasoor waar hain pr han sbse pehle agr ksi ko blame krna hi h to wo un logon ko hi krna chahia.

      It was actually surprising to see well dressed people stopping there to fill buckets/bottles of petrol.

      Come to think of it, how many people among those near the tanker didn’t actually know that ‘petrol sets on fire’ easily? I think majority of them knew. Surely as you stated, greed took them to the graves.

      • Second that, on top of all, people with bikes and cars were there too. Kitna pertol lene k lye..1 litter? 2 litter? 100 to 200rs k lie jal gae, wo bhi aisy k shanakht nahi ho sakti.
        No doubt us me ghareeb bhi honge, jinke cholay bhi nahi jalty hon gy but majority to ghareeb nahi thi na, ager thi bhi to kia itni aqal nahi thi k petrol pe khary ho k petrol chori ker rahy hain?

        Hawas aur lalach mar deti hy bandy ko, baaz dafa jala k bhi.
        I feel sorry to say all that I posted but the people (who were looting) were the reason of the fire and deaths.
        Shell technical issue made an accident but people there made it more worse.

      • i second you,
        people are themself responsible for what happend, it was’nt their property they were petrol theifs.
        and secondly that smoker who took everyone’s life then why shell?
        ok fine, it can be held responsible for that due to lack of security measures but it is’nt fully responsible for it…
        driver bhi to chars pee k chalate hain :D

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