7 Ways You Can Protect Your Cables From Being Tangled & Damaged

Cords are always vulnerable when children, pets or uninvited guests (read rats) are around. Kids have a tendency of chewing things up and the same goes for pets, and this can prove to be very dangerous, especially when cords are around.

So how can you protect the cords? Better yet, how you can tuck them away in an orderly, and non-messy manner?

Forget about replacing your cords over and over again, you can use inexpensive items to fix your cables and keep them safe.

Protecting cables can be an easy job if you stick to the following tips.

Protect Cables using Vinyl Tubing

Clear vinyl tubing works great in protecting the cables from pets and rats. Slip the tubing over the vulnerable cords and become risk-free.

Use a Spiral Wrap to Bundle your Cords

Whether you want to wrap multiple cords or a single one, the spiral wrap does wonders in keeping your cables safe.


Insulate Cords using Heat Shrink Tubing

It uses shrinkable plastic tubes to provide environmental protection for wires, connectors etc.


Use your Pens

Springs used inside a pen can be wrapped around vulnerable cables like headphone and charger cords which prevent them from fraying.


Use Liquid Glue to Solder the Wire

There are certain liquid formulas like glue are available that can help mend the damaged cords quite effectively.


Apply Liquid Plastic to the Frayed Cords

If the damage has already occurred and you’re looking to repair it, coat liquid plastic on the cord and let it dry.


Do not Walk on Cables

Try not to tread on your wires, but if there’s no other solution you can use simple rubber protectors to avoid exposure to footsteps.

Using these tips, you can both fix your wires and keep them safe. Damaged wires are a serious issue, so do your best to keep everyone safe at home!

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