These Politicians Did Not Pay a Single Rupee in Taxes This Year

At least 19 parliamentarians, including two members National Assembly failed to pay any tax for the year that ended on June 30, 2016, according to the Parliamentarians Tax Directory released by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) here on Thursday.

The member National Assembly who paid ‘’zero’’ tax during the period include; Mohammad Raza Hayat Hiraj and Muhammad Tufail, both of whom are from the ruling party – Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N).

At least 11 members of the Punjab Provincial Assembly did not pay tax during the same period:

  • Malik Taimoor Masood,
  • Rai Muhamamd Usman Khan Kharal,
  • Ali Asghar Manda,
  • Ali Salman,
  • Muhammad Akbar Hayat Harraj,
  • Chaudhery Ishfaq Ahmed,
  • Fida Hussain,
  • Rana Abdul Rauf,
  • Mrs Sumaira Sami,
  • Mrs Naseem Lodhi,
  • Mrs Haseena Begum

About 5 members of Sindh Provincial Assembly paid “nil” tax during the year ended June 2016. They are:

  • Abdul Sattar Rajper ,
  • Ali Nawaz Shah,
  • Noor Ahmed Bhurguri,
  • Owais Muzaffar,
  • Hargun Das Ahuja.

According to the directory, one member of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly, whose data reflected ‘’zero’’ tax payment, is Saleh Muhammad.

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According to the Parliamentarians Tax Directory all the Senators and all the 64 provincial members of Balochistan Assembly paid tax during the period under review.

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