This Dubai Restaurant Brings Pakistani Truck Art to Life

As you all may be aware, Pakistani truck art is famous. They usually featuring elaborate floral patterns and calligraphy and are a sight to behold.

In Pakistan they may be a very common sight. Drivers who own these trucks say that it reminds them of their home when they drive far away.

And now, Dubai is also all set to see what the Pakistani truck art craze is all about, but with a twist.

Pakistani truck art is coming to Dubai in the form of a restaurant. This project is being led by the Tribal Truck Art which is a Pakistani organization that is working on the preservation of this unique art.

The Tribal Truck Art

Speaking to a news outlet in Dubai, Anjum Rana, the founder of Tribal Truck Art says that she admired these trucks as a young girl when she grew up near Peshawar.

I always admired it. The flowers, the colors, the vibrancy of its lines. Every time a truck went past me, I wrote down the poetry I saw on the truck and admired it.

After the Tribal Truck Art was founded in 2000, she’s traveled the world, showcasing famous truck art where she could. She used this unique art to decorate various objects such as mugs, t-shirts etc. She was also awarded the 2008 Award of Excellence for Handicrafts, given her passion and dedication to the craft of truck art.

Her restaurant project will put her art to innovative use and it is expected to be ready for the public in just a few months time.

Pakistanis Losing Interest

Rana believes that preserving truck art is vital, especially in such an age where many young Pakistanis are losing interest in this amazing form of art.

Most of (the artist’s) children don’t want to do this job. It’s tedious and takes a lot of hard work. Now they want to make quick money. It worries me. So people like us need to sustain the art. It might not be there in the next 20 years, like other folk art.

Rana says that she’s made it her mission to gain public recognition for truck artists, many of whom have very little or no education.

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