Google Removes URLs for Mobile Search Results

You won’t be seeing URLs in your Google search results in the future, at least on your phone.

According to The Next Web, a Google user searched for something using their Android phone and found a unique change in the search results. The URLs were not included in the search results as they used to previously.

Even though the search results are still the same, you can’t tell where the link is directing you to.

Now you’ll see the page title alongside a thumbnail image of the web page. Gone is the website link underneath the page title.

The “new” Google search results

It is still unclear whether Google is just testing the URL stuff or plans to introduce the change for everyone in the coming weeks. The change does make the search result interface look tidier and user-friendly though.

In 2015, Google rolled out the change for URLs by displaying otherwise ‘noisy URLs’ in the ‘breadcrumbs’ format making it more well-structured and giving users insight to what they were being directed to.

‘Instant search’ killed also

A few days ago the company removed the ‘instant search’ feature from Google search on desktop.

This feature – added in 2010 – allowed the search results to be displayed as the user was typing the query. This was removed recently to streamline desktop with mobile Google search. Instant search wasn’t added to mobile Google search due to space constraints on smartphones.

Annoyance or Quality of Life?

Some users might find this update annoying as they won’t know where they are going. At times you don’t remember the URL you want to visit and need a bit of help figuring it out.

On the flip side, this also makes the experience better for the average users which find the URL to be “noise” rather than a useful tool.

Via TheGuardian

  • I have just confirmed :D :P It’s a false report. The Website link still shows under the results!!!!

    • Really man, really?

      They are considering this move and only SOME users have experienced it because Google hasn’t rolled out this change globally as of yet. Definitely not false report.

  • it is a Dream Come True for the Websites that uses alot of Click Baits luring the user to get a click on their site. Hate it Already.

  • Against it. I for one tend to see where the link is taking me. I cannot for the life of me click blindly without knowing the address. Links are not a ‘clutter’, they used to be maybe when there were small display size smartphones. Now a days everybody has a smartphone the size of their face and this hasn’t been an issue.

    There should be an option to toggle it in the least.

  • I hate the current decisions by Google. They are removing features that I use a lot. Don’t fix what is not broken!

  • don’t know why this tech giant wants to frustrate users and facilitate clickbaiting. its a very idiotic move from an end user’s perspective

  • If you read through the article on Guardian that you have linked, Google is not hiding URLs; it’s only changing the format. More breadcrumbs style.

    If they hide the complete URL, all these clickbait and fake news websites are going to make a killing. Google ain’t stupid!

    ProPakistani is a good name in the industry and the average reader doesn’t cross check facts presented in your articles. Responsible journalism is essential.

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