These Hilarious Responses by Pakistanis on Internet Outage Will Make Your Day

These past few days have been quite tough on the Pakistanis considering the fact that the digital generation had to make do with crawling internet, or no internet at all.

It happened due to a fault in the India-Middle East-Western Europe (IMEWE) submarine cable near Jeddah, which made Pakistanis furious, but their responses on different social media platforms were nothing short of hilarious.

PTCL informed its customers about the fault via Twitter, ironically when there was no internet in the country.

Here’s how PTCL broke the bad news:

Despite the crawling internet, Pakistanis found a way to troll the internet providers.

Here’s what they had to say:

Even Zong seemed to be enjoying PTCL’s troubles. We all remember the Twitter showdown between PTCL and Nayatel, don’t we? It wasn’t exactly a showdown, but still…

There were those who reminded PTCL of their tweets they posted in that epic showdown a few days ago:

This time, they had no answer to it.

Aunty gormint’s fans also sprung to action:

And, finally came the good news, but the internet users were still angry.


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  • Nice one :
    ( Pehle bara rocket ki speed se net chalta tha ?)
    & Also Nice One :
    ( Garmi sardi khiza bahar sara sal ptcl ka net kharab )
    & Khamoshi Ka Boycott (PTCL Internet)

  • The guy who recommended to borrow bandwidth from Nayatel, whether sarcasm or not, it was stupid.

    • I think that guy doesn’t know what he’s saying but just wanted to chip in because everybody was lol.

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